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Mirror on the Wall

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When my wife's girlfriend would come to our house for the summer, one of my favorite things to do was to accidentally expose myself to her. She was a gorgeous looking woman and I was always fantasizing about what I would do with her if given the chance. She didn't help matters because her normal dress around the house was a man's shirt and panties. I was always catching glimpses of her panties or her breasts when she bent over which would just drive me up the wall.

One afternoon I decided to try something. I would normally wear my shorts with no underwear so that when I was sitting and spread my legs one could see up them and see my dick and balls. This time I was sitting at my computer next to the washer and dryer in our house and my wife's girlfriend was doing her laundry. I noticed that each time she would place clothes in the dryer she had to bend over to do it which put her facing me rather close. After she left I decided to try something. I unzipped my shorts and pulled my dick out so it was sitting on top my shorts. This alone was exciting but the thought of her catching a glimpse of my dick was even more exciting and I was starting to get a hard on. I quickly placed my shirt over my dick and continued working on my computer.

A little while later she came back to take the clothes out of the dryer. As she did I would accidentally move my shirt exposing my dick a little at a time to her. At first she did not notice but she started taking more time pulling the clothes out and would separate them on the lid before picking them up and putting them in the basket she had brought for them. I realized that she was looking and this just turned me on more causing my dick to start getting hard. Along with my movements it wasn't long before my whole dick was exposed. I just kept typing and acting like nothing was different.

She didn't say anything but I noticed her breathing had got a little heavier and it was taking longer for her to get the clothes out. Finally she left and I looked down to see just how much was exposed and smiled when I could see that she had seen a whole lot more than I imagined. This was too much so I figured I better get to the bathroom and relieve myself. As it was early in the evening when I walked through the living room I noticed that my wife and her were sitting on the couch watching TV. As I walked by I realized that the mirror on the hallway door allowed someone sitting on the couch to see in the bathroom if the door was left open. Now I was even more excited.

I figured out that from where my wife's girlfriend was sitting she could see in the bathroom. As I walked in the bathroom I closed the door just a little. I could see her reflection in the mirror which told me she could see me. Now the fun began. I took off my shirt and shorts and stood so I could see her. I took my hard dick and started jacking off, slowly just watching her in the mirror. It wasn't long before I saw her slowly turn and look in the mirror and realize what I was doing. At first her eyes got real big and then I saw a smile break out. She quickly looked back at the TV and I continued to jack off excited that she had seen me and had not freaked out.

It wasn't long before I knew I was going to cum and I hoped that she would look at me again. She did, and at that moment I couldn't hold back any longer and came squirting my cum over the bathroom floor, I just kept looking at her as I came, watching her reaction, she had a big smile on her face and had slowly moved her hand up on her breast and was squeezing it. Finished I reached over and closed the door completely and cleaned up my mess. Later, she said thank you, that was far more interesting than anything she was watching on TV. That was one of the greatest jack off sessions I have ever had.



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