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Mildly Awkward Mom Story

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this happened the summer I turned 13


When I was 13 I hit puberty, and like every boy, I quickly found out about masturbation. This story took place one day during the summer that I turned 13.

I was at home alone every day during the summer while my mom was at work, so this afforded me the opportunity to masturbate as frequently as necessary. On average I would do it 2 to 3 times during the day that summer.

Well, one particular afternoon I was laying on the couch watching tv. I liked to walk around naked when I was home alone, so therefore, I was laying on the couch naked, but with a blanket covering me up because the room was cold. I was flipping through the channels on our satellite when I came upon a softcore porno. Well I started watching and soon I started stroking.

I was just watching and stroking and pretty soon the movie was over. Needless to say I was pretty close to an orgasm, but I decided to try to make it last a little longer. Well, I was working on it when I heard the front door unlock. I quickly glanced at the clock and saw it was 12:15, the time my mom always comes home for lunch! I had lost all track of time.

I rolled over and just decided to act like I was asleep. But unfortunately when I rolled over my penis wedged into the crack between the sofa cushions. I knew if I moved much more, I was going to cum.

My mom had always been the kind who likes to mess with me and stuff, like waking me up when im napping. So, seeing me 'asleep' on teh couch, she decided it would be funny to come sit on my lower back and bounce up and down to 'wake me up'. And boy did it ever...

She started bouncing, forcing my trembling penis deeper into the sofa cushion crack. After about 3 bounces I lost it. I clenched my butt, bucked my hips, let out a moan, and blew my whole load deep into the sofa. There was no doubt about what had just happened.

My mom stopped bouncing, and looked down at me, still sitting on my back. I was breathing heavily, and she says 'What just happened? Did you just...have an...orgasm?' Embarassed I turned red and said 'Yes.'

She asked how, and I explained to her that I had been playing with myself after watching the movie. So she told me to go ahead and get up. I stood up in front of her, completely naked. My previously rock hard dick was rapidly softening and drooping toward the floor. She pulled up the cushions and there it was, the big white gooey spot. She just laughed and said, 'Wow, thats alotta cum!' And it was, one of the biggest loads I had ever shot.

She went and got a rag, came back and cleaned it up. Then, she smiled and me and said 'Sweetie, its fine, don't worry about it. I knew you would started masturbating soon if you hadn't already. Why don't you just start doing it in the bathroom or your own room. If you absolutely have to do it somewhere else in the house, though, just make sure you have something to do it into, ya know?' I nodded, and she told me to go clean up and she'd fix me a sandwich for lunch.

I'm glad she was so understanding, that could have been really awkward. She has walked in on me several times since this incident, but she is cool with it. She just laughs and usually says something along the lines of 'Ah, playing with the snake again?' or 'Need some lotion?' Haha



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