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Men and Our Semen

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I have some ideas, which I will share a couple at a time in a series.


I've noticed a few men recently talk about wanting to drink their semen, coming close or actually doing it. This is encouraging and beautiful. I was moved my the story of the guy whose girlfriend-to-be saw him give himself a facial. How humbling, that sweet form of humiliation.

I've noticed how many guys say the same thing, about wanting to drink it, but then after they ejaculate they cannot do it. Think of all the unresolved desire beneath that. Feel how there are two halves of the self, or two identities - one before climaxing and one after. Imagine how women feel, when they experience that turnaround.

There used to be a word for this - libido drop. It is almost universal - as is the desire to drink one's semen, and then falling into the canyon of libido drop. I believe that this is the division between the male and female hemispheres of a man's psyche. This is the essential inner gender gap that men need to heal. If you do this, it will shift your personality and your relationships.

From a lot of experience, I can tell you that drinking your semen after you ejaculate is not the same as taking a mouthful when you are in the peak of being horny. There, however, it is easiest to do it with another man; but that is definitely full-on queer or bi territory and not the same as masturbating and drinking yourself, which is more like bicurious.

So when you take your own, it will be different. Accept that. You will, most likely, be taking yourself in when you are less urgently needing yourself. In a series of posts, I will go through a series of scenarios you can experiment with.

The first and easiest is to get a woman's help. Explain the situation to her. Make sure it's someone who has some empathy for you, and for this situation. A lot of women will be really into this. Not all - but enough will surely be curious.

Basically, you can spring off of her energy. You do this with a lot of hot talk. Get naked, and talk yourself into a frenzy - admit what you want, get hotter and hotter, and basically beg yer for what you want - and really masturbate. Do what you love the best. If you penetrate yourself, do that (it is worth learning, because it spurs the submissive feeling that you need to drink your own semen).

Get in front of a mirror, or let her hold one. The mirror is a good place to ejaculate onto. Let her hold the mirror and maybe coax or tease you into a slow long buildup to climax and then you let go.

Then just do it. Do it for her, do it because you said you were going to do it, do it for all the times you wanted to - lick that semen off the mirror and keep your eyes open! Look at yourself as you take yourself back. Let her SEE you. get some on your face and let her do that. If you are quick, you can drink yourself while you are still climaxing and maybe still spurting.

It is deeply submissive. More than you think. The person who ejaculates is your familiar male side. The one who licks up the semen is your submissive side, in a role more often given to women, who do most of the semen-drinking in the world.

Now it's your turn, to take it whether you want it or not. Ask her to make you do it, if you don't do it voluntarily. You know you need it, and you will get used to it - just you have expected the women in your life to, and in truth, the same way that many of them learn to love it.

( To be continued. )



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