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Mick (Michelle) was the most-flat-chested girl I knew while I was growing up.


Mick (Michelle) was the most-flat-chested girl I knew while I was growing up. We spent a lot of time together during high school in the '60s. She was the same height as me, about 5'6', very slim, with really curly black hair and, even back then, I noticed a really cute flat ass with no butt cheeks. But I never dated her; I was always after the chicks with big hooters.

During the summer before Grade 11 we were just hangin' one day in my room, watching TV while all the parents were away at work. Mick asked me if I masturbated. I hesitantly said, 'Y-y-yes', just wondering where she was going with this question.

I asked her if she did, and she looked away and shyly, quietly, said 'Yes'. She asked me if she could watch me cum.

I said no; I would be too embarrassed.

Then she asked if I would jerk off if we were in the same room, but if she couldn't see me.

I said yes, but you have to take your clothes off.

Instantly, she took her shorts and underpants off. She had a curly, thick black bush.

I started to get an erection right away. I took all my clothes off, then told her she had to take her shirt off too.

She said she wouldn't; I would make fun of her.

I started to get dressed again, so she took her shirt off. She had big round dark nipples, but no breasts. I guess I said the wrong thing then, because she grabbed all her clothes and ran into our bathroom and locked the door. She came out dressed and crying, and said I was very mean and cruel. She left.

I was so horny from seeing her naked that I had to jerk myself off three times. I didn't see her for several days. I apologized and then she said we should try again.

We got undressed, and I thought I should kiss her, so I tenderly put my arms around her and went to kiss her. My cock was sticking up real hard between us so, she grasped it. I was so excited, I ejaculated right away. I didn't get to kiss her, because she pulled away. I mopped up the cum with some tissues, and she said she wanted to see, she missed that shot.

I said no and flopped down in a big upholstered armchair we had.

I had my knees far apart. She came and sat down between my legs, her back to me and her bottom sitting on my flaccid penis. We were just sitting there talking and, after a few minutes, I started to get hard again. I could feel her rubbing just the head of my cock, where it stuck out between her legs.

I reached around and started rubbing and tweaking her nipples. She was just touching me with her fingertips; it wasn't the same feeling as when I stroked myself with my fist. She kept doing this, and I was getting more and more aroused. I didn't realize until much later that she was actually masturbating, rubbing herself, and her contact with me was almost incidental.

She started going faster and moaning quietly. Suddenly, I felt like I was going to cum, but there was no time to warn her, I just shot my load on her fingers and the chair. Oh, it felt so good! She was the first girl who ever did that for me. She kept on rubbing, then went all kind of stiff-like and collapsed backward onto me, gasping.

After lunch, she was eager to 'do it' again. After that day, we were inseparable. We dated, although I didn't like all the mean comments from the other guys about me 'dating a boy' and her being so flat.

About a year later, she suddenly blossomed, increased a couple of cup sizes, and all the guys were after her. We just drifted apart and I never saw her after highschool.



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