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Milfs Surprise Me at a Nude Beach

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This actually happened and it's my 'go to' memory from the wank bank!


I was 23 at the time and I had been invited to Australia to work on a project. The people that invited me put me up in a hotel. I was invited to a few evening events where I had to meet various clients. I immediately realised that all the women seemed to be older. Divorced or in marriages where they clearly wanted sex.

One lady came over and introduced herself as Sue (fake name for this story) she had a low cut dress with some of the biggest boobs I've seen in real life. I chatted away trying not to stare at her tits. However she knew I was sneaking peaks. I forget what we spoke about but I clearly it ended with her saying 'there's loads of great beaches you should see. I'll take you before you leave'

My cock filled out at the thought of seeing her in a bikini. Sue was about 45, large breasts, medium length dark hair, not super slim but a very sexy body.

Two days later I had to attend another event. Sue was there speaking with another lady, I'll call her 'Anne'. Anne was taller and slimmer than Sue. She also had large fake tits. She was about the same age as Sue.

Anne walked over to me with her cleavage bursting out. She starting talking to me and was very up front and said 'My friend Sue wants to fuck you' I laughed nervously. She then said 'I'd like to fuck you too' I was a little stunned.

She started laughing and said 'Don't be scared we won't bite'. 'We should all head to the beach tomorrow'. I went home and jerked off about three times thinking about these women wanting to fuck me.

The next day arrived and I thought they wouldn't call. Then at 10:00am Sue calls and says 'Hey grab your shorts and a towel, Anne and I want to take you down to the beach'. Sue came and picked me up and we met Anne at the beach.

We started walking from the car down the beach. It seemed fairly quiet. Suddenly I noticed an older couple laying near some rocks. They were both nude. Sue and Anne had taken me to a nude beach! I was excited and petrified at the same time. Sue and Anne both had their tits almost bursting out of their bikini tops. My cock was semi hard.

We found a secluded spot and then my dream came true. Sue and Anne started to undress. Sue untied her bikini top while she looked at me. She unveiled her magnificent tits. Then I looked at Anne. Anne was totally naked. Her pussy was completely waxed and her fake tits stood firm. Nipples pointing directly at me.

Anne then said 'So are you hard or what?'

They both laughed. 'You should take those shorts off' Sue said. Knowing I was at this point hard as a rock I thought 'F*ck it, why not'. I lowered my shorts and my cock sprung upward. They both looked at me and my cock. Sue casually rubbed her clit and said 'That looks thick!'

We all laid down on the beach. My cock kept twitching and we all were laughing about how hard I was. Anne said 'You should play with yourself, we wanna see you cum everywhere'.

It took me about a second before my hand was jerking my thick cock. Sue and Anne were both playing with themselves. Both naked with just their sunglasses on fingering and rubbing their clits.

Anne then grabbed my cock and spat on it. Her hand felt amazing as she stroked my cock. Sue then said something that I didn't hear properly and then spat on her hand and grabbed the head of my cock. I find that incredibly sensitive but amazing when worked properly.

They both worked my cock and I remember it feeling so sensitive on my glans that I couldn't cum because the build up was so powerful until finally the pressure was too much. I yelled 'I'm cumming' they worked my cock faster and I spurted the biggest load of cum up over my chest. There hands covered in my cum kept working my cock using my own cum as lube. Instead of stopping they starting laughing as they kept wanking my cock. I couldn't take how sensitive it was and my whole body was convulsing. Anne put her weight on my body to hold me down. It felt painful but amazing. I was still hard and they knew I had more cum.

Suddenly I knew I needed to cum again. My whole body tightened and they jerked my cock so fast I couldn't take it and erupted a second thick load of cum everywhere. This time cum went everywhere with no control whatsoever.

I was completely spent. I noticed the other couple on the beach watching with smiles. Sue and Anne laid there with my cum all over there hands and chests. Sue decided we should clean up in the sea so we all headed to the ocean to clean all the cum.

What happened once we got back to our towels on the beach I can't write on her. Also this story is long enough.

I will say the following three days before I left were the best days of sex and masturbation I've ever had.



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