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Messing Around With Mike, Part 6

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The basic session for Mike and me: After school we get together, his place or mine, on the basketball court, under the avocado tree, inside or some place else. For maybe ten or twenty percent of these sessions, we just drop our pants and jack ourselves off. If we have the time and it's safe, we play a stripping game. The loser performs a simple dare. Sometime along the way, the other guy gets naked, too. We jack off using our own hand, each other's, or both in all kinds of variations. We shoot, if outside on the ground or if inside, probably on ourselves, and clean up with a rag or tissues afterwards. If school work demands it, we stop there. But more often than not we have the luxury of some more time and we'll each blast once again. We get dressed. The visitor goes home. No kinky games, no public nudity, nothing too weird, just jacking off once or twice each. These simple sessions account for at least half the times we mess around and likely two-thirds. Multiply this by our frequency. During the first year we get together a minimum of twice and up to five times a week. It seems like we're always together. When you start figuring it out, at the bare minimum we have at least 200 orgasms each while together and realistic projections say it could be double that. Through writing this piece, I now assume that when I was thirteen and fourteen, I climaxed 300 times or more with another boy. I know of no young teenager more sexually active than me. Mike and I tie for that honour.


Mike comes over and says he can't mess around today. He has an open sore on his dick. I check it out and it doesn't look too bad, but yes, there is a red, wet, round spot on his cock where there's no outer skin. He comes up with a song and dance about how he got his skin caught in the zipper of his pants. I don't believe a word of it. He's just rubbed his dick raw because he likes beating off so much. I'm sure this is what happened because I've jacked my dick raw, too. I'm even more certain when a couple of days later he still can't mess around because the open spot, instead of healing, has gotten bigger. Stop beating your dick, Mike!


Mike comes over and my mom is home. Under the avocado tree Mike is pissed when I deliberately blast onto his hair. I shouldn't have done it but what do I know about relationships at fourteen? My best relationship is with the family dog and I have to be nagged just to feed her. In general we restrain our teenage aggression and treat each other with compassion and respect. Sometimes, though, we go out of our way to annoy and even infuriate the other boy. My regard for Mike doesn't stop me from smashing my dick in his face or cumming in his hair. It's all part of the game, right? I have yet to learn the answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no, and can be both at the same time. We're too young for an adult affair, clearly having the sexual and emotional maturity of fourteen year olds. Mike and I don't have a relationship as much as an understanding, an unspoken agreement to explore our sexuality. We can suggest any act to the other boy and not get laughed at. While we will yell at each other, we never ridicule. More basic is our bargain to stroke each other's dick, either during these explorations or just for fuck's sake. It is the perfect arrangement for two young, horny bastards.

Through this partnership, our appreciation for each other has grown. We were friends for a year before we started messing around, and the reasons I was initially attracted to Mike also make him good as a sex partner. He's stronger than me, both in his will and physical body. He's also soft, being as much a mama's boy as I am. We like touching each other a lot. He's funny, lusty, quick-witted and outgoing. Other times he can be the perfect sullen teenager and I connect with that side of him completely. I also find Mike very attractive. While not a surfer, with his straight dirty blond hair falling over his young teen face, he's got the look down pat. Add his skinny boy body and Mike's hot. Since we've started having sex, our friendship has grown to one of warm, close fondness. We are attached, but are we in love with each other? Maybe puppy love. Our depth of feeling isn't that profound and I'm not sure I'm capable of feeling adult love at this age. Even if we are in love, we never would allow ourselves to express it. We're into girls, remember? Sure we have a sexual co-dependency thing going on, with 'you jerk my dick and I'll jerk yours.' But we are emotionally co-dependent, too. Mike is the only person in the world with whom I can be tender. He makes me feel good, and at an age when I'm often uncomfortable in my own skin, I long for that. He accepts me when I often can't do that for myself. I need Mike's affection, support and, yes, love.

After Mike crowns me with his hair cream, we emerge from beneath the tree half dressed to wash out our hair with a garden house. We agree from now on to make the top of our heads blast-free zones.


Mike comes over and my parents are out of town. We play a long game of strip poker because this punishment will be a good one. The loser will have to be the slave of the winner for the remainder of the day. I win. First things first: Mike has to strip me of my remaining clothes and jerk me off, sitting beside me while I lie on the floor. I take over when I'm ready to cum. He lies down on the floor and I have him pull his dick out of the way so I can blast onto his balls. His orgasm will have to wait. Instead, Mike has to dance for me. I get out a Supremes' record my sister has left me. Putting a side on the hi-fi, Mike has to be a go-go dancer. He doesn't know what he's doing but we laugh a lot.

After the record, I tell Mike I have a new thing for him to do. First I tie his hands behind his back. I play with his crotch, rubbing his dick until he's hard just to tease him. Tease turns to torture as I do it a few times. Nothing new so far. For the surprise I go to the refrigerator and grab a can of whipped cream. I lie on the floor and put some on my nipples, stomach and belly button, with a trail leading down to a mound of whipped cream by my pubes. I tell him to eat it off. Mike objects but does it. I make him lick the places he misses. (These food games are the only times we lick each other. No biting ever, either.) The best part was unexpected. Because his hands are still tied behind him and I'm on the floor, Mike is off balance trying to eat the whipped cream. He accidentally does a complete face plant into my crotch, coming up with the side of his face covered in whipped cream. I'm laughing hysterically. Mike isn't. He gets pissed and I have to calm him down. I almost think we're done for the day but he agrees to continue.

During the fight Mike demanded I untie him but that doesn't mean I have to stop playing with his dick. I have Mike sit to my left on a towel I've laid over the couch and I start to fondle him. I open my legs as he reaches over and starts playing with me. Turning toward each other, our free hand roams over the other boy's upper body. Continuing to rotate to my left, I switch to jacking Mike with my right hand. My back now against the couch's armrest, I pull my left leg up onto the sofa and behind Mike. Turning right as I've been moving left, Mike tucks his inner leg, the right one, under him. He's almost facing me as he moves in close. Every part of Mike, from his thighs up, is now available to my touch, my right hand on his dick while my left hand roams his body. Same for Mike. With one foot on the floor and one on the couch, we discover this position late in our time together and that's a shame. It's all hands on-board as we stroke each other high and low until we cum loudly.

Loud blasts are usually messy ones and I have something Mike doesn't have: a bathtub. Taking back control of my slave, I have Mike give me a bath. He washes, dries and even dresses me afterwards. After letting Mike clean himself off, we pick up the den and watch some TV, during which a still naked Mike has to stand at attention in the middle of the room. Bored, I have Mike jack off from where he stands, shooting onto a towel covering the coffee table. Next he moves over to the couch and after getting on his knees and pulling down my pants, jerks me off one last time as I sit there, the towel now draped over my stomach. It's getting late so I allow Mike to go home, although when he gets dressed he doesn't get to put back on his underwear. Instead, Mike watches me burn his Jockeys in the fire place. In a later session at his house, one that I've lost, he keeps my Jockeys and I have to dress and go home without my underwear. We don't repeat this penalty again as Mike says his mother asked him about his missing pair of underwear. Something in the way he said it makes me not believe him - Mike is really a pitiful liar - but maybe the destruction of clothes is taking our games a little too far.


Mike comes over for a campout. We set up the tent in the afternoon, with a fast, no game, no naked, grab-your-dick-and-go jack off session under the avocado tree. A quickie. That night in the tent, using flashlights we read our dirty magazines. I dare Mike to run naked down the alley behind my house to the highway and back. It's a short but very exposed run. Besides the seven houses served by the alley, it's risky as the goal is the busy residential street on which Mike lives and the last fifty feet to the target mailbox is brutal, a stretch as bare as us. We decide to break our standard two-guys-nude practice and have the other boy along, clothed, as a spotter. As the darer, I go first. Mike runs second. We don't get caught. We also don't stay dressed afterwards. Instead we start playing cards for more dares and penalties. Losing first, I have to go outside the tent and jerk off standing up. Mike shines a flashlight on me for a while. Back inside, he wins again, ordering me to lie down, and while kneeling over my chest, maneuvers so his balls rest on my mouth. Breathing through my nose, his smell is overwhelming and just fine, thank you. Mike then beats off, talking dirty, his dick waving above my face. When he's ready to cum, Mike slides down my body and shoots onto my chest, hitting my chin and spraying my cheek. Fucker.

In search of a new challenge, we return to naked running, daring each other to make a lap around the house. We've done this before but this time the dare is to do it with a boner. As opposed to our other runs when we've generally gone one at a time, we decide to do this one as a pair. We stand outside the tent and jerk ourselves to get hard-ons. We take off, our dicks pointing the way. We've agreed to stop at the first gate, which leads to the front yard, and as I've gone soft, I stroke myself back to an erection. Mike plays with his. Dashing across the front lawn, we're laughing at the same time we are telling each other to stop laughing. We continue through the second gate back to the tent, pulling on our hard-ons as we run. Back safe, we run around and twirl and jerk ourselves off, shooting our sperm at the world. This is fondly remembered as the Boner Run.

Going back into the tent, we return to our porn and close the night with an extended and quite sensual mutual masturbation session, with a lot of touching and body contact. At one point, Mike is lying on my back, pushing his hard cock through my ass cheeks and up my back, threatening to force his dick in my butt hole. That doesn't happen. If Mike had actually done half the things he said he'd do to me, I'd sound like Marge Simpson's sister and walk with a limp. Rolling around, I rise up on my arms as I pin Mike face down to the tent floor and hump the top of his ass crack, echoing his empty threat, after which I collapse onto him and rub my whole body up and down his back. All foreplay, we wait to cum until we get into a 69 position, and even then, only after long, slow jacks. We sleep in separate sleeping bags.


Mike comes over and my mom is gone but will be back in an hour. We'll have to be quick. We decide to play a simple game for our basic penalty: the loser will have to jerk off the winner and then jack off himself. The variation will be where we mess around. Fred, my next door neighbour, is out of town. We'll do it on his backyard porch. It's outside but I've scoped it out and I don't think anybody can see us from there. Carrying a deck of cards, we sneak over to Fred's house. Mike sees Fred's porch is set back, surrounded on three sides by the house, and with favourable geography, a fence and the concrete drainage ditch on the fourth side. Mike agrees we're safe.

Deciding to play just one hand of cards to determine the loser, we both strip down and sit at Fred's porch table for the card game. I win. Mike tells me to lie on the table and he starts jacking me off. Reaching over with my left hand, I play with his dick and rub his belly. I'm too excited by this whole event to stay focused and it takes a while for me to cum. In fact, I have to finish myself off but that's not unusual for us. Rolling off the table, I'm looking around for a rag with which to clean up - of course we didn't bring one - and I find one on the barbecue. I wipe my spunk off with it. Hello, Fred! Mike is now on the table and well into his jack as he started early, beating away while standing there, waiting for me to finish up. It's now my turn to stand back and wait for him to blast. This is crazy. It's the middle of the afternoon and I'm naked on my neighbor's back porch, with a dripping dick and watching my equally naked buddy jack off. Hell, let's make this craziness last even longer. I say, 'Time out.' Mike freezes. He calls me an asshole as he hangs there, holding onto his dick until I say, 'Go.' There's no stopping him now as Mike leaves Fred his own thank you gift on the barbecue rag. We dress and scurry back to my house just before my mom returns. Mike also thought this was a thrilling place to mess around, so before Fred gets back from vacation, we spend a longer afternoon jacking away in his backyard. A couple of years later, my family is invited by Fred over for dinner. A warm night, we eat on the porch. I just want to yell out, 'I've jerked off on this table!'


I go to Mike's house and his parents are out of for the evening, not returning until late. We swim in our trunks this night - I've made the mistake of returning home with dry trunks and being questioned by my mom who thought the reason I was going to Mike's was swimming - and then take a shower together. That gets us naked. We engage in major league groping in the shower but don't cum. Instead, we go back to his room and play Rub Off. Before we start, we agree that we'll wait to cum until after we both get rubbed off. First Mike lies on his bed, face down, and I sit/kneel/stand beside him. I give him an extended rub down of every inch of skin on his backside, starting with his toes and working up to the top of his head. In previous Rub Off sessions, I've discovered a guy's sensitive areas, like the back of his knees, lower back, ears, asshole and taint. I hit them all. Mike then flips over and I do the same for his front side, bypassing his stiff dick - OK, I give him one strong tug but that is just to drive him crazy - and ending with an extended embrace of his neck and head, running my fingertips over his face. Sexual tension flowing around us like water, we switch places and Mike washes over me with the same intensity, first back, then front. We don't come up for air.

I try to rise after my turn but in one motion Mike pushes me to the floor, mounts and furiously starts humping me. Our dicks pound together, both of us harder than granite, with sex that's raw, feral and passionate. We roll over and I hump Mike's cock. I want this as badly as he does. If this boy had a cunt, I'd fuck it. Screaming as we blast, a massive amount of spunk shoots between us. Still making animal noises, Mike and I slide around in a pool of cum. This is one of my favorite moments in humping, this mixing of our warm jism together, covering our bodies from the chest down. We break and lie next to each other, breathing deeply after our outbursts. Our hands automatically reach for the other's dick, saying let's do it again. We begin an hours-long session of masturbation, using this rare opportunity to explore his empty house, jacking in many different ways and rooms, the most memorable being my cleaning and then playing with Mike's crotch while he's lying on the kitchen counter. Anybody want some toast? I do have a curfew so eventually we take a quick, naked dip in his pool and a last shower together. I walk home, carrying my swim trunks, with a boner in my pants. If this is sex, then I want more. As soon as I get home, I blow past my parents and head to the bathroom. Locking the door, I jack off one more time.



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