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Messing Around With Mike, Part 5

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One time when Mike came over, he asked my mother if I could come out and play. She said, 'Mike, you're too old to ask if someone can come out and play. Come up with another word for it.' From then on, he asked her if we could mess around. While my mother was no fool and I'm sure knew the sexual connotation of the phrase, she didn't associate it with Mike and her son. She just thought of it as a term young boys would use. But Mike and I thought it was hysterical that she accepted the phrase. Plus it gave us an official name for our activities, one we could use as code when talking on the phone. We were messing around.

Let me describe what our jerk off sessions looked like by telling some stories. Five of these stories - the cumfest, the Rub Off session, the argument beneath the avocado tree, the hair job, and the one about an injured dick - happened just as written. Two notes about the argument under the tree: 1) remember the mental movie I played for you back in part 3 of Mike and me jacking each other while sitting closely, face to face? That is from the end of this session; and 2) this may have been Mike's and my last time together. I can't remember. If not, it certainly was near the end. I know I was very upset that Mike was leaving. His family moved out of town soon after this.

The others are compilations of experiences Mike and I had together, messing around. Each separate element, every penalty, dare and jerk off session, each individual activity, was really done by Mike and me, only maybe not in this order. For example, I can't tell you which days we lost our underwear, but yes, we did, just the way I describe it, including the bit about Mike's mom. Every last word about food is true. Did we jerk off in Mike's bedroom when his mom was home? Yes. Did we use the specific mutual masturbation technique described that story? Maybe. We did get into that position a number of times. Pictures in my mind tell me where two of those took place. Another time might have been in Mike's bedroom. In any case, the mutual jack off I depict is from the two I remember. Details like the teasing of a tied up Mike, cumming on the coffee table, naked rabbit hopping, baths, ball shots and spunky pubes were the way we did it. And let me tell you, you really should have seen that boy cum.

There are two problems with these stories. One, our slave days and campouts, except the one with Shelly, were never this good (the one with Shelly was better). All of the individual acts detailed here happened, just not on the same day. Maybe I should have written multiple semi-interesting stories instead of fewer action-packed ones but I thought otherwise. This is porn, after all. At least I don't have us cumming eight times in an evening. Two, listing so many of our sexual adventures here, one after another, makes Mike and me look like we knew what we were doing. Hardly. We were ignorant, horny teenagers. Many of our stunts failed. Looking back from forty years, I am clear we were excellent at two things, risk taking and satisfying each other sexually, but that's it, and even those two took us a lot of time to learn how to do. These events are the end result. You should have been around for the practices. While they were often funny and full of great sex, our sessions also could be rough, argumentative and disagreeable, with one of us leaving mad. Mike would get so angry when I wouldn't do something his way, he'd put on his clothes and just walk out. But two days later we'd get together and talk, which would lead to a compromise, a card game, someone getting naked...well, you know the rest.



Mike comes over to my house when nobody else is home. We decide today the winner of our opening game can make the loser do whatever he wants for the next two hours, which is the time we have after school until my mom returns. (We have a safety margin on top of that. Initially it is half an hour, upped later to one hour.) We play a quick round of strip poker and Mike loses. I make Mike finish stripping me and give me a hand job while I sit on his crotch. I shoot on his stomach and he doesn't get to wipe it off. I then tell Mike to jack himself off twice, again cumming onto his belly and chest. We're starting to get quite an accumulation of sperm there. After a short rest, we finish the session with Mike and me jacking off face to face, up close, sitting on the floor with our legs overlapping and our dicks and bodies together. Instead of our normal upright position, jacking each other, this time we lean back on our left arms while jerking our own dicks. I want to make sure our blasts land where they should: on Mike. I shoot mine all over his pubes. Covered with cum, I make Mike wear the whole mess home. While he takes a shower when he gets there, he tells me he had a conversation with his mom first, a bizarre experience in his condition. The next time Mike comes over, I lose the opening game and the session is repeated but with me as the victim. At the end of that session, I have to walk Mike home, forcing me to wear our sperm out in public, if under my clothes, just like he had to. After dropping off Mike it was an amazing rush to walk up my home street, past all the neighbors waving hi, feeling five loads of dried spunk, much of it from another guy, sticking to me from my chest to my pubes, and have absolutely no one else know. I remember that buzz as clear as day.


Mike comes over and my mom is home. We play HORSE and I lose. We go under the avocado tree and I get naked. Mike has to strip to his underwear as I took him to H-O-R-S before missing the final shot. We then play Rock/Paper/Scissors and I win the first round. Mike's underwear goes. I lose the second set and Mike chooses to tickle me mercilessly, but only after we make sure no one is around to hear us, which we do by hopping out from under the tree and spreading out a bit, squatting behind bushes while peeking through their branches, rabbits making sure no cat is in the yard, except at least rabbits wear fur. Too bad they'll never know the charge we get out of being naked in the backyard in the middle of the afternoon. We decide the winner of the next round of Rock/Paper/Scissors will get jerked off by the loser, who again is me. It isn't my day. Mike lies down on the ground and I kneel over him. First I have to get Mike hard but that's easy. So is making him spurt. Mike stops me just before he cums and we reverse positions. He then leans over me and stroking his cock, proceeds to blast his spunk onto my dick and pubes. We know the final round of Rock/Paper/Scissors will result in me cumming. The only question is will it be by Mike's or my hand? I lose. I start playing with myself. Mike orders me to deposit my spunk in the same place as his. Holding my open left palm over the head of my dick, my spunk ricochets off it, back onto me. As a final indignity, Mike has me lick my left hand clean. Afterwards, we both get dressed and play some more basketball with me wearing Mike's and my semen. After some one-on-one, we play another game of HORSE. Mike loses. It's back to the avocado tree for revenge.


I go over to Mike's house and his mom is home. We go into his bedroom and he locks the door. I'm jealous. I don't have a bedroom door lock as my family allows each other privacy, but I wonder if my allowance is about to be cut off. Mike's mom is in the kitchen cooking so he says we are safe here. If we keep it down, we can do what we want as she won't check up on us. I don't care if he says this is cool. I still don't feel comfortable here so we decide to strip down, jerk off with no games and get done quickly. After we take off our clothes, Mike lies on the floor. Kneeling over his crotch, I fall back and sit on his thighs. I shuffle around until our dicks lie next to each other. I grab both of them in my hands and fondle them together. I've got two handfuls of boycock. Quickly I get us both hard and then jerk them together with my right hand, stroking them as one. They're slippery devils, tough to keep paired, so after a minute or two I let go of Mike and jerk my own dick. As Mike starts beating his, I back down his legs a hair to give us room. We jack off like this, our dicks still next to each other but now in our own hands. At one point Mike pushes my hand out of the way. I slide back up as he takes our two hard-ons in his hands and squeezing them together, keeps up the jack. His fingers entwined, Mike's hands wrap around our dicks as he continues to stroke us up and down. I'd recognize those palms anywhere as I realize he's palming both of us at once! Mike lets go and once more we each grab our own cock. We jack until we climax, blasting onto his stomach. He cleans up with some tissues. Getting dressed and leaving his bedroom, we're in there for a half an hour, tops.

We have similar sessions on maybe half a dozen occasions, jacking off in his bedroom during the day with his mom or both of his parents in the house. It weirds me out every time. Mike's fine with it, even wanting to continue the time we discover his parents have moved to right outside his bedroom window. They're sitting in a small outdoor patio, a patio Mike said they never used, having a drink. Mike's window is high on the wall, transom style, and with a curtain. He says they can't see in. I say I don't care and get dressed to go home.


Mike comes over and my mom is home. We shoot hoops. Before playing a round of HORSE, we decide the loser will have to jack off the winner five different ways, winner's choice. I can't make a shot today and lose miserably. (We're actually pretty well matched basketball players. He is taller, bigger and stronger than me but I'm playing a lot of basketball at the Y around this time. I have a better layup where Mike has the better jump shot. My corner baseline shot is deadly. We are both decent from the free throw line. I play better defense because defensively, Mike is a wuss.)

We go under to the avocado tree and both strip down. Sitting next to each other on the ground, Mike tells me rub his dick. I reach over with my right palm, getting him hard. Continuing to rub his boner, I get on my knees as my left hand rubs his chest, neck and belly. Next, Mike has me lie on the ground. Kneeling above my head and looking over me, he moves down so that his dick is above my face, his balls tapping my forehead. He says this is number two. Lifting my right hand, I jack him with a backhanded grip as my thumb hits his pelvis, not my little finger. We've used this position a couple of times before and I have to admit, I sort of like it. For number three, Mike gets up and turns around, this time kneeling over my chest, facing me. He then drops down onto all fours, his hard-on smashing into my face. I turn my head sideways. Looking back through his arms, Mike tells me to jerk him off. Swinging my head back, I try but there is really no room, his crotch is so low. I know there can be plenty of space between us if Mike is hovering over me on his hands and knees but today he obviously wanted to jam me. His balls are bouncing underneath my chin and the tip of his dick is in my eye. Stroking him, my hand hits my nose. I turn my head back to the side. Fuck Mike for shoving his hard fucking dick into my fucking face. I jerk him the best I can but that's not saying much.

Laughing at my difficulties, Mike rises back up to his knees. I tell him to keep it down. We're hiding under a tree, after all. I never let go of his dick and keep stroking him, his cock now waving over me a safe and sane foot away. We do this for a while, trying to re-establish a rhythm. I say this is four. He says it's three, the other position not working out. After a round of four - three - four - three, it starts turning into an argument, a whispered one but still an argument. The hand job stops as Mike gets off me, saying that jack wasn't worth counting and it's three. I say anytime you shove your boner in my face, that counts. We keep arguing. I know what's going to happen next. Mike is about to get dressed and leave. He did it before when we had our big fight over this same fucking issue and I'm not going to let him do it again. This asshole doesn't get to stick his hard-on in my face and walk out. Calmly I say, 'OK, Mike, you win. It's three. Now let me give you four.' I squat next to him - he's sitting on the ground-and casually reach for his dick. But he doesn't get the fine hand job he he's expecting. Instead, I turn into a demon and start beating on his dick as hard as I can. Mike's stunned. I squeeze his cock and yank it for all I'm worth. Here's your fucking four! I've never jacked him violently before. Now shrieking, Mike tries to slide away from my attack but I stay with him, attempting to break his pelvis with the bottom of my hand a few more times. Before he can escape, I let go, shouting at him, 'Fuck you!' I bet the neighbors heard that. Mike looks in shock. My fury over, I sit down and from out of nowhere, start to cry. I try to stop but I can't. It's just too much. I break down, still looking at Mike, blurred by my tears. I hang my head, sobbing into my hands. Mike doesn't move. Starting to regain my composure, I grab my t-shirt to wipe my face. I stop crying and sit up straighter, only a few sniffles left. We sit and stare silently at each other for quite a while.

After brushing the hair off his forehead, Mike taps his belly and tells me to come over for five. I know what he means. I move over and jockeying my legs under his, we sit close, our faces only four, maybe six inches apart. I'm about to grab his dick when instead, Mike hugs me. Huh? We never hug each other. I mean, yes, we've hugged, mostly in games and during sex, but not like this. Startled, I hug him back, lightly at first, then hard, young boy bear hug hard. He returns the passion, adding his own strength. We squeeze together, holding this for quite a while. Every inch of Mike familiar to me, I've rarely touched his soul. I feel my dick turning into a boner and soon there are two. Finally letting go, we keep our left hands on each other's shoulder and again stare at each other. Mike is smiling. Reaching down and grabbing the other's dick with our right hand, we jack until we blast. Draped over a tree limb is a well used cum rag we wash out with a hose upon occasion. We use it to clean up and go back to shooting hoops.



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