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Middle-aged Mutual Masturbators

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Masturbation is a wonderful way for a couple to enjoy and explore their sensuality and mutual passion


Masturbation plays a large part in the sexual relationship my girlfriend and I have. I love bringing her to huge orgasms. I also love watching her masturbate herself to orgasm, something she has never done for anyone else.
When we first started our relationship some eleven years ago I could easily bring her to multiple orgasms - usually five or six in an afternoon - generally by licking her clitoris. She has become more orgasmic and more uninhibited in the way she makes love over the years. I can now bring her to orgasms that are unbelievably intense and love doing so.
I like to buy her sex toys which I use on her and which she uses on herself while I am watching. Our favorite is last year's Christmas present - what's Christmas without toys? - called the 'Eager Beaver,' a vibrator that has a large dildo with a two-speed corkscrew action and a clitoral stimulator with a two-speed vibrating action.
We lay together on her bed and I kiss her, tonguing and nibbling her ear and neck telling her how sexy I find her, how she makes my cock hard, how I love to have her get wet and have her cum for me. I stroke her outer lips. She responds by spreading her legs wide for me giving me full access to her pussy. I like to stimulate her by pinching her clitoris between her outer pussy lips and rolling it between my thumb and forefinger. I alternate this with gently caressing her vulva and inserting my finger into her vagina.
After a bit, and she is sufficiently wet, I insert the dildo into her vagina and gently work it in and out. Then I turn the clit vibrator on low and gently tease her, pulling back her clitoral hood so her erect clitoris stands up and gently touching it momentarily, then back off. This gets her very excited and she moans. I watch her stomach and when I see her muscles start to ripple, I insert the dildo all the way and hold the clit stimulator on her clit and turn it up to high speed. This makes her catch her breath and she becomes visibly more excited.
Then I start rocking the dildo, up to stimulate her clitoris and back down to penetrate her vagina. Here is where I turn on the dildo action on low. I try to time the rocking actions with her pre-orgasmic stomach contractions. When the ripple reaches her pussy, I put pressure on her clit with the clitoral stimulator.
Soon she is lying motionless, her breathing shallow, eyes closed and nipples hard as I fuck her pussy with the dildo and I know she is on the edge of orgasm. It isn't long before she starts her orgasm and begins to thrash around and making noises - she is very vocal. I continue the rocking action - sometimes withdrawing the dildo all the way then thrusting it back into her now drenched pussy. I continue this for a bit while I enjoy watching her in the throes of ecstasy.
I have found a way to 'supercharge' her orgasm when she is at this point. I insert the dildo all the way into her vagina making certain the clitoral stimulator is on her clitoris. Then I rock it up slightly to put pressure on her clit and then I take my thumb and forefinger and firmly pinch her mons while pressing down so her clitoris is being stimulated by the clitoral stimulator from below and being pressed against it between my thumb and forefinger. This makes her absolutely wild! She pants, bucks, thrashes and screams, sometimes grabbing a pillow, covering her face and screaming into it at the top of her lungs as she cums! She can have an orgasm at this incredible intensity for about 30 to 40 seconds at a time!
After the intensity of her orgasm fades, I turn the dildo action off and turn the clit stimulator vibration back to low and continuing gently stimulating her clitoris with it. Soon, we are repeating this and going to another huge orgasm.
I can usually do this two times in a row. Frequently we have done three and after four, she is so exhausted and sensitive she can't do any more.
I have some variations on the way I stimulate her once she starts her orgasm. I sometimes press down on her mons with one finger, pressing her clitoris down onto the vibrating stimulator. I also like to press my face onto her mons and press down onto the clit stimulator. Any way her mons and clitoris is stimulated once she starts her orgasm, it is nothing less than spectacular.
I think the reason this works so well is that there are nerves extending from a woman's clitoris down either side of her sexual area. Putting pressure on the clitoris during orgasm and pressure on these nerves as well seems to be, well, like shifting her orgasm into overdrive!!
I usually continue this until she tells me to stop. She then lays there, panting and out of breath from the intensity of her orgasms.
After several of these orgasms, I will sometimes get her close to another but can't quite get her over the edge, so she takes the toy from me and starts masturbating herself. I find this absolutely delightful, seeing my lovely lady laying there, eyes closed, her hand busy with the toy stimulating herself, fucking herself, in search of another huge orgasm.
Several weeks ago, she was masturbating for me and started to cum and I went down between her legs and gently licked and probed her asshole with my tongue. I though she was going to jump up to the ceiling!! Wow! Another orgasmic breakthrough.
Then after all this, it's her turn to do me. She loves to watch me squirt and I have taught her exactly how to handle my cock to give me exquisite hand jobs. After she has recovered from her orgasms, she starts to fondle my cock, rock hard and throbbing from watching her cum so much. I am cut but the doctor left me with enough foreskin so I do not need lube for masturbation.
She strokes me up and down while kissing my torso. I love the little pre-orgasmic tickles in my balls as she jerks me. I have gotten so I can let go and give myself over to my orgasm completely, as she does to hers. As I get nearer to orgasm, I let myself vocalize my pleasure for her as she does for me.
My body starts to move involuntarily. She starts to nip at my nipples and bite my torso and I go over the edge, my hips thrusting as I grunt, groan and holler and she pumps my cum out of me. Sometimes we look directly into each others eyes as she pumps my cock and I cum. This takes some effort, as it is more natural to close one's eyes during orgasm. If you can do this, it is incredibly intimate.
Sometimes I also have difficulty reaching orgasm and I will take over the stroking. She then will insert a finger and stimulate my prostate and I have an orgasm of an unbelievable depth and intensity. Occasionally she will lick my perinium and asshole while I masturbate and oooohhhhmygawd....whatta cum!
We truly enjoy having masturbation in our sexual repertoire.



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