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Midnight On-line Masturbation

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This just happened three days ago.


I was surrounded by family, which is unusual, and it was cramping my style. I work at home and normally I have all day alone to do whatever. In this case the problem was a lack of opportunity to masturbate.

Usually I have a leisurely jack-off sitting at my computer in the morning. Sometimes, if the mood strikes me, I do myself again late in the afternoon, occasionally even a third time. I can walk around the house naked, play porn on my computer or the big screen in the living room, moan and make as much noise as I please. But not this week.

It was sort of a family reunion, my aged mother, my sister, various nieces, nephews, in-laws, boyfriends and girlfriends. We had rented a huge house, grandiose and echoing, lots of rooms and privacy if you needed it. A fun time, an important family occasion. But the problem was social, there were always family things going on, I couldn't just disappear for an hour and come back with a quiet satisfied smile on my face. So I found that I was not able to get down to 'business' until bed-time each day.

Though I was getting release each night, they were necessarily quiet and quick sessions. Also, once a day wasn't up to my normal sexual schedule, so I was getting steadily hornier. The last night in the house I went sort of crazy.

I have an exhibitionist streak in me, which in earlier days I didn't get to indulge much. But the internet is great for things like that, you can show off easily and anonymously. I had done this a bit before, logging on and broadcasting a short show of my hand and my penis, never my face, just a disembodied sex act, pumping away until I ejaculated. As people joined in to watch me I would check to see if they were broadcasting and sometimes got to watch them too. People can type comments, sometimes kind, usually crude, and you can type back (one-handed).

But this particular night, nobody was interested in me and I got tired of watching myself. A big part of the thrill is knowing that the image of my penis is going out all over the world, and strangers could stare at it and get excited.

In previous on-line adventures I had explored a few other technologies. One of them gives a big clear picture and two-way sound (or texting), but if you want video (which is the whole point) it is only between two people. Another allows multiple connections. I had built up a number of contacts through groups set up to discuss cam-to-cam sex, and decided to see who was out there and wanted to wank with me. I posted a message that I would be on-line and waited.

Almost immediately I started getting interest. Most of them (all male) did not have cams, or did not want to use them. I pulled my pants down and let them watch me stroke myself, exchanging brief texts. Then I got a live one-a guy with his hand down inside his pajama bottoms, playing with himself. After a while he flashed a bit of pink penis at me, but seemed reluctant to give me a good look, even though I was showing him mine. We text-chatted a bit and he volunteered that what he really liked was to masturbate wearing panties. I encouraged him in this of course, he went away briefly, and came back with pink panties and a big bulge. Again he seemed reluctant to show his penis, but he did get up and show me his smooth white ass, nicely framed by the thin straps of his thong.

I decided that the initiative would have to come from me. So I re-arranged the camera and furniture a bit, turned on more lights, and gave him a show. I stripped naked, walked around with my erection standing stiffly straight out, turned around and let him have a good look at my naked body (from the waist down only). I stepped right up to the camera and afforded him close-ups of my penis, including a little drop of pre-cum on the end. While I was showing off for him three other guys logged in anonymously (and without cams) to watch.

I spent about five minutes stroking myself, watching the thong guy handling that bulge in his panties, and enjoying the thought of those other guys masturbating as they watched me. Then I stepped up close to the camera and shot a surprising volume of creamy semen, seven big spurts. It was a great orgasm, and I had trouble keeping quiet as I thrust my hips and stroked it out. It was exciting watching myself ejaculate on video like that.

I guess the other guy liked it, but all he did was suddenly disappear, probably so he could get himself off in private. Such is the unpredictable nature of sex on-line. But it had been an adventure for me, and a great release, so I went to sleep happy and satisfied.

The guy with the pink thong gave me an idea, which I followed up on two days later. But that is another story.



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