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Mind Blowing Birthday Surprise

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I guess from a very early age I have been sexually aware I used to rub and squeeze on my vagina when I was tucked up in bed at night I was forever sliding things inside my knickers or rubbing or humping my soft toys really anything that made me feel good between my little legs, I can never really remember climaxing though.

But all that was about to change three days before my 10th birthday.

My best friend was two years younger than me, she lived just down the street from me, we used to have sleepovers when we were on school holidays and most weekends.

This particular weekend that I was there her cousin who was 15 years old was also there to me he was quite tall and well built I was the opposite I was the smallest in my class at school.

We were in the rear of the garden playing in the swimming pool that day. I had on my first two piece swimming costume. I thought I looked so sexy we were splashing around running around play fighting having fun, my friends cousin was paying particular attention to me but not ignoring her either. He would grab hold of me and his hands would slide over my top. Occasionally this would cause my yet to grow breasts little nipples to go hard. I had never felt feelings like this before someone else's hands touch me.

Later on after supper we all got ready for bed, the three of us went into my friends room to watch a movie in the dark. Whilst watching it she fell asleep. We switched it off and tucked her up in her bed so we went to my room to watch the rest of it, as we didn't want to wake anyone up.

Whilst lying in my bed after the movie had finished he asked me if I would like a special birthday present from him.

He asked me to take my nightshirt off. I wasn't sure at first but he reassured me that he wouldn't hurt me in any way. I remembered the feelings that I got whilst playing in the afternoon, so I took it off leaving me with my little pair of cotton panties on as we lay there. I remember being a little scared but pretty excited as well, his fingers began to slide down to my little breasts that were yet to grow. My little nipples were really hard and erect. I had never been touched by anyone before. I started to sigh and whimper as he touched me, his hand went further down to my tummy then onto my leg, as it did so it brushed over my little mound. I could feel that my panties were wet, my legs opened automatically.

When he did this to me by this time my hips were starting to grind up and down, his fingers slowly slid on to my panties up and down my vagina over my throbbing clitoris. He only did this a very short time before I had an almighty climax, my little legs shook and I shuddered quite violently. I thought I had peed myself. I was in wonderland. I had never felt anything like that before. When the feeling started to subside I took off my sodden panties as I lay there naked next to him. His fingers started to touch my smooth bald little mound then onto my hole and my swollen clit. I was moaning and groaning with pleasures that I had never felt before. He started to slide his finger inside me, in and out in and out then onto my clit. After around a minute or so I erupted with an almighty climax, this was much more stronger than the first one that I had. I came 3 or 4 times the cum was flowing from me my little body was convulsing I was in wonderland all over my vagina and legs were wet with cum as we lay together. I could feel his penis press hard against my leg. I asked him to show me it as I had never seen one before. He slid off his shorts my eyes were transfixed by the sheer size of it.

It looked huge, I wrapped my hands around it and he guided my little hands up and down the length of it, over its head and down again. After a short time his body arched and shook, his cum shot out of it onto my little breasts and down to my tummy and all over my hand. I was mesmerised by this and the amount that came out of him as we lay there together, exploring each others bodies all night. I had 6 or 7 orgasms that night, he had 3. We were downstairs before anyone else in the morning when they did come down they were oblivious as to what took place between us.

I went home later on that day with a great big smile on my face, but exhausted too. It's nearly 10 years ago since this happened and we still have an ongoing relationship to this day, and have had many more encounters and hope to have many more in the future. There are some more stories to tell you but that'll be later.



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