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This happened in Honolulu on the beach one day. It was mid to late afternoon and the experience was so intense.


I was walking the length of one of Honolulu's beaches one day, just taking in the sights of scantily clad young women. The sight of buxom teenagers in skimpy bikinis was making my already horny state worst. Also this was when women started wearing those thong like bikini bottoms that had been all the rage for years on the beaches of Brazil and I was specifically looking to see more of those. That type of bathing suit made me think that such a girl or woman who chose to wear something like that was more sexual than other women. They were more adventuresome and willing to push the envelope a bit more. It was the closest thing they could wear other than being totally naked on a public beach. I felt they liked to flaunt their gorgeous bodies and they definitely liked the attention they got from the guys (I guess it also made for a more total tan too).

As I walked, I knew I needed to orgasm very, very badly and was looking for an opportunity to do so but didn't know how or when or where it would or could occur. Life had been quite busy and I hadn't had a chance to tend to my needs in a while.

Being kind of shy I knew I could always end up in one of Honolulu's adult 25 cent peep shows, jacking off in a dark booth looking at my choices of dirty movies to finally relieve that deep, deep aching need for sweet release. I know they are sleazy places but there is no mistaking what they are there for. They are masturbation palaces. There is a kind of sense of freedom in a place like that. Yes I am here to pay my money to masturbate my cock, to flip through the channels of various sexual acts shown on screen to finally find the one dirty movie that will do it for me. And when I find it I will focus on the noises she makes as she is near her climax, I will study her face and breathing and wait for the moment she has her orgasm to beat my cock hard to come at the same time as her. We all know we do this in various forms everyday, whether it's in our thoughts or fantasies at night in bed or in front of the computer surfin' for that one scene that will do it for us, that will take us over the precipice. We are all the same in one way or another when we're horny and need to come. We all become hunters.

However, that day I had the yearning for something real. There was just so much eye candy around and knowing what I now know about women that has come with age and from reading Solo Touch I would venture to say that a lot of those young women I saw on the beach that day were probably as horny as I was.

Anyway back to my story. I finally came to a part of the beach that was almost deserted. As I walked forward I noticed a young woman lying on her stomach near a small stone wall a few feet away from her to her right. The beach was very narrow here as it must have been high tide. She was lying face down on her towel with her bikini bra undone to avoid ruining her tan. She was obviously amply endowed in the breast department. She had her head turned to the left on her hands and was wearing sunglasses. She also had a headset on listening to music. The best part of all, however, was that she was wearing one of those very skimpy Brazilian bikini thongs that went into her ass crack and barely covered her pussy. I swear it was like I was looking at her naked. I quietly (as I surmised she had fallen asleep) sat down with my back leaning on the small stone wall and took out my book to 'read'. The possibilities of just being able to drink in this sexy creature undisturbed made my erection grow quick and hard. I was sitting in such a way that I could see if anybody was coming from either direction and I was hidden enough that nobody could see me playing with my hard cock that I pulled out from under the right side of my loose boxer style swimsuit. Also I was just far enough away and down a few feet from my vision of beauty to be a respectable distance from her if she woke up and saw me there. I'd also have time to stuff myself back in if I saw her stirring.

Wow, what a view she gave me. This teen angel must have been about 18 years old. The smell of her coconut suntan lotion was wafting towards me, it was intoxicating. I drank her in, every inch of her, I studied her body and imagined what kind of person she was. What were her fantasies like? Was she on vacation away from a cold place like Boston? Did she come here to get laid? Did she go clubbing last night? Did she pick-up some guy at the club and screwed his brains out all night and was that why she was so tired now? What kind of lover was she, loud or whimpering? I imagined her to be wild just because of what she was wearing or should I say, not wearing. Did she like giving blowjobs? Did she swallow? Did she like it in the ass? Was she bi-sexual? How did she like to masturbate? Did she use a vibrator, a dildo or her fingers? Was she promiscuous? (And of course the answer to all of the above questions for my purposes was a resounding Yes.) How many guys had she slept with? How many of them asked to fuck her big tits? Did they spray their come all over them? How big were her nipples and areolas? Did she like them sucked, pinched or twisted? What was her wildest sexual experience so far in her life? Had she been in a threesome yet? These were the myriad of questions I pondered as I drank her in.

What absolutely mesmerized me, though, was her ass. They were two of the most perfect orbs I have ever seen close-up. No wonder she wanted to show them off, they were the epitomy of sexiness. No matter where else I looked my eyes kept coming back to her ass and her pussy. Her legs were fairly wide apart so as to get a proper tan on her legs. The result of this pose was a generous view of her covered mound of venus. It looked like she had nice puffy lips under that fabric. The ultimate jolt of excitement to my system came when it looked like there was a slight patch of wetness on the fabric over her pussy, could it be?

They say the sun makes people feel horny when they're lying under it. Of course it could be that she was horny as hell as well and had been thinking dirty thoughts all on her own. Maybe she was fantasizing about being the centre of attention of a group of guys with big raging hard-ons. Maybe she imagined putting on a masturbation show for them, maybe a bunch of firemen, with big hoses as they talked dirty to her urging her to open her puffy pussy lips to let them see inside her. As she's pumping two then three fingers into her steaming hole they start coming, not being able to hold back, first one then another and another. As she feels the first burning drops of molten come land on her, she urges them to use her and spray their hot sticky liquid all over her face, her tits, her pussy, urging them to use her for their own selfish pleasures and they do. As the first guys start splattering their sticky mess on this horny slut it just triggers the others to ejaculate rope after rope of semen onto her fevered body which triggers her own multiple orgasms to be unleashed in return.

All of these thoughts were going on as I was tugging and rubbing on my hard cock. It felt like solid wood and the head was as engorged and purplish-red as I'd ever seen it before. This was utterly awesome. Here I was out in public on a beach in Honolulu with a near naked sexy chick with a kick-ass body just a few feet away from me and it seemed like I had all the time in the world to enjoy looking at her. My fantasy was very simple. I imagined she was my girlfriend, I was kneeling right beside her playing with my cock and her. I fantasized her totally submissive telling me to do what I wanted to her. I'd pull aside the gusset of her thong just to check exactly how wet she was. I would finger her and see exactly how many fingers I could get in her pussy as I admired her little 'rosebud'. I would then take one of my wet fingers from her pussy and gently introduce it into her ass and imagined how tight that would feel around my cock.. I would aim my cock to splash right on that cute little spot and all over her gorgeous ass.

In real time, I finally couldn't hold out anymore. I knew I was past the point of no return and just let it happen. I actually splashed jet after jet of my milky juice as I just stared at that beautiful ass, mesmerized and lost in my thoughts. Because I still tried to be as quiet as possible, the intensity of that orgasm still stands out in my memory as totally incredible because I internalized all that energy that I would normally have screamed out in pleasure.

I was so happy and satisfied with my afternoon's adventure, wow. Wherever you are young lady, please know you satisfied somebody without even trying that day. Thank you for that. I hope you got what you wanted from your holiday too.

I'd love to hear from others with such chance encounters. Thanks.



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