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Mentor Becomes the Mentored

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I was widowed just over four years ago. Alone to raise a teenage daughter, sex was the last thing on my mind. The mourning of my wife aside, there just wasn't time or energy for me the think about it. After about one year (since her death) and with the help of this site, I started masturbating about once a month, more out of necessity, just to 'clean the pipes.'

It would take a small accident to change all of that.

Three months ago I slipped on ice and ended up in the hospital for a few days with a broken ankle and badly sprained wrists. For the first time in my life, I was completely helpless. The nurses/health workers had to do everything for me, help me eat, wash, use the toilet.

I have the utmost respect for nurses and would never expect (nor desire) anything other than professional conduct from them. But during my first sponge-bath, I became acutely aware of just how long it had been since I'd felt the touch of a woman. But this story isn't about the nurses. It's about a visit I got from some very kind people.

I'm an electronics teacher at a local trade-school. The rapor I have with students is excellent. They know they can talk to me about anything... and count on me when they need advice or mentoring. This one particular day, it was me who needed them.

(back to the hospital)

Three of my female students(all over 19) came to visit me. Cheryl, Sue, and Jenny. Cheryl and Jenny are on the heavy-side and their out-spoken personalities are just as bouncy as their figures. Sue is a petite red-head, very shy and reserved. I've never been (physically) attracted to these three (or any of my students), but what they lack in appearance, they make up for in in kindness and sincerity.

As we spoke about school and other things, Jenny (the outspoken of the three) made a sudden comment about a bulge growing under the sheet; they all giggled. Perhaps it was left-over from the earlier sponge bath, but whatever, the flimsy gown wasn't hiding it. The attention they were giving it didn't help, and perhaps for the first time in over 4 years, I had a full-blown erection.

Cheryl (still giggling) said something like 'Maybe we should take care of that for you.' (more laughter) My heart started beating a bit faster, but I wasn't expecting anything. Sue just got red in the face, but remained silent.

Then, without warning, Cheryl whipped off the sheet. I could have died of embarrassment. Both of my hands splinted, there was nothing I could do. As she reached for my cock, she looked into my eyes and said 'It's OK, Mr.***, you need this. Just relax, everything will be fine.'

Still incredibly embarrassed (my wife had been my ONLY lover), I made a mild protest and said something about student-teacher relations. But the feel of her hand, coupled with the years of loneliness got the better of me. All I could do was lay back and let it happen.

All three girls stared into my eyes and smiled as Cheryl stroked me. In only a few minutes a warm, peaceful, but very intense feeling made its way from my chest, to my stomach and out my cock. Wave after wave it went through me, sending semen streaming onto my belly and chest.

When it was over, Sue (the shy one) gently wiped me clean with a warm towel.

After a few more minutes of small-talk, the girls said their good-byes. Each of them kissed me on the cheek as they left. Perhaps not the 'manliest' of emotions, but I was touched, nearly to tears by this.

The performance was never repeated... and there was no awkwardness when I returned to school. But each time I see one of the girls, I'm greeted with a smile that reminds of their kindness on the day I needed it most.



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