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Messing Up in Berkeley

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Love Solo Touch!


A few years ago I got up the gumption to visit something I heard about. It was a men's tantric massage event, held every Thursday evening at some sort of massage school in Berkeley. So, with a degree of nervousness, I went there, not quite knowing what to expect.

I came to a square room on the second floor of about 1,000 square feet. It was carpeted. One wall was lined with mirrors. The other was lined with windows. I guess it was formerly a dance studio. There were about 20 massage tables folded against one wall.

I was the fourth person there. Paid the person in charge my $7 admission, and started to make small talk, very small talk, with the other two guys.

I was rather shocked about the windows. No curtains, and many taller buildings all around. I didn't know really anything about what was about to transpire, but I figured we'd be naked soon. Anyone in any of those offices could look in and see us-me (!) naked.

More small talk, and about 10 minutes later, approx 20 men were there. Ages ranged from mid-twenties to mid-seventies. Weights ranged from thin to thick. All were reasonably good-looking.

So, the guy at the desk got up, locked the door saying it was good that we all arrived on time, because late-comers would not get in.

He then put on some soothing music, and had us stand in two circles, an inner one and an outer one, such that we were paired. Each person in the inner circle faced someone in the outer circle.

We then went through an exercise that had us undressed at the end. It started with simple caresses, then had us removing each others' shoes, shirts, and so on. After each step, the inner circle rotated so that we were facing another person.

Once we were undressed, we gathered up our clothes, all in a mixed up circle on the floor, and put them in cubbyholes.

One fellow had an erection. The rest of us didn't (yet). The moderator said the fellow's erection was good, and welcome.

Now, we were arranged in groups of three. Each group unfolded a massage table and proceeded as follows:

One person got on a towel on the table, facing down and got a massage by the other two for ten minutes. Then he turned over onto his back and got another ten minutes. Then the next person got on a new towel on the table, and got his twenty minutes. Finally the third one got his massage.

These were described as 'tantric' massages to the newcomers, me and one or two others.

There was to be no penetration of orifices, since that might be a public health issue.

Orgasms were OK, but not really expected. So, the happy endings, essentially the last 10 face-up minutes, were mostly non-ejaculatory.

I found it a very interesting experience. On the first round, I was one of the two giving the massage to a fellow on the table. He was perhaps 50 years old, a touch overweight, but quite attractive to me, as anyone of any sex always is, when undressed. I really wanted to touch his anus, just massage it a bit, but that wasn't allowed. I did what I was supposed to do. I massaged his shoulders, arms hands, while the other standing fellow massaged his legs, back and so on.

At the ten minute mark, the guy on the table rolled over and I massaged his upper arms, his chest, and got bold and massaged his face a bit, which he seemed to like. All the while, I was watching the other standing guy to see what he would do. Would he actually touch this fellow's penis? Yes, he did! First he massaged his scrotum a bit, then basically started giving him a very slow, light, wonderful hand job. Our man on the table got very hard, and moaned a bit, but you could see he was very capable of not having an orgasm.

So the timer went off, and it was my turn on the table. I was already starting to bone up a bit. The two guys started rubbing my arms, legs, back, and butt. Oh, the rubbing of the butt felt nice. Especially when they each put one hand between my thighs and kind of pulled slightly, exposing my anus to the air. At one point I became very conscious of the open windows again, but soon forgot about anyone looking in. Or in fact, was rather proud to be there and was hoping some people were watching.

My turn to turn over. Wonderful attention all over the front of my body for about two minutes, then my hand job. First a very light tickle of the balls. Then a very light tickle of that special spot on the underside of the penis. You can bet I was as rock-hard as I have ever been.

But somehow, and I don't really know how, I was able to prevent ejaculation all the way until the timer rang again.

We put the last fellow on the table, and I was the one to massage his balls and penis this time. Wonderful, I loved it!

Then it was over and time to go home. It was a very interesting drive, not having gotten off, but having had such intimate attention. Needless to say, I jerked off big time the minute I was home.

So, the next week I went again. I was kind of thinking, how nice it would be to skip most of the routine massage part, and get twenty minutes of hand job, so I asked the moderator whether we have to start the massage laying face down. He said, no, it was just the tradition, but totally optional.

I should explain that I have always been a bit of a rebel, and have done things my way, for bettor or worse.

So, I asked my two new partners if I could go last, and they were fine with that. Then when it was my turn, they were fine with me being face-up the whole time.

They started together on my scrotum with an amazing very feather-light touch. Then one of them started massaging my actual testicles a bit, which I loved. I asked him to massage the balls harder, and harder, until I said it was enough. And he did just that. He was squeezing and pushing my balls around pretty hard, while the other fellow was lightly rubbing his thumb (I think, I wasn't watching) over the tip of my penis. It was too much, and I shot out some cum after only three or four minutes. But it wasn't a full-blown ejaculation. Understand, I have been practising edging, and am good at it by myself, but when anyone else is touching me, my control is, well, out of control.

So I came slightly. I was happy about that because I figured I could stay hard and enjoy the rest of the massage. But my body wasn't cooperating. The ejaculation was more than I figured, because despite their best efforts, I softened, and lost that special interest. So, while the last minutes were enjoyable, they weren't fantastic.

I haven't been back. I feel somehow embarrassed for having tried to change the rules, and messing up. But I do have very fond memories of those two times. Perhaps one of these days...



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