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Messy Messy

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Masturbation can be fun, especially when it's messy!
My wife had gone out of town to visit her mother on an overnight trip. She made me promise to 'have a good time and think of her' while she was gone. We both knew that phrase meant I was to have fun masturbating!
The minute she left, I stripped down, deciding to spend the entire day nude. I then began to tackle the short list of 'honey do's' she'd left. Between each chore I'd go to the bedroom and, looking at her naked photos, stroke myself until I was right on the edge of cumming. I'd then stop, and go do another chore.
Well, after a whole day of edging I was ready for some fun. I got out one of my kinkier videos, an orgy with lots of wild threesomes, anal, cumshots, and of course tons of fucking. I then spread out a plastic mattress protector on the floor, to protect the carpet and give me something to slide around on.
I got out the lube, and squirted a liberal amount on both my cock and hands. I then enjoyed the movie, and stroking myself. Deciding I wanted more, I rolled on my side and squirted more lube on the plastic sheet, from my neck area to my crotch. Rolling onto my stomach and into the lube, I then slid around the sheet still enjoying the site of other naked folks fucking and sucking on the video. As I live way out in the country, I was able to unleash and yell nasty things. I find dirty talk a turn on, and it was a wild release to scream things like 'fuck that pussy' or 'suck that cock' at the top of my lungs and not worry about disturbing anyone.
The action of my cock, pressed between my stomach and the slick sheet soon brought me to orgasm. I shuddered and began pumping a nice load of semen into the sheet below me. After cumming I kept squirming around, delighting in the feeling of my own cum. I then rested, but only for a few minutes.
Still watching the tape, I rolled onto my side. Scooping up a nice load of cum onto my hand I proceeded to stroke my semi-soft cock until it became hard again. I spent an enjoyable half an hour in this activity. By this point I was quite stiff again, and wanting another cum.
I rolled back over, and proceeded to hump the plastic again, now using my own cum as lube. It is a wild feeling, knowing you are sliding around in your own cum. I continued for a while, until another orgasm came over me. More hot cum puddled under me, again soaking me down with joy juice.
I laid there for a while, enjoying the afterglow, before going to wash up.
This next story occurred some years ago, when I was living alone in an apartment. I had just started dating the lady who would go on to be my wife. We'd had a date, and some great sex afterward. I had gone on home, and gone to bed.
The sound of a passing train woke me up about 2 am. I started thinking about my then girlfriend and the terrific blowjob she'd given me earlier that night. This got me hard, and after about half an hour I gave up on sleep. I got up and went into my living room. Popping in a dirty video, I kicked back on my sofa.
I sleep nude, have since I was a teenager, so I was already naked and my cock easily accessible. I decided on a 'quicky', to simply relieve the sexual tension so I could go back to bed and get some sleep. I was watching a nice scene of a blowjob, at the same time thinking about the sucking I'd got earlier. I didn't use any lube, I often stroke myself while dry. The feeling of lubed is different from unlubed, and I enjoy both ways. Tonight I was just going dry.
After a very short time I felt that tingling sensation that let me know I was about to blow my load. I held my hand over the tip of my cock just as I began to cum. My jism splashed against my hand and rolled back down onto my prick.
I idly gave myself a few more strokes while watching the dude on the video blow his load all over the ladies face and tits. For some reason, my uncooperative cock was still hard! I was amazed, I usually at least get a little soft after an orgasm.
I was enjoying the feeling, so I continued stroking myself, now my own jism acting as lubrication. It made sexy noises as my hand jacked up and down on my dick. At this point the video switched to a gang bang scene, where half a dozen guys were continually shooting their loads over a willing woman, glazing her with cum.
I had one eye on her, the other eye on my own cock, glazed in it's own hot cum. I kept pumping, my hand sliding up and down my slippery cock. I was turned on by the feel of my own cum on me. Faster and faster my hand flew until my hips arched up, and I let loose with a second load of cum. This batch I let fly, and it shot all over my stomach.
I laid there for a few minutes, enjoying the afterglow. I idly gave my now (finally) soft dick a few strokes, but it was happy now and not getting up for me. Afraid I'd fall asleep on the couch I cleaned up, turned off the TV and went on back to bed for a nice sleep.
Messy masturbation can be fun. Using your own cum as lubrication can be a real turn on. If you haven't tried it, you should. If you have, then write about it so we can all read about it!



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