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Messing Around With Mike, Part 3

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I don't want to make it sound like every one of Mike's and my sessions was a teenage porn movie. That certainly was not the case. A lot were very simple. After school, Mike and I would find an opportunity to sneak away together and jack off. Unless we had only minutes, in which case we'd just loosen our pants, quickly stroke our dicks and shoot, we almost always played some sort of game to start the session. Soon we would be naked and jerking. Who was jacking whom and the how and why and where and how much all could vary. The only constant was the when: right fucking now. We jerked off together a lot. Many days we'd each climax once and leave, with homework to be done. If we could spare an extra half an hour, we would cum twice. Our jack off sessions happened this way at least half the time. But there were other times when we had the opportunity and time to do more, occasionally a lot more, and we took it. Those were our memorable episodes together, so those are the ones you are reading.

Did you know Mike invented Cum On a Cracker? He told me so. We were hanging out on the screen porch of my house and Mike said he had thought up this great new game for that day's session. He asked me to get a box of crackers from the kitchen. Once explained the game, I refused to play. I wasn't going to eat his sperm. After some negotiating, Mike instead put out two crackers, with the loser eating his own. We'd done similar things before and as the loser of Mike's new game, I swallowed my spunk. We came up with a variation on the game: we agreed that the next time we got together, we'd start by jerking off into some clear shot glasses my parents had. The guy with the least amount of cum in his glass will have to eat his sperm plus have the winner's glass of spunk poured over his dick. I knew how to win this game. By not beating off for the day or two until Mike came over again, I won easily. After chugging his sperm, Mike got a little worried when I didn't pour my shot glass on him right away. He knew I was up to something. Yup. This day we were again on the screen porch which had basic lawn furniture so I could be a bit messy. I waited until Mike and I were sitting in lawn chairs, jerking ourselves off. I called time out. I dropped my dick and grabbed my glass of sperm, pouring it on Mike's cock like sauce on a sundae. He said I was a fucker but it sure changed his jack in a well lubricated kind of way. Maybe he even liked it. At least it was different. Above all else, we liked different. Next time we played I lost. Mike told me he'd jerk me off for a week if I drank rather than wore his glass of spunk. No, Michael.

Outside of placing all things oral out of bounds and our lack of interest in doing much anally, we were willing to try most anything. The self correcting mechanism was we were only one missed basketball shot away from having any dirty trick we pulled come back at us like a boomerang. The best example of that was a Spoonful of Pubes. We were at my house and Mike had lost the opening game. I gave a naked Mike a teaspoon and scissors and told him to fill it up with his pubic hair. Mike was furious but did it anyway. He really only had to do a light trim of a small area to fill the spoon. Of course, the next time I lost at his house, he gave me what I swore was a bigger spoon and a pair of scissors. By mutual agreement, we never repeated a Spoonful of Pubes, nor did we ever shave each other.

Actually, I was enamoured of Mike's pubic hair. Being older, he was more developed and for a fourteen to fifteen year old, positively hairy, with light blond hair on his arms and darker blond hair on his chest, legs and ass. His pubic hair was baby soft and milk chocolate brown. Mike's balls were enormous and quite hairy. I had little hair on mine. I had nuts. He had balls. With both of us circumcised, our dicks looked about the same in width and angle of attack when hard but Mike's was always half an inch longer. We measured each other's often as we were both still growing but I could never catch up to his dick. Mine ended up at a smidgeon shy of six inches long - we're calling it six inches, OK? - with Mike's at a little over six and a half. Mike's pubic bush was also more impressive than mine. Mine looked scraggly. His was a lush forest. His bush plain felt good, it was so soft, its tender hairs wrapping around my fingers when I ran them through it. I also liked playing with his balls. They were probably my favorite part of his body. I know large, hairy balls are a cliche but these really were. In fact, they were the only thing remarkable about either of our packages.

I take that back. My favorite part of Mike's body was the shock of dirty blond hair that always fell across his forehead. Parted on my left - his right - it never stayed in place. I especially liked it when he was pouting. Mike would get mad at that falling wave and push it back aggressively with his hand, an angry teenager at war with his hair. Jeez, I loved that. I really missed the boat when it came to Mike's hair. Sure, I ran my fingers through it, but not as often as I should have, and I never spent a day preening his hair, washing it, combing it, maybe even giving him a trim. He also would have gotten a shave, young Mike already having to do that, although I loved touching his stubble, downy soft as opposed to the rough sandpaper of my father's beard. I don't know if Mike would have gone for all of this. Don't fuck with a peacock's feathers, man.

Oh, well, I did fondle his balls a lot.

Our games had an unexpected consequence that helped us grow sexually. A common penalty was to jack off in a new manner, one that we'd thought up. We had no manuals, guides or even older brothers, and absolutely no knowledge of various sexual positions, but we were willing to try most anything once. If we could imagine it, we'd make the other guy do it. Usually this meant assuming simple or even stupid positions like standing on the couch to jerk off. I remember beating off in a chair but upside down, my legs hung over the chair's back. I can't tell you why except that I must have lost a game. Sometimes the position was a bit more complicated but still doable, like perching on all fours over the other guy. Other times it was impossible. Even though we tried, we couldn't stand on our head, our back leaning against a wall, and successfully jerk off. We didn't know the right ways and the wrong ways to have sex so we tried every way.

Through this experimentation we discovered some favorite positions. We had three for jacking each other. One was lying head to toe. Both right handed, we were thus able to use our dominant hand on the other guy. A variation was lying on our left sides in front of each other in the 69 position. But our preferred position was sitting on the ground face to face, as close as we could get to each other, with my legs on the bottom and Mike's lying on top. We discovered this position early on and went back to it often. It was flexible. We could lean back on one arm and jack ourselves or we could sit up and do each other. We could even lie down. The most common result of getting into this position, though, was sitting up, our bodies quite close and looking each other in the face, jacking off the other boy with our right arm while using our left arm to hold each other up, our left hand on the other guy's back. We're tightly connected, physically and emotionally, inches apart and touching each other in many places. We could watch each other instead of the ceiling. It was just about heaven. When I think back to beating off with Mike, this is the first scene that's playing in the movie. In my mind's eye, we're naked under the avocado tree and in the middle of jacking each other. It's a warm, sunny day and Mike is smiling. He looks me in the eye, inches away, then down at our dicks, and back at me. Mike needs a haircut, with an out of control fan of hair swinging wildly over his forehead and covering his eyes. I look down to see our right hands going up and down each other's cock. It's dark and tight down there. There's sweat on both of our chests. I raise my eyes back up to see our left arms, over the other's shoulder, forming a bridge between us. Mike's smile has turned neutral with his eyes blank as he looks down and to the side, concentrating on the jack. I also feel Mike in this movie. Still looking away, his breath hits my right pec. I feel Mike's physical heat and hear the short huffs he makes. Our hands constantly bump, our fingers brushing each other's stomach as they go up and down. He rides my thighs with the beat. We're dancing. It's not just our dicks but both of us that are bouncing around. We aren't jacking each other's dick. We're jacking both of our dicks. We're jacking ourselves. It's one big jack.

I blame this position for our using each other in cum shot target practice. When we stayed close to the end, we were guaranteed to get a lot of the other guy's spunk on us when we shot. We got used to it. After a number of sessions in this position the attitude was, what the fuck, we've already drenched each other. It's now OK to play with our blasts and shoot our sperm guns anywhere we want.

Mike had his own particular solo jacking style. Most times he jacked off using a normal grip but he also liked to rub himself to a climax using the palms of his hands instead. Many times I saw Mike jack off and spend more time rubbing his dick than jerking it. If he had the time, this was his favorite way to get off. It allowed him to use both of his hands. He also would rub his thighs, a hot area for him. He'd start rubbing his dick, thighs and chest, and get rocking away on his butt. Working his dick, he'd get a conveyor belt action going on its bottom side, rapidly bringing one hand after the other from his balls up to the tip of his cock. To cum, Mike would go back to using just his right hand to rub his dick, up and down its underside, pressing it against his stomach. He'd work it furiously. At the moment he blasted, he'd either just continue this motion, switch back to a conventional grip, or a couple of times I saw him release his dick and press it between both of his hands as if in prayer, with his thumbs together under its tip. He'd aim and shoot this way, using both of his hands to palm his dick as he was cumming. It was very different and I loved watching him do it. Even if he was jerking his dick in a more conventional manner, and to be sure he was more likely to jack his dick like the rest of us by gripping it, often he'd still be rubbing his body with the palm of his left hand.

Mike even had his own jack off position. Discounting the times I saw him jack his dick while kneeling, sitting, standing, upside down, on his side, bent into a pretzel to see if he could cum in his mouth, or hanging by his knees from a chin-up bar, just to name a few, Mike normally jerked off like everyone, lying flat on his back. But he also could beat off with his butt in the air and loved to do it. Like the occasions when he rubbed himself off, these sessions took more time and were special. They'd start off like normal but at some point he'd bring his feet up to his butt so that his knees were pointing straight up. With his left arm on the ground as a lever, he'd arch his back so that he'd pull his butt off the floor. Using a conventional hand grip, he'd proceed to drive his dick into his right hand. He'd fuck his hand as much as he'd jack his cock. Mike could keep this up. While often his ass would bounce against the ground, I saw him hold it in the air for at least half a minute, fucking his hand all the time, and then, at the moment of cumming, boost his butt up further so that it was over a foot from the floor. Squirting that high meant he shot downhill and all over the place. Afterward his feet would kick back out and his butt would fall to earth. I have no idea of how many times I saw him do this - maybe a dozen - and it was remarkable each time. We deliberately tried incorporating this into me giving him a hand job. Involving me had two advantages. First, he could leave his right arm on the ground, too, and get much better leverage. Second, I could put my free hand under his ass to help hold him up.

Finally, it was from Mike that I learned cum shots can age well. Before Mike I thought jerking off was a sprint. From him I learned it also could be a marathon. Don't get me wrong. We had many more fifty yard dashes between us than long distance races. But when he could, Mike liked to make things last and in this he quickly found a convert. If we had all night, sometimes we'd play with each other for at least half an hour before we finally shot. That's pretty good for young kids.

With all this experience, over time I believed less and less that Mike's and my initial jack together was his first. When I questioned him, Mike always defended that it was. As opposed to other times when I could easily tell he was lying, I couldn't here. Maybe I was wrong and he was a quick learner. I know Mike, an only child, spent hours alone in his bedroom beating off on days we weren't together.

The description of my sexual techniques and preferences will be a short one. I was as plain as the missionary position.

Most of our sessions were at my house but occasionally they were at Mike's. His family had a swimming pool and as the security fence wasn't very high, usually we swam with trunks on although occasionally we'd skinny-dip. We'd shower after a swim to wash off the chlorine. Given privacy, Mike liked us to shower together. Initially I was turned off by this but we were very understanding of each other that way. You had to really not like a task to say you weren't going to do it. Otherwise we were willing to try most anything once, and then modify it and try it again. Showering with Mike is something I learned to like. My problem was his tiny shower, easily the smallest stall I've ever been in. Barely big enough for one, the two of us were crushed together. In retrospect, what's there not to like?

We were often quite physical with each other. Another common penalty for one of our games was called Rub Off. The loser would have to rub his hands all over the winner's naked body. This could take a while and usually ended with the loser jerking off the winner. Mike and I liked this game, from both the giving and the receiving sides. Occasionally we'd have mutual Rub Off's. In fact, our first Rub Off was an early mutual one under the avocado tree. After only a month or two of being jerk off buddies, that afternoon we wiggled around each other and explored every square inch of the other boy's body. Mike lost a card game and his penalty was letting me examine him, playing Doctor, oversexed teenage boy style. I started working on his feet and pretty soon I realized Mike was working on mine. We kept at it for quite a while, ending with an intense mutual jack in the 69 position, both of us on our sides, staring down each other's cock, feverishly watching it cum. Before that, though, we slid around and over each other, feeling everywhere. I smelled Mike's various odors. Each freckle was discovered, every hair touched. After this day, I knew his body and he knew mine. We'd been so tight and physical that shortly afterward we had our 'accidental dick in the face' conversation. In part 2 you learned of the harm that came from our accidental dick discussion but much more good resulted from this afternoon's mutual Rub Off than bad. The physical contact of this day, getting so up close and personal with each other, felt sensational. After it, we'd regularly use our free hand to stroke the other boy's body during mutual jacks. But it was the doors that opened because of this mutual rub off that made it so pivotal. Our partnership suddenly wasn't about the occasional hand job. Now that we'd experienced each other's body fully, it was OK to continue our explorations beyond casual masturbation. Our being sexually adventurous was a direct result of becoming intimate this day under the avocado tree.

If we hadn't become so familiar, I doubt Mike and I would have tested his desire to hump me, which briefly showed up in our initial time together. A night when Mike's parents were away and I was staying at his house, he unfolded a double sofa bed in a basement rec room. He was getting it ready for the neighborhood tramp, who was supposed to come over that night for some fun but she never showed. Instead, Mike and I slept together in the same bed for one of the few times. This night Mike wanted to try something new. He tried to explain the concept to me but I didn't see how it would work or be any better than our hand jobs. Undeterred, Mike went ahead, first getting hard. Lying on top of me, face to face, he proceeded to rub his body up and down mine, starting off slowly and then speeding up his thrusts. Soon I was stiff, too, and without any prompting, joined in to reinforce his motion. It was natural, different and damn hot as we rocked and rolled, our boners rubbing together. Once again my antennae were up. This guy continued to surprise me. We had to play around with our action to make it work but after some serious effort, Mike blasted. He then had us switch, with me lying on him, ramming my dick across his lower abdomen. My reaction was, oh, so this is how you fuck...got it. I learned to stay up on my arms as I also discovered it's more of a wave than a push/pull thing. It took a while but upon my spurting, Mike, hard once again, rolled us over and mounted me higher this time. Driving his dick across my belly, he came much more quickly than before. Exhausted from a long hour spent learning how to screw, we lay together, drained and blissful, Mike still half on top of me, my hand gently running over his arm. Loving the physical contact, I now thought this was a pretty remarkable way to cum. I doubt Mike knew how well this would work out for the two of us, spermwise. When we repeated this on other nights, with Mike starting most sessions, usually the guy on top would shoot first but a few times we managed to blast together. Of course I now know this as dry humping but we just called it humping. There was nothing dry about it as we both came out sweaty and sticky. I'd like to say we viewed humping simply as an extension of our jerk off games but that would be a lie. I have no doubt we would have fucked each other if one of us had been born with a vagina.



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