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Men's Room

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One summertime job I had during college was doing data entry for a company. My cubical was in a remote part of the building in the basement. The workload varied from day to day so to pass the time during I would read or look at a couple of porn magazines that I had brought in. This job was long before the internet or text messaging so I had little options. On one slow afternoon and after looking at one of my magazines I went to the restroom to take a leak. While I was standing at the urinal I started thinking about the girls in the porn magazines and imagined myself fucking their tight wet pussies. I began to jack off while standing at the urinal. I was not worried about someone walking in on me as there was a wall that blocked the urinal from view, and the fact that I was of less than average length, 5.5 inches, I could always move closer to the urinal to hide my erection. Knowing that I was unlikely to be discovered I continued masturbating to the thoughts of getting fucked and sucked by the girls in my porn magazines. It was not long before I shot three loads of sperm splattering into the back of the urinal. I squeezed the last bit of cum from my dick and zipped up and turned to leave.

That is when I realized that while I was sure nobody could walk in and catch me I failed to check to see if anyone was in the single stall that was in the restroom. Standing in the doorway of the stall was an older man about 50 who was smiling from ear to ear. He thanked me for the wonderful show I had just given him as from the doorway of the stall you could see everything happening at the urinal. He said he really enjoyed my jacking off in front of him as he looked down at his tan pants that showed visible signs of his hard on. He looked back at me and said he could not return to his office with this showing. He then moved to the urinal and unzipped his pants releasing his large boner. I was now standing in the doorway of the stall as he started jacking off what appeared to be about an 8 inch rock hard cock. In less than a minute he came into the urinal just as I had done moments before. Before leaving the rest room he told me his name was Tom. Tom said that he would be down at this restroom tomorrow about 2:00pm.

The next day came and I was intently watching the clock for 2:00pm. At 2:00 I went to the rest room and slowly opened the door. Tom was standing there already. He pulled an official looking card from his pocket that said 'restroom out of order' and placed it on the outside of the door. Tom then walked over to me and unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my jeans and underwear to the floor. He cupped and fondled my balls with one hand while stroking my already hard cock with the other. He then positioned me in front of the urinal and stood closely behind me. Tom pulled me back against his body with his left hand and continued stroking my dick with his right. I could feel his erection through his pants pressing up against my ass. In less than a minute I exploded my load into the urinal just like yesterday. When finished Tom moved me aside and stood in front of the urinal and lowered his pants releasing his 8 inch cock. I told him how I wished my cock was as big as his. He smiled and started to jack off into the urinal. It was not long before he released his load.



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