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Miles Apart

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This has been a long time in the making. Seven months ago, my cyber girlfriend as I call her, jokingly posted two stories of our online romance. I have never responded to those stories here. The two stories she wrote were the Birthday Surprise and Web Cam Fun (August 2007).

I am writing now because Valentine's Day has just passed and we have still not had the chance to meet in person. I want everyone to know more about our online love affair. This story has two parts. The first is in response to the gift she gave me on my birthday and what happened today.

The day I got the gift from her, I will never forget. I was at work talking to her. I already had the parcel and this was the last gift that I got. She told me I had steps to follow, so the first was to go to this site and read the story. I did that as she asked. I always do as she asks. I read the story and was getting very horny and hard as I read each line and imagined what she was doing for me. I finally got to the last line of the story. I had the gift bag in my hand and realized exactly what was in it. I was so turned on; I think I could have come right there. I opened the bag and looked inside. It was the thong. I had enough and I do not think I even messaged her back saying thank you. I took the gift and ran to the bathroom. The only safe place in the office. I remember opening the bag and taking them out. The scent of her filled the room. It was as if she was there with me. I took them in hand, as I undid my pants. I could not hold it anymore. I had to get rid of the pressure. I took my cock in my hand and knew I was almost ready to cum. I could feel how hard I was. I looked at the thong again. It was a very special one for both of us. I think I came almost instantly, as I pictured what she did for me. It was such a rush, a true orgasm. To this day, I will never forget that feeling. I do not think I ever felt as loved as I did that day. I went back to msn and told her what I did. I always tell her when I cum. We both are turned on by it. She knows how many times I do a day.

That is my story for her gift. I know I did not elaborate on the masturbation. That is below in the story of what happened today.

We still always talk on messenger, even almost two years after discovering each other, at work and at home when possible. Every day we make each other more and more aroused. Well today, was the same way. We have both had ups and downs lately, not with each other, but with our 'other lives'. Work seems to be our safe haven because of each other. The teasing has gotten stronger and stronger as we both try to put the other over the edge. Being at work makes it more difficult for us, but we manage. Today, I wanted her to know what her teasing does to me.

The day started normally with us catching up from the past night and figuring out what we are doing, work wise for the day. As usual, this ends quickly and the small hints come in to flirt. She usually always tells me what she is wearing, or not wearing as it sometimes happens. I tell her the same. This week we both got a lot of exciting news that sent our emotions into overdrive. It was not long before I was hard from thinking of her. I was at work but that would not stop me. One quick message told her what I was about to do. I locked my work computer and got up.

I walked into the bathroom, hard already from talking to her. Locking the door behind me to stop any prying people, I stood this time. I did not want to be disturbed, as I knew what I was going to do. Quickly, I pulled my hard part out of my pants. I took it in my hand. I could feel the stiffness and I started to think of her. Flashes of her face and smile started me off. Slowly at first, I started to stroke myself. My hand was firm around my cock squeezing it. My eyes closed. I saw more flashes of her perfect skin and face. I moved my other hand down my stomach and towards my cock. Moving past it, I grabbed my balls and massaged them as I continued-her full naked body came into view this time. I stared at the image as I began to stroke a little faster. The image moved closer to me where I could see her perfect breasts, her stomach, legs, and finally her full perfection. I was stroking faster now as I imagined slipping my cock into her. Feeling how wet she was. I imagined her smells and scents. They were intoxicating to me. My stroking was full now, as I was engulfed in the fantasy of being with her. I pictured her legs around me as we pushed towards each other; her hands on my body holding me close to her as she moved her hips in unison with mine. My imagination totally engulfed me as I could see and touch her and feel her. Finally, I felt the rush come over me, one last stroke sending waves of erotic pleasure through me. I looked down and watched the cum explode from my cock, imagining it entering her. I continued stroking to get all the cum out. Not sure how I managed to remain standing. I un-curled my toes when I finished and placed everything back as it should be. I looked at the mirror smiling. Always for you baby, I thought to myself.

Now I am sitting here still talking to her. She knows her effect on me and I know my effect on her. Someday we will have a story that will amaze everyone.



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