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Memories of the Past, Part 1

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This is from my memory of those days of the 60's


I am one of the 'flower power' generation. No, I was not a hippie, though style of dress certainly influenced me and I enjoyed the music of the time.

I was not a slut in high school, though I did lose my virginity in 10th grade to my junior boyfriend and had sex with one other guy. I got very good grades and was accepted at UCSB, UCLA and USC. However my family finances just would not allow that, so I ended up going to the local community college.

While at PCC I did my share of dating and fell in love with and married mister right. He was tall at an even six feet, good looking and could he kiss! He knew how to bring me to a climax using his fingers, mouth or his dick. In March of 1968 we married. We both finished PCC in June and my husband was soon drafted.

I ended up working rather than going on to college while Bill was at Fort Ord in basic. I was one lonely wife who, it seemed, was always fingering her hungry pussy.

For some reason when Bill had leave between basic and his next training, our sex life seemed to consist more of mutual masturbation and other things rather then intercourse. I think it was more due to the fact that I was not on the pill and condoms were not as high quality then as they are now.

For some reason, I found it highly erotic to watch him take his dick in his hand and stroke it, then erupt all over. Often, I had him shoot on my breasts and I would rub his cum over my skin. Mmmmmm.

Advanced engineer training took Bill to Missouri for several months and I was again a lonely woman who masturbated usually twice a day, upon waking and in the evening. Some days I would even do it in the restroom at work!

When he came home on leave prior to going to VietNam, we spent our time screwing like rabbits. I was terrified that he would not come home alive or would be disabled. (he made it home just fine!)

Bill shipped out and my parents offered up their guest house for me to live in. I was thankful, as I was barely meeting expenses. At this time, I bought my first vibrator! Remember this was when the availability of such sex toys was new! It kept me somewhat satisfied, but I missed having my man and the smell, feel and taste of his cum.

I was a bit surprised when one of Bill's close friends tried to put the move on me. It was easy to tell that he thought I was ready to F him but I was a good wife. However, one thing led to another and we did end up one afternoon in the guest house with a mutual masturbation session. Yes, Bill now knows about it.

After a nice lunch out, Jeff and I went back to my place and put on some records. I vividly recall it was Creedance Clearwater Revival. I loved those guys! After a while our talk grew more and more sexual and the little suggestive things were flying. I admit, my panties were getting really wet and I was hoping Jeff would leave so I could take care of myself! I could see a noticeable bulge in his pants, so I knew the conversation was having the same effect on him. I was so forward in conversation now that I suggested he go into the bathroom to relieve himself.

'If you know what I would be doing, could I just do it here so I can look at you and hear the music clearly?'

I don't know what got to me (yes I do, I was HORNY) and told him 'Go ahead, let's see you make that baby batter shoot.'

Jeff wasted no time unzipping his jeans and soon was masturbating like crazy. It was so hot!

Next thing I know, I pulled up my skirt, pulled my panties to the side and began to finger myself.

Jeff's eyes grew wide and his dick seemed to grow. It only took him a few more seconds of looking at my partially covered hairy pussy and he was erupting!

I was so turned on seeing him shoot. It took about three seconds and the scent of his cum hit my nose and my brain went into overdrive and I had the best orgasm I had experienced since Bill shipped out.

It was the one and only time I did that with Jeff.

A few weeks later, I lost my job as my employer went out of business.

I had managed to save some money with my job and what Bill sent home. My parents were a bit better off financially and suggested that I go back to school.

By the way, I have to go take care of things myself as I got pretty worked up again remembering all of this.

Watch for memories of UCLA which will be part two of my memories.



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