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Midnight Picnic

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Midnight Picnic

My name is Ted. I was a freshman in high school when this story happened.

Because we grew up in the same neighborhood I had two senior friends named Mark and Tim. We had grown up playing in the neighborhood so when I got to high school we were close and there was no big deal with them hanging out with me, a lowly freshman.

Occasionally we even had sleepovers still. These were more an excuse to sneak beer from some parent's fridge and drink it somewhere. Tonight we were at Tim's house. His parents were out to dinner and Tim had stolen a few beers for us to drink. We decided to set up a tent in the back yard since it was a very pleasant, warm fall evening.

We were drinking our first beer and talking about girls already. Tim and Mark had both been with girls. I was dating a girl but hadn't gotten much more than a few awkward gropes in the back of her car. She was a year older than me and driving. It didn't take long hearing about what Tim and Mark were doing with their girlfriends before I felt myself getting pretty hard.

After we finished our first beer Tim said he wanted to go down to the park and sit in the picnic pavilion since it was so nice out. I agreed and started to grab a beer to take with me. As I got up to leave the tent Mark said something that caught Tim and I totally by surprise.

'Let's go streaking!'

We looked at him and laughed.

'Seriously, the pavilions only four houses down, it's late so no one's going to be out and what the hell?' he said with a sly grin.

He was right. It was now dark enough that it would be hard to see us if we went through back yards and late enough there wasn't much chance anyone would be up.

'Ok, let's do it!' Tim said.

I agreed reluctantly, more because they both said they would but also I was still feeling pretty excited from our sex talk and inhibitions were fading.

The three of us got out of the tent and stood there. No one got undressed at first. Mark went back in the tent and grabbed a backpack we had for the beers. There were only three left so he handed one to each of us.

'Ok, everyone shotgun their last beer then we'll put our clothes in the backpack. No chickening out.'

He was the first to start draining his beer and we followed. As soon as he was done he took off his shirt as we finished our beers. Tim paused, threw his can in the tent and started taking off his shirt too. I gave in and did the same.

By the time I had my shirt over my head Mark had just pulled off his shorts and underwear. He was able to get his shorts over his shoes and as he yanked one last time to free his underwear I saw his cock, hard as a rock, flap against his leg.

Not that I ever thought much about guys but seeing this got me really hard, really fast. I looked over at Tim and he was bent over with his ass pointed right at me putting his clothes in the backpack. I noticed his firm ass and balls hanging between his legs. I was practically in pain I was so hard.

I quickly finished stripping and all three of us got our clothes in the backpack. We stood there naked laughing quietly and starting to walk towards the neighbor's yard towards the park. As we were starting to break into a bit of a jog to hurry our adventure Tim told us to wait.

'Let's go get another beer for the park'.

We all agreed and turned back to the house. For some reason all three of us went into the house while Tim grabbed three more beers from the fridge in the basement. As he came back up the stairs Mark was looking out the front window of the house. I noticed we were all still hard but Mark involuntarily seemed to rub the tip of his cock as he looked out the window.

Tim came back upstairs and put the three cans of beer in the backpack when Mark said, 'Let's go through the front yards to the park'.

We thought he was crazy. This neighbourhood had no street lights or side walks but cars might drive down the street.

'It's dark enough,' Mark said. 'And, we won't have to hop any fences. Also, if a car comes we'll just bolt for the back yards'.

Tim laughed and said, 'Whatever.' He ran out the front door with Mark right behind. My head was spinning from this whole experience so I was just blindly following at this point.

We got outside and laughed as we made our way down the street. Tim kept trying to run but Mark just smiled and walked. I kind of stayed out of the moonlight and in whatever dark shadows I could.

As we got to the second yard, with two to go, I began noticing how good my naked body felt outside. I had nothing but shoes on and the cool autumn breeze blowing over my ass and cock felt unbelievable. I was still hard as a rock and noticed my friends were too.

Tim finally slowed down and we all walked together.

'This is awesome.' Tim said. 'Dude, I'm fucking horny as hell right now.'

'I knew this would be a good idea,' Mark said.

As we walked through the last two yards and entered the park I reflected to the times the three of us had talked about sex before. We all had admitted to masturbating. We never did it together but I had heard some interesting stories about anal stimulation and playing with one's own cum. All I could think about right now was how exciting this was to be young and completely naked in a public park late at night with a raging hard on. I think I was ready to try anything.

We made it to the pavilion and Mark grabbed the beers. We all laughed and toasted our success as Mark sat on one picnic table while Tim and I sat on another across from him. The light from the moon was enough to see each other fairly well but not so much we were worried about the neighbors seeing.

We all were still very hard. Mark had his legs spread as he sat and his cock stuck straight up. He leaned back on his elbows and I could see his ass below his balls. Seeing this private spot on Mark and imagining his asshole down there was intoxicating. Again, I had never thought of guys before but this whole situation had just completely awakened my lust. Tim also leaned back and I noticed his cock lying against his stomach. As I sat I kind of wiggled my ass cheeks on the table so my asshole pressed onto the surface. It was such a turn on to feel my naked hole rubbing on the smooth wood surface.

Mark was still leading this excursion as he took a last swig of beer then grabbed his cock as he tossed the can aside.

'No way can I just sit here anymore,' he said as he began to slowly rub his cock. He was looking at us to see our reaction. None of us hesitated. We all agreed, laughed and began masturbating.

I wasn't caring anymore about being with two guys. I was too overcome with this lustful adventure we were experiencing. I slowly jerked my cock with one hand and pulled my balls with the other. I had my eyes closed at first but soon started watching my friends.

Tim was leaning against the table next to me watching his cock as he stroked. He was long and thin and he occasionally stopped jerking to rub the precum around his head as he played. Mark was already getting more adventurous. He was lying on his back with legs spread giving us a good look between his ass cheeks. He was jerking with one hand and moaning quietly. He was the biggest of all of us. His hard cock was very long and thick. He took his second hand and two handed his cock for a minute as he jerked.

I loved watching Mark do this and wanted to touch him. I kept in my spot, though, and just watched.

'Fuck,' Tim said. 'I could come right now but I want this to last.'

With that, Mark grunted his approval. I looked back over to him as he kicked his legs up a little higher. He then took one hand and reached between his ass cheeks. I saw him push his finger into his crack. It was too dark to see clearly but I assumed he was now fingering his asshole. He seemed to adjust his body and raise his legs more so he could penetrate himself even deeper all the while he kept a steady stroke on his cock.

'Shit, Mark.' Tim said. 'Don't be shy or anything.' As Mark laughed Tim turned around and leaned his chest against the table. He also kept stroking with one hand but licked his middle finger of his other hand. As I watched he reached around towards his ass. I was close enough to Tim I could see his finger penetrate his asshole as he pushed. He was only inches from me and I could feel the heat from his body and even faintly smell the sex coming from his private areas.

I didn't know what to do. I was content to just jerk off but felt like I had to try this thing my friends were doing. I leaned back like Mark and mimicked him. I tried to put a finger in my asshole but it was dry and tight. I just kind of rubbed at first and even that was amazing. I stopped jerking my cock as I was so close to coming and I was now a little distracted by my new found source of pleasure. I reached up and licked my finger. I then reached with my other hand and spread my ass as I guided my finger back to my hole. This time with a little pressure I penetrated myself successfully.

Oh, fuck what a feeling! I had never felt anything like it in my life. It wasn't so much the physical sensation as the feeling of doing something so naughty! I looked around and saw my two friends jerking and fucking themselves. I wasn't touching my cock but just pulling my ass cheeks apart with one hand and fingering myself with the other.

Tim groaned then turned around and sat on the table to just played with his cock. He said he was ready to come but trying to hold on.

'Fuck that,' Mark said. 'I can't wait anymore.'

Mark now was fingering his ass faster as he stroked. His legs were in the air and he was grunting more. Suddenly, he turned on the table so his body was along the length of the table, giving his legs room to rest. He lifted his butt off the table and jerked faster but then stopped.

'Watch this!' Mark said as he lowered his ass to the table again but then quickly hoisted his legs and lower body over his chest and head. His cock was now above him and just inches from his face. With one last push he got his cock close enough that I swear he could lick himself. Tim got up and took a step closer.

'Holy shit! You can suck yourself?' Tim said.

With that Mark groaned one last time and came. I couldn't see it at first but I also got up to look. As I stepped forward in the moonlight I could now see the wet cum glistening on Mark's face as another shot splashed his mouth and chin. He shot at least 4 or 5 loads all over himself.

'Oh, shit!' I moaned. I went back to the table and without any thought tried to get in the same position as Mark. I couldn't get close to sucking my own cock but in this position I could jerk myself and found my finger in my asshole without realizing I had stuck it there again.

I stroked and fucked myself furiously. Tim stood on the bench of the table so he could look down on me while furiously jerking his cock above my ass.

There was no holding back now. One of my friends laid on a table in the moonlight with his own cum covering his face and my other friend was jerking off over me as I fingered my asshole.

I came so hard it hurt. Cum shot straight into my eye as I moaned and jerked and fucked. I jerked faster as more cum shot everywhere. I opened my mouth to swear and got a shot right inside. I swallowed as a reaction and didn't even flinch.

Tim also was swearing and with my one non-cum covered eye I peaked to see him bucking his hips, jerking and cumming.

I felt warmth on my hand that was fingering my asshole as well as warmth on my ass as well. Tim just came all over me. I didn't care at this point as my last shot of cum oozed from my cock.

Mark quietly cheered us on. 'That was fucking amazing. What a fucking mess we all made.'

With that we all laughed as our orgasms subsided. As I lowered myself back to a lying position on the table Tim sat on the bench.

We all laughed and began to feel our nakedness as we calmed down.

Tim reached for the backpack to start passing out our clothes. We all laughed a little more. Just as Tim opened the pack a pair of headlights appeared down the street, heading towards the park. We all looked up with surprise and ran for the back yards. Still naked, we sprinted and jumped fences and were back in the tent, safely, within minutes. As Tim dumped our clothes from the pack into a pile we all laughed harder as we began to dress.



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