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Men and Boners

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My first real job was at a bridal/tuxedo shop.


My first real job was at a bridal/tuxedo shop. I had no experience, but (I don't want to brag, but...) being pretty hot looking, the manager hired me. He had never hired a female before, but felt I could help in giving a 'female' opinion.

One of the most difficult parts of the job was measuring guys for tuxedos. My manager trained me well. I had to measure chest, outseam, waist, etc. I was initially worried because I thought I'd have to measure the inseam, but was relieved to find out I was to measure the outseam (from the waist down on the outside, not the inside).

Anyway, I quickly began being hit on by guys. I never said anything to my boss. I had several guys get hardons while I was measuring them; usually the fat, older men.

I remember one of the only good times. A guy who works in construction, probably twenty or twenty-one years old, was going to be a best man in a wedding party and came in to be fitted. His name was Jon. I'll never forget him. He had dark curly hair and deep blue eyes. I immediately locked eyes on him, and he did on me. I couldn't wait to measure him! I started with the waist and gave him a pair of pants to try on. He came out and pulled up his tee shirt to show me rock hard abs with a little line of chest hair leading down to his covered crotch. Jon was deeply tanned, which is also a turn-on for me.

I was wet myself and couldn't believe it. I continued measuring his chest, neck and sleeve-length. Jon smelled like soap, which made me melt!

When Jon came back to pick up the tuxedo, I had him try in on. Jon needed help with all the clothes. He came out of the dressing room with his pants undone, his shirt open, and his chest fully exposed. He definitely had a hot tanned chest! I helped him first adjust the pants. I noticed he had on form-fitting boxers. I wished the pants were down more so I could have seen his bulge. I then helped him put in the studs for the shirt buttons. My hands were shaking as I brushed against his chest. I could tell Jon was breathing harder, too. Then I noticed his erection through the tuxedo pants. It was not totally hard, but it was definitely there. I didn't say anything. I wanted so much to grab the pants and pull them down and milk him for all it was worth!

Jon went back into the dressing room and changed, then went into the bathroom in our back room. After Jon left, I went to the bathroom maybe an hour later and noticed a crumpled up piece of toilet paper on the back of the toilet. I picked it up to throw it away and it was sticky. I smelled it. It was definitely cum. Apparently Jon had jerked off in the bathroom. Did he mean to leave the evidence behind, or did he forget to flush it?

Tomorrow Jon is bringing the tux back. I am going to flirt with him, hoping he'll ask me out. I'm not usually interested in dating someone I don't know, but I hope we can go out. I'll give him the best handjob in the world. I can't wait to see his dick and see what is under those pants!



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