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Michael & Belinda Again!

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Another time Belinda and I were vacationing together in Florida and were in the hotel's outdoor hot tub. (Our families were friends with each other and we vacationed together every year. How convenient is that Having an affair with a family friend! ) For a while we were not alone as there was an elderly couple also enjoying the spa. About 20 feet away was the hotel pool area populated by over 100 people, including our own spouses and families. Belinda and I got hornier and hornier sitting there waiting for these people to leave. She was sitting across from me in the round tub and the strangers were sitting to one side. I stretched my leg across the tub and began running it up and down Belinda's leg. Feeling her smooth skin my cock bean to grow under the thin nylon material of by swimsuit. Belinda just looked into my eyes as I stroked and caressed her bare legs.
A few minutes of this began to get Belinda and I REALLY HOT! We could tell from the look in each other's eyes. I began inching my foot further and further up her leg toward her sexy thighs. We continued to make small talk as not to alert the other people as to the goings on. As my foot started to part Belinda's legs, the elderly woman began talking to us about where we're from, etc. My foot never stopped its journey as we talked with these people. In fact, the ball of my foot was now flat against the crotch of Belinda's swimsuit making small circles, varying the pressure now and then.
Belinda kept throwing her head back and saying, 'Boy it's getting hot in here!' to cover the fact that her pussy was getting a good workout under the water and was getting ready to explode.
After another minute of caressing her pussy with my foot, Belinda reached under the water and pulled the crotch of her suit to the side exposing her superbly shaven, baby soft pussy to my foot. As I inched my big toe up and down between her soaking wet pussy lips I felt something exploring MY crotch. I look to Belinda and she has a devious look in her eyes as she was running the length of her foot up the underside of my rock hard shaft. I could feel precum oozing out of my cock and into the water of public hot tub.
After about 2 minutes of this, the elderly couple left the tub, (I guess we were not good conversationalists at this time) Now Belinda and I were able to get down to business. We could not believe what we were doing but couldn't stop now. Belinda threw her head back as if enjoying the hot tub and the warm tropical breezes trying to not let any onlookers that she was about to have a huge orgasm in the public hot tub.
She continued jerking me off with her foot giving me the first foot job I've ever had. She maneuvered her foot under my loose fitting swimsuit and had her toes against my naked cock. After another minute we could tell we were about to cum. Belinda said, 'As soon as you cum we better get right out of the tub so we don't get covered in your semen.' I agreed.
Another half minute of me toeing her clit and Belinda tensed her body and closed her eyes. She didn't care who was around at this point. She stifled her moans and screams and had a mind blowing orgasm-right under the noses of dozens of other hotel guests.
Seeing her cumming of course sent me over the top and as Belinda's foot massaged the underside of my cock head, I held onto the sides of the spa and blew six or seven streams of cum into the hot water. We immediately put our swimsuits back in order, stood up and stepped out of the tub leaving my cum floating in the churning, foaming waves of the tub.
As we caught our breath, we looked around to be sure no one was watching, especially our spouses. We examined each others bodies to be sure there were no semen strands stuck to us and agreed it was safe to leave. We walked over to the patio surrounding the pool, sat down with our unsuspecting spouses, and I said with a huge smile on my face, 'Now THAT was invigorating. '



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