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Mike and Me - Part 2

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Things between Mike and me get a little more interesting at a sleepover


Mike asked if he could bring a couple of friends to swim. I told him it was OK with me as long as they could swim in a pool without help. My mom couldn't sit there and watch if there was trouble. He told me they'd been swimming at his cousin's apartment and that there was no problem. We agreed to meet later that afternoon and rode back to our houses. I was pretty happy that Mike and I had buried our differences and that he was willing to introduce me to more kids in the neighborhood. Later on, Mike brought Tom and Andy over to swim. Andy was the tallest with dark curly hair and deep set eyes. He lived next door to Mike and they had been friends since third grade. Tom was about the same height as Mike and I, but was built a lot more muscularly than either one of us. He looked like he was already in eighth grade so I was surprised when he said that he was going to be going into the seventh grade as well.

Tom had shoulder length brown hair and really liked baseball. He told me that Mike's cousin was a professional baseball player and that they'd seen him play a few times already this year. I couldn't believe that Mike's cousin was on a professional sports team and that he hadn't told me before. Mike asked me if I liked baseball. I told him that I was a huge fan and hinted that maybe he could ask me next time he had tickets. Mike didn't seem too cool on baseball or his cousin, but he said he'd ask his mom if they could get some tickets the next weekend. I took the guys up to my bedroom to change into their swimsuits. I was already in my trunks, so I waited for them downstairs. After about five minutes, I was just about to go upstairs, when I heard them laughing and coming downstairs. Apparently Tom had forgotten an extra pair of underwear for swimming and was going to borrow a pair of mine. They looked in the drawer that I shared with my brothers and found an outrageous pair of red silk micro briefs. I let them know that those belonged to my brother who was a little flamboyant. We all laughed and went swimming. Mike seemed to be a little embarrassed, but I told him not to sweat it. 'No', he said, 'I didn't think it was cool for them to look through the drawers like that. I'm really sorry.' I nodded, 'Don't worry about it. I don't mind as long as they didn't take anything.' He assured me they hadn't and we messed around in the pool for a few hours.

After we were done swimming, we all went upstairs to change. I figured that I better go up with them so they didn't go on any more unauthorized expeditions. Our clothes were all on my bed and we all stripped down at the same time and bumped into each other trying to be the first to get our clothes on. Since we had just come in from the cool pool into an air-conditioned house, I couldn't help feeling a little self-conscious about being naked in front of three other boys and by my penis being all shrivelled up. I didn't want to make anybody feel funny, so I kept my eyes to myself, even though I was really dying to see how they all looked naked. Tom and Mike took the longest time to get dressed. I lent Tom a pair of my underwear, though from the look of him in his bathing suit, they might have been a little tight. He thanked me and said that he'd get them back to me next time I was over at Mike's house. I told him to be sure to wash them first and we all had a good laugh. I looked up to see Mike standing in his briefs, looking at me, but quickly turned my head and left the room.

Later that week, Mike gave me a call and asked if I'd be interested in going to a game the next week Friday. We could meet his cousin after the game. Of course, I jumped at the chance to meet a real live professional baseball player. I had to ask my parents, of course, but I didn't think it would be a problem. I told him that I would drop by later that day and let him know for sure and that maybe we could go out for a ride. I talked to my mom about it and she wasn't initially too keen on the idea. I told her about how I had accidentally hurt Mike in self-defense class and how I really wanted us to be friends again. She agreed, but hoped that Mike might think that I was only being his friend to meet his cousin. I thought about it and asked whether I could ask Mike and his friends for a sleep over at our house on Saturday. That way he would know that we were friends again. She agreed and I went over to Mike's house to let him know.

Mike was excited about the news. 'Yeah! That would be cool! Though I'm not sure if Andy or Mark can make it.' Since Andy lived next door, we went over to ask him and Mike said he'd ride over to Tom's house afterwards and ask him. Andy gave us the big thumbs up after talking to his folks. This was cool. This was my first sleepover in the new house and I was very excited. The next few days dragged by as I went to baseball practice and poked around the house. I didn't want to keep going over to Mike's, because I didn't want to wear out my welcome. I went to the store with my mom to be sure that we had frozen pizzas and chips and soda. My sister decided that she didn't want to be hanging around when my friends were over and (much to my relief) my older brother decided he'd rather hang out with his Bohemian friends. My mom and dad ran interference with my younger brother so he didn't feel left out of the fun (since we didn't want to play with him), which left the house pretty much to my friends and I.

The big night had finally arrived! I had a game that morning and we got beat pretty bad. I stunk up right field and struck out a couple of times, so I was feeling a little out of sorts all day. When 6:00 rolled around, Mike and Andy stopped by with their sleeping bags. About half an hour later Tom arrived with his sleeping bag. He said that he had a gift for me, unrolled his sleeping bag and took out my freshly laundered underwear. We all cracked up at that, and I told him that I hoped he brought his own this time. He laughed and said that he had everything he needed. We had a great time listening to records, telling jokes, talking about baseball and school next year. Finally, after we had eaten everything in sight and played enough games, it was time to set up to go to sleep. Since my brothers were home, they went to sleep in the bedroom we shared and we moved the coffee tables out of the way in the living room and unrolled our sleeping bags. We shut the drapes in the living room and everyone went upstairs to bed so that we could change and get some sleep downstairs. We all took turns brushing our teeth and getting ready for bed in the downstairs bathroom. The lights were all out except for the downstairs bathroom light. Mike and I were first ready and our sleeping beds were next to each other. Andy was next and he and Tom were set up on the other side of the room. Finally, Tom came out of the bathroom and he shocked us all by coming in stark naked. 'What are you doing?' Mike hissed, not wanting to alarm the house. Tom said, 'I always sleep in the nude.' We were all trying not to laugh and wake everyone upstairs. Standing there naked in the half-light, Tom's muscular body looked more mature than before. Unlike my wisps of pubic hair, Tom had a full bush and had hair on his balls. His penis was at least six inches long soft and he absolutely knew that we were all getting an eyeful. Since it was dark in the room, I didn't feel so self-conscious watching him crawl into his sleeping bag. I also knew that my growing erection was safely hidden from sight. I looked over at Mike and knew instinctively that he would be looking at me. I broke our silence. 'Man, he sure has a big one!' I whispered to Mike. 'Yeah. He likes to show it off too.' Mike whispered back. I felt my heart start beating faster wondering how much they had seen of each other before.

I tried to sleep as best as I could, but I could not get the sight of Tom's naked body out of my mind. I couldn't understand why I was so turned on by another boy. This was the second time this happened and I was a little worried. Unfortunately, I was also too aroused to sleep. I looked around to see if I could sneak out to the bathroom to relieve my tension without being noticed. Everyone looked like they were sleeping, so I crawled quietly out of my bag. I was sleeping in my underwear and a tee shirt, but my erection was sticking straight out of my waistband. I had to masturbate quickly and quietly and get back into bed before anyone noticed.

When I got to the bathroom I pulled the door shut softly and pulled down my underwear to let myself loose. I knew that it wouldn't take long as I already had some pre cum oozing from my slit. Sure enough, a few strokes was all it took to unleash a torrent of hot cum. The pressure relieved, I had only one more problem. What to do with a toilet full of cum. No choice but to flush. Oh well, at least I wouldn't be walking back into the room with a hard on. I flushed and opened the door. I half-expected Mike to be standing outside the door, but all was quiet.

I stepped quickly back to my sleeping bag. I saw that Mike was awake. 'Everything OK?' he asked with a smirk? 'Uh, yeah. I just had to take a mean piss. Too much Cola.' I was a little nervous that he had heard me getting off. Mike was sleeping in his underwear and a tee shirt too and as I looked over, it was clear that he had a pretty big erection working too. I looked him in the eye and said ' I guess it's your turn'. He smiled and put his hand down the front of his underwear. 'I won't be long.' He said as he scooted out of his sleeping bag.

Even though I had just cum, I felt myself go rigid again. My breathing got fast again and I started to feel light-headed like before. My mouth and throat were totally dry as I watched him go. I imagined him stepping into the bathroom, tugging on the waistband of his briefs, loosing his hard penis. I strained to hear any tell tale sounds of masturbation and thought that I could hear his hand moving up and down his cock, his quick breathing and a soft groan of release. No way! I thought, I am hearing things. I heard the toilet flush and I saw Mike walk back across the room. As he laid back down, I smelled the unmistakable scent of cum and wondered if it was mine or his. I was sweating a little now and thought maybe it would be a good idea to go in the pool and cool off. I asked Mike if he wanted to swim and he nodded his head.

Since our swimsuits were already outside, we stripped down and were going to sneak out the back. This was the first time I took the chance to look at Mike's penis and so I took a long look. He was still semi-erect, about six inches long and had full hairless balls and a full bush of brown hair. I looked up at him and saw him taking a long look at me too. I tried to think of sports or girls or school. Anything to keep from getting erect. I was too far gone though, and my penis stood at full attention. My erection obviously had an effect on him as he went completely hard as well. Now what? I moved towards him and heard a voice from across the room. Tom and Andy were wide awake, watching Mike and I. I said to be quiet. I told them that we were just going to go swimming. Tom smiled as he got out of his sleeping bag. 'Mind if I join you two? It's kind of hot in here.' Tom got out of his sleeping bag and showed us his massive hard on. He was easily eight or nine inches long. There was no going back now. Andy looked curious, but stayed where he was. 'I don't know about this' he said softly. 'Oh come on' said Tom, 'we've all seen each other now'. I was starting to get nervous about my parents or my brothers coming downstairs. 'Let's go before someone wakes up' I pleaded. We were just heading out through the foyer when we heard a key in the front door. 'Shit!' we all said at once and bounded back to our sleeping bags. Mike and I were in our sleeping bags pretending to be asleep, but Tom was still trying to navigate his when the door opened and the light came on. My sister caught him fully naked and fully erect. I don't know who was more embarrassed, my sister, Tom or me. She quickly turned off the light and went upstairs. That woke my dad and a bunch of lights went on upstairs. She had blown off curfew and was getting the riot act. Being surprised by my sister and hearing my dad's voice was turn-off enough for me and I went to sleep for the night.

The next day we kind of laughed about the night before and blew it off. We all knew that something was very close to happening between us and I think we were all a little nervous about it. I was a sea of mixed emotions for the next few days. There was no question that I was physically turned on by Mike and Tom, but there was no way that I could be. I was not, would not, could not be gay. Period. I had a girlfriend and I was interested in them. I couldn't be attracted to a guy. But then again, why was I so breathless every time I saw Mike?



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