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Merry Christmas? You Bet!

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Have you ANY idea what it is like living with a couple of ultra strict Catholic parents? Yeah? Ya think? Try living with a couple of members of Opus Dei into the bargain. Our house - no it isn't a "home" - is barren apart from religious images everywhere. Mass is compulsory - there are no locks on any of the doors - certainly not our bedrooms. (I have two sisters) and not even the toilet.

Puberty was, to put it mildly, fucking awful! LOTS of talk of "the sin of Eve" - lots of talk about how sex is only for procreation, and masturbation would guarantee us a place in Hell.

So, three VERY frustrated teenage girls living under the same roof, watched morning noon and night......


So. My sisters and I learned to masturbate not only in silence, but without letting any change to our breathing alert our parents who I swear can hear through brick walls, that anything was wrong. In any event, mum and dad look in on us several times during the night. Creepy or what?

Christmas eve - yet another row about how disrespectful I was becoming, and how Jesus would be disappointed in me for my attitude to my parents and I was, not to put to fine-a point on it, BOILING fucking mad. To me at that moment, I thought my parents were perverts.

So, I decided that I would not let them control me any more. I stomped off to bed in a fine mood! I lay on my bed planning how I was going to get thrown out of the house. I'm 19, and dad always says the only way I will leave the house is in a wedding dress or a habit. (He would LOVE one of us to become a nun!) But I wondered if I could get him to actually throw me out.

I guess too I was horny - when wasn't I? NO contact with boys, and I was so frustrated, even my sisters were starting to look good - but (sadly) neither of them had any lesbian tendencies whatsoever, but then they are 15 and 17.

I hit on the perfect idea. I knew dad would come and look in on me through my "never to be closed, d'you hear? NEVER!) bedroom door. I quickly shucked my clothes and lay on the top of the bed covers stark naked. Then I waited until I heard his footsteps on the stairs and I started masturbating determined to hold nothing back. I would moan, cry out, swear, whatever.

I was really into it when I heard a gasp from my door "That's right, daddy dear, I'm rubbing my cunt - like what you see?" I closed my eyes and went back to it and the orgasm hit me. "Ohh fuck.. I'm cummmmming." I was expecting at any moment to feel the sting of the back of his hand - instead there was nothing.

When I opened my eyes, still with my legs apart and a finger inside me. (yes, I had popped my own cherry and was bleeding a little too.) I saw my dad with a massive hard on! Not only that, but he had it in his hand, and was jacking off. I encouraged him. "Go on daddy - look at my cunt ....wank your cock." It took mere seconds before he spurted. I looked at his softening cock, his sperm on my bedroom floor and said "From this day on you will leave me and my sisters alone. If we want to jill off, we will. If I want to get fucked, I will.... you remember....you've just wanked off over your own daughter! You don't get to tell me SHIT anymore."

He left without another word, closing my door (YES... CLOSING IT) behind him. I was trembling, partly with fear but partly with arousal too. I had to rub another one out before I could sleep.

Well, the next day, little bolts appeared on our doors and the bathroom. We were even allowed to stay in each others rooms. We talked about the change that had come over dad, and I said "Yeah, a change did cum over him."

We dont even have to keep quiet any more. I frequently hear my younger sister masturbating - hell, she is almost as noisy as I am, and sometimes, I jill along with her, listening to her.

Dad has kept his distance from all of us which is ok, but also kinda sad.

What he doesn't know is that the night he jacked in my room, I was seriously considering fucking him!



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