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Missing the Obvious

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This is really just about me although there were others too.


Until I was fourteen, I didn't pay much attention to my cock. After all, I could stretch it forward whenever I needed to pee and that was all it was used for - at that point

In junior high, an embarrassed teacher told us the sex story in one single health lesson. The boys and girls were separated for this 'special class'. A nurse came in to talk to the girls. Our red-faced gym teacher took us boys to another classroom. He didn't mention the masturbation part. Weird, isn't it? We learned about sexual intercourse and pregnancy but the details of solo sex had to be picked up on your own or in the street. Personally I think the teacher left out that part because someone might have asked him exactly how to do it. (lol) Has anything changed in the past twenty years?

Around this time my mom's nephew came to stay with us while attending the local technical college. My older cousin Rob was nineteen. Mom and I lived alone in a small two-bedroom house. Another bed was set up in my room for Rob. My bedroom was L-shaped. I had a captain's bed along one wall and a single cot was set up for Rob around the corner in the L part. When we were in bed we couldn't see one another. Rob's cot stuck out about a foot past the corner of the wall so if he was lying on his cot, all I could see were his feet at the end of his bed. Rob was a really private guy and a bit shy. Naturally I was curious to see his package but that didn't happen for several weeks because he would always turn his back when stepping out of his boxers.

Rob was at the college most of day so we didn't see him much before mid-evening. On weekends he worked all day at the 7-11 for extra cash. My contact with Rob was mainly mornings. He got up really early and would go for a run. I would hear him return a half-hour later and head for a shower. That was my cue to get up for school. We usually ate breakfast together with my mom after he came back from his run and shower.

At that point in time I still wasn't sure what jerking off was all about. For the past year or so, I was leaking pre-cum into my briefs whenever I got horny, like in a boring class. I thought pre-cum was semen. Wet dreams had started a few months before. They were never specifically about having sex, but lots of naked people around. And now sometimes Rob was in the dream too.

In the morning Rob's alarm clock would usually wake me up too. I always stayed in bed for another half hour though. But while slowly waking up, I became aware that he was doing what I thought was stretching exercises or something before getting out of bed for his morning run.

As I said, I could see only the end of Rob's cot. After waking up he would roll over on his back and push the sheet off. Only his feet were visible. Soon he would kick off his boxers and spread his legs wide apart so one foot was hanging over each side of the bed. I didn't know what exercise he was doing because I couldn't see past the bottom of his cot. (Of course unknown to me, he was actually jerking off.) After a few minutes of heavy breathing, Rob would suddenly press his feet hard against the sides of the mattress and let out a heavy sigh or grunt. Then an apparent minute of relaxation before his feet disappeared from view as he sat up in bed. Rob would get up, climb into his jock, shorts, t-shit and runners. After a few stand-up stretches, he'd be off for a run.

Many times that autumn I heard Rob 'exercising' in the early morning and watched in the dim light through my sleepy eyes as he pressed his bare feet hard against the mattress, always accompanied by a heavy ' aahhhhh'. It meant nothing to me. Interesting how I could have been so completely unaware of what he was actually doing.

But one night in bed, I was lying on my belly rubbing against the mattress. Rob wasn't there. Rubbing the mattress with my cock was nothing new but this time I did it a bit longer than before. Suddenly something powerful kicked in. I had the urge to continue thrusting my cock against the sheet as stronger and stronger sensations overtook my pelvic area. Soon I went into my first orgasm. Wow, what a wonderful unbelievable feeling. I remember it very clearly. After it was over, I lay completely relaxed on the warm cum that spread out on the sheet under me. I didn't care that everything was wet. It felt sooooo good. So at fourteen years old, I finally learned the difference between the pre-cum seepage when I was horny and real cum that came with ejaculation.

Soon I was humping the mattress every night. And in the morning too, as soon as Rob would leave for his daily run. Odd thing is, I didn't connect what he was doing to what I was doing. Then one afternoon, my friend Terry invited me over to his house to play a video game. Eventually we finished up with the game and sat around talking about girls and sex. Terry asked me if I jerked off. He was lying on his bed at the time and made the stroking motion with his fist. To make a long story short, I left Terry's house that afternoon with some new instructions about how to jerk off - you could do it with your fist. LoL - what a discovery!

That night I tried out the new jerk off method that Terry had told me about. It worked great. Cleanup was much simpler when I ejaculated onto my belly. A couple of tissues and that was that. And no soaking sheet under me. Then I remembered that my cousin always had several crusty tissues beside his bed. In an instant it all clicked. Rob was jerking off every morning and not doing pre-run exercises at all.

Hard to believe that Rob had done his morning 'exercise' for almost three months before I finally caught on. I never said anything about it to Rob but it made my daily jerk off sessions more intense, knowing that he was doing the same thing.



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