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Mighty Mouse?

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Let me begin this by saying I have been masturbating with Solo Touch for four years now, but since I just turned 18 last Sunday I have resisted making a contribution until now. As I go on you may understand more fully why. I am the only child of elderly parents-both early 60s now. At 18 I suppose I'm fully grown but in most respects it isn't enough. I am 5'51/2' 138lbs. If that isn't bad enough I am 'baby faced' and very smooth. Girls think I'm 'cute' and I get a lot of ribbing from boys. I tried to compensate by working out furious around 15 and have become muscular and qualified for the only sport my size would permit-wrestling in the lowest weight scholastic class.

All that said, I have a hidden asset-really hidden until my first locker room appearance at 16. And it's been my reason for loving Solo Touch as sort of my sexual outlet. My penis at full erection is 8 1/2x6 uncut and my balls proportionately large but don't hang much. I began masturbating with large ejaculations at 13. Until summer before last I had never done anything with another person-my sex life was and still is solo masturbation and lots of it. I don't use porn. The act itself properly performed is enough in itself, the feel of it and the sight of myself doing it. Yeah, I am a mirror masturbator. The body I've developed and my genitals in contrast are very erotic for me. As I said I have no body hair except a little under my arms and lots of brown pubic hair which I've cultivated from the beginning like a protected species. Pubic hair, not only my own but on others both male and female is very erotic for me. I find that's true of others on here-especially other males about females where the 'bush' is such a dominant part of the external sexual anatomy.

I said I'm not into porn. Well, let me correct that a little-I have found sites on the internet which emphasize females with natural-meaning very hairy-cunts and I shoot off loads surfing them. I'm not above looking at cock pics too, so yeah I'm into masturbating porn, but not the really hard core stuff. I'd love even to show myself on the internet that way but I respect SO for not allowing that kind of thing on here. But texting about that is hot especially if readers masturbate as the contributor did making it. My sex with others so far has been very sparse and mostly unsatisfactory. Once exposed in the school gym showers at 16 I was aware of some genuine fascination in addition to the open razzing and that has been followed up by some advances by mostly older schoolmates and not the jock types I admire but the nerdy flighty type I don't. I jerk off about some of the boys I see (solo) but have no desire for doing anything more than mutual masturbation.

Outside of school I have to be cautious in public facilities because I seem to be in a semi erect state a lot especially in any space between masturbations and in a mall or other public mens room where others crude enough to look can only see my penis in contrast to my otherwise child-like appearance and I've been approached by some old creeps which is disgusting. That's not to say I can't be turned on by masturbating older people of both sexes because I surely can and have been by stories from and about them here. Mom/son, dad/son, and family masturbating stories and even solo senior male and female stories have produced about a pint of handmade sperm on this end. Speaking of which, this first contribution feels like about now that it might do maybe not a pint (ha!) but some lot of that anyhow. Hope folks comment but if not at least masturbate.



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