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Midweek Day Off

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Having recently moved into the first apartment that is all mine I am beginning to wonder how I ever survived sharing living space with others. The temptation of all this privacy is just too much and tonight I had to ask a friend to please come and rescue me from myself if she hasn't heard of or seen me for a few days in a row.
I am a big fan of written erotica and there is nothing I love more than lying back onto the many soft pillows on my bed to read. It usually works out that within a paragraph or two I am slipping off my pants, they need to come all the way off as I need to have my legs open wide for what I am about to do. As the story in my book and my head gets heavier I put my hand between my legs and begin to stroke the outside of my labia, I like to slowly get turned on so that my lips become engorged and open up themselves, like the petals of a flower in the attention of the morning sun.
My slippery wetness appears at the same time, I touch my finger to the entrance of my vagina and slide the moisture up onto my clitoris, a few quick circles and she begins to stand out proud from her little pink hood. Then I stop, move my hand away, and read a little more.
My mind is in the story, I can see and smell all that it describes. My hips have started their own rhythmic movement. I place my hand between my legs again. Slowly, on my clit, little circles, slowly, slowly, I'm trying so hard to do it slowly. I brace the muscles in my belly and flex my hips, it intensifies the feeling. I have to rub faster, 'oh yes...' I'm holding my breath. I can feel my orgasm stirring. I take my hand away.
I let my hips continue to circle while I read about the horny heroine, bound, gagged and helpless, exposed for all to see.
I need more.
From the bedside drawer I pull my wee purple vibrator, I have two but just need the one for now.
I rub my clit a little more, I'm closer to the edge now and I like how it feels, I'm keeping myself here, don't want to use it up yet.
I put a dab of lubricating fluid on the vibrator and smooth it down the sides. I open my legs wide and while reading I stay with my character, still bound she is about to be entered, her captor has set his sights on her behind. As he pushes his way into her tight, clenched bum hole, I slide the buzzing little vibrator into mine. It opens up my passage and I feel every millimeter of its shaft slide across my sensitive sphincter. I'm panting, little groans escape my lips. I push it all the way in, so its widest part stretches open the most erogenous point of my arsehole. I tilt my hips then draw my left leg up pressing the heel of my foot against the end of the vibrator so it can't go anywhere, so my tight muscles can't push it out as they begin to spasm.
I go back to working my clit, fiercely now; two finger tips, rough and fast, pressing hard into my pubic bone. I'm gasping and holding my breath, my face is all screwed up looking more like pain than the serious mind blowing pleasure than I'm lost in.
God I'm so fucking close, fuck fuck fuck, It feels so good, I'm overwhelmed by the sensations in my arse, I'm moving my hips and pushing against my heel, getting all the depth I can which in turn gives me all the width. My arsehole is so wide open.
I know I'm going to come. I want to make it good; I reach into the drawer for the other small vibrator, turn it straight on to top speed and press it against my clit.
'Oh Fuck'
Ah. Ah. Ah. That's so good, oh, it's so fucking good.
I slide the vibrator up and down on my clit and running it the entire length of my vulva, getting the vibrations in everywhere. I pause at my clit, small circles with the hard vibrating plastic, I push it hard against my body, really hard, I'm going to come really deeply. My clit is slammed against its excruciating pulses.
I get that feeling, that heat. It starts somewhere deep inside, deep behind my pussy. I keep everything moving, that rigid rod in my arse, that hum on my clitoris. It's flooding out to my whole body, the pleasure, the heat, the ecstasy. The spasming starts, the top half of my body lifts up off the bed as if my whole pelvis is contracting and bringing everything towards it. My teeth are clenched, my eyes squeeze shut. I'm half panting, half moaning, forgetting to breathe.
Oh it's so good to come, so good to come so hard and so well!
Relaxing back on the bed, I catch my breath, slide two fingers into my pussy, I like the way she quivers and pulses with the aftershocks. A smile breaks across my face, almost a giggle. I let the vibrator slip from my arse and shudder as it exits.
I caress my pussy gently, let her come down. She feels so warm and nurturing.
Mmmmm, God it's good to be alive.



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