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Mike and I, Caught by Dad

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For Collin, my experience wasn't all that bad either.


My Mom telling me she was going to a neighboring town about an hour away to shop and visit friends was music to my ears. That meant a full day and part of the night with the house to myself since my Dad was out of town working and wasn't due back for a few days. As soon as she gave me the typical parental speech about behaving and not burning the house down I ran across the road to my best friend Mikes house to tell him we had the day to 'get queer with each other'. We had been masturbating together for the past year when we got the chance and didn't get the opportunity very often with this much time on our hands without fear of being caught.

Over the past year we had discovered that edging was the most pleasureable way to orgasm. Our scenario was to grab some of my Dads stash of magazines, get naked on my small bed, slowly stroke ourselves as we looked at them laying next to each other. We'd talk about which models we thought looked like girls in school and make up stories about what we would do with them if we ever got the chance. We'd trade off jacking each other from time to time but always rather slow to prolong the feeling. We found the more horny you got the more 'pre' would flow. We'd share it to lube ourselves as we traded back and forth with our hand jobs. When we were getting close to orgasm we'd discard the magazines and just keep going back and forth until one of us couldn't take it anymore. Our deal was that whoever came first would squirt it on the others dick which provided the best lube you can ever believe. This always sent the other over the edge and to be fair would shoot theirs on the others dick even though it wasn't used as lube. Just our odd way of sharing I guess.

After orgasm we'd both just lay there for a while and sometimes doze for a bit with our cum all over us. Then we'd hit the shower to clean up and have round two. This was just a jo session, no edging. We'd wash off all the goo and then whoever came first would give a reach around to the other. Fun in and of itself since you could rub your dick against the others back as you held his stomach or chest with one hand and jacked with the other. Pleasure for both. Tons of soap for lube. Not a super fast jack but fast enough to create an orgasm in a few minutes. Then trade off and repeat. By now the waters getting chilly so a quick rinse and that's it. Man, those were fun times.

Anyway, this day Mike and I were in bed looking at magazines and had just started trading off in our jacking so we had a hand on each others cock. 'Oops', that's all I remember hearing. There was a second or so of dead silence as Mike and I looked over our magazines to see my Dad standing in my doorway with his suitcase in his hand. Reality hit us and the magazines flew out of our hands and we scrambled to cover ourselves. Dad started laughing like I hadn't heard in a long time, so much so that he dropped his suitcase and doubled over holding his stomach. Mike kept screaming at me to throw him his clothes. Dad just kept laughing and it pissed me off. I started yelling at him to go away and even cussed at him for the first time in my life. Getting my wits together I finally ran over and slammed the door.

Mike and I dressed and didn't know what to do. Mike was close to tears and I was very mad that Dad laughed at us like that. We figured we were busted and wouldn't be able to be friends again.

I don't know how long later but Dad knocked on my door and asked to come in. Figuring major puinishment was in store and there was no way to avoid it I had no choice but to let him in. He first said he was sorry for catching us but if my door was closed this would have never happened. Then he started laughing again, apologising, and saying how we should have seen the looks on our faces and how we freaked out. Good ending though, he said he'd keep it a secret between the three of us and he did the same things when he was our age and not to worry about it. Just to close the door even if no one was home.



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