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Military Benefits

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About 30 years ago today(1973) I was coming home from Vietnam. I had served in the US Air Force and although I had not seen combat, I had seen the results of combat on a daily basis. Many of my 'customers' were soldiers and Marines who were being processed back to the US for hospitalization and subsequent discharge. After one year of dealing with young guys like myself who had been wounded, I had developed a bad case of depression.
I arrived at Travis AFB in California with the hope of catching a 'Space Available' flight back home, thus saving myself some money. I was unable to get on the flight that I had hoped for so I was forced to hang around the base for another two days.
During that first day I met a woman who was about 35 years old (I was 27). She worked in passenger services and had tried, without success, to help me get another flight. When it became apparent that I was staying for another two days she asked if I had a hotel room or a place to stay. I told her I planned to stay in the terminal until I caught a flight. She seemed to think that was a bad idea and after some time had passed, she asked me if I would be willing to sleep on her couch instead of using the terminal benches. I agreed with the understanding I would buy her dinner as repayment for her trouble.
She lived in a small 3 bedroom place near the base and I was surprised to learn she was not married nor had any children.
After a nice dinner, we went back to her place where we talked for a number of hours. She seemed particularly interested in how GIs handled sex in Vietnam. I thought that was really funny, if not naive, as Vietnam had more hookers than you can imagine. She seemed fascinated by my description of the 'steam and cream' parlors located next to most bases.
I described how you could go to one of these places, pick out a specific young lady and then have her give you a bath, a massage, and then a hand job. When I mentioned 'hand job' I noticed my hostess becoming very 'antsy'. I finally asked her if something was wrong. She paused a moment and then said ' the idea of masturbation is very exciting to me. I love to see a guy shoot cum. I really like to watch cum fly out of a dick like a small explosion'.
Her comments made me very horny. I decided to see where this might go so I said ' would you like to give me a hand job?' She quickly agreed and reached for my zipper. She quickly pulled my dick out and started to massage it; however, her manner was rough and not very stimulating. I asked her to slow down and then proceeded to tell her what I would like.
I asked her to get some hand lotion and then I asked her to get undressed. She asked if this happened in Vietnam and I assured her it did. While she was undressing, I got completely naked and laid down on the sofa. I asked her to sit between my legs and open her legs so I could see her pussy. After she put lotion on her hands I showed her how to stroke my dick in both up and down and rotating motions. I also started to talk dirty to her. I told her she had a great looking pussy and that I knew she was getting all wet and hot. I told her to think about making my dick shoot tons of cum. I told her I wanted to shoot cum in her hair, in her face, and on her breasts. I told her that I hadn't shot any cum for a 'round eye' in a whole year and I couldn't wait for my dick to explode.
She was getting very excited and began to move around on the sofa. I asked her if she wanted to cum and she said 'yes' but that she didn't want to fuck. I said 'fine', I will give you a hand job. This seem to really turn her on as her hands began moving faster on my dick. She was almost mesmerized. Finally, I could take it no longer. I yelled 'I'm cumming' and shot ropes of cum everywhere. I think she came right then.
She then did something totally unexpected. She began to lick my cum from my dick. She did it very slowly and very gently, savoring every lick. She murmured it was everything she dreamed it would be. When she finally stopped, she said that she couldn't wait for me to give her a 'hand job'.
Not only did I give her a 'hand job', I introduced her to the fine art of 'eating pussy' and the 'blow job'. Over the next two days we must have had sex six or seven times. Each time it started with her jacking me off while she entered her own dream world. It is an experience I will never forget.



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