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Miss Blue Eyes

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My first female-female experience happened with a girl I used to go dancing with. Though just a bit on the plump side, her big tits, narrow waist and blonde Scandinavian good looks always attracted guys, though she always played it pretty cool when they came on to her.

One night after calling it quits on the dance floor, we went back to her apartment. We sat together on the couch and began talking quietly. She began to get closer and closer to me, captivating me with those large blue eyes, staring at me innocently and without guile or other intention (or so I thought). I gazed back at her, enjoying the warmth of her attention, and when she eventually leaned over and kissed me, I didn't resist. She was a good kisser and I just sort of melted into her as she worked magic with her warm tongue. I had never been kissed before, let alone that way, and by a girl too! But her fluttering tongue really began to make me wet.

After kissing this way for several minutes, she began guiding my hands over her body, which inevitably ended up at her pussy. Soon, under the tutelage of her guiding hands, I had removed her panties and was stroking her pussy and clit in a most pleasurable way. She moaned in pleasure, her face taking on an orgasmic bliss that slowly grew in intensity, watching me the entire time with those wide blue eyes. Her orgasm, when it arrived, was a thing of wild, unrestrained beauty. As the first wave of pleasure seized her in an unbreakable grip, her back arched, her eyes squeezed shut, and her mouth opened in an 'O' of surprise. She refocused her eyes on me again between crashing waves of pleasure, eloquently expressing her helplessness to resist the pleasure whose sole source was deep within her own body (now that I had stopped touching her, taken aback by the intensity of her orgasm). Afterwards, we rested a while, both hearing and feeling the beat of her heart as it began to return to normal. I was of course very wet and extremely, desperately turned on, but I just lay there, waiting for her to catch her breath.

Finally she turned her attention back to me, saying 'Ok, let's see what you've got there.' Heart beating fast, I trembled with excitement, anticipation, and no little amount trepidation as she slid her hands up my skirt and felt my wetness through my panties.

'Why don't you take everything off?' she asked. 'You'll be more comfortable that way.' Before I could object, she started undressing me, which didn't take long, as I was wearing only a mini-skirt, g-string, and sweater with no bra. Standing there naked, nipples erect, pussy wet, I felt a bit embarrassed, having seen the perfection of her body. In contrast, I felt so ordinary and unattractive. I'm about 5'2' with light brown skin and raven black hair that glistens like black diamonds in the moonlight after 100 strokes with my hairbrush, but that's really my best feature. I was (and still am at age 30 now) rather on the scrawny side, with skinny arms and legs, flat chest and no hips.

'Oh, you're a tiny little thing,' she said, but her smile told me it was not a criticism.

'Come on, sit down and let me take care of you.' I sat on the couch and she knelt before me, gently spreading my legs and urging me to sit on the edge of the couch. Gently, teasingly, she pulled back my hood and caressed my clit, which was now fully engorged, elicited sounds of pleasure and excitement from me, quite beyond my control. With a light, gentle and almost unbearable touch, she began pleasuring me with her fingers. I squirmed in pleasure, having now totally forgotten my earlier embarrassment, as she began feeling my juices.

'I've never done this before,' she said. 'It's so good. She kissed me with her tongue in my mouth.

In my dizzy, orgasmic state, the moment seemed to stretch on and on forever until I thought I would die (so that's where the phrase, 'the little death' came from I thought distractedly). Although I had self-induced orgasms before, some of which have been truly wonderful, this one was of an entire order of magnitude higher than any I'd previously experienced. Maybe I was just really excited, or maybe she was just very good at fingering my pussy, but whatever the reason, I almost blacked out as I came, my body bucking and writhing with pleasure. It was a revelatory moment, and ever since then I've enjoyed having my pussy played with by girls.



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