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Memories of Lovely Holidays

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I won't use real names either for where this took place or the person concerned...but, let me say, I started it and don't regret a damn thing. This takes place over three years.


My parents took me to a hotel. At first, I was a little disappointed. It was not a young person's place and seemed to cater more for middle aged people. Anyway, at first, I mooched around mainly being bored. Then I realised that the young guy running the band looked cute. I would flirt a little and smile a lot whenever he looked my way. I have always been tall for my age, and even when I was 15 could (and did) easily pass for 18. Getting into pubs and clubs was no problem.

So, one day he asked me to go for a walk with him. As we walked along the beach, he slipped his hand into mine. I felt my heart begin to race and I remember it so well, for the first time ever there was a distinct throbbing between my legs. And, I knew, as we walked along, I was getting wet. We arrived back at the hotel and he took me to his room where we kissed for ages. WOW, but he was a great kisser...not that I had any real experience....but then his hand crept up to my breast. No one had ever touched me there and I knew, somehow, just knew, that I would be ok with it. We kissed, I felt his hard cock against my leg and I felt him undo my bra and then, for the first time in my life, my boobs were being seen and held by someone other than me. That time, I wouldn't let him go any further, but I did learn how to jill myself off that night. My clit just wouldn't stop buzzing, and in bed, I couldn't help touching it. I just kept on until I felt this tidal wave of pleasure. I knew it was my first ever orgasm, but it shook me so much, I couldn't ever imagine allowing myself to cum and loose control with a man.

The next year, I was 16 (duh!) I got so excited as the holiday drew nearer and I swear, in the car on the way there, I was already creaming myself. I saw him the very first night and we went to our moonlit beach for a 'walk'. Of course he kissed me, but then it started to rain and we ran back to the hotel. I was really disappointed until he suggested we sit in his car for a while. He drove to a nearby quite place and soon I was making out in a car for the first time. That night, it was boobs and kissing. The NEXT night though, he took me to one of the bathrooms in the hotel. (Not all the rooms had en-suite, and there were large rooms every so often containing a sink, a massive bath and a toilet.) In there, with the lights off, we started making out again. This time he tried to slip his hand up my skirt. This time, I let him! He felt my (wet) knickers and then pushed his hand into the waistband. I was so nervous, but I had already made my mind up that we would do everything. (And I MEANT everything.) His long musicians fingers found my clit and oh my fucking GOD, he played it so delicately. I felt him probing, reaching inside me, and I knew he found my hymen. Then he went back to my clit and in seconds, I was trembling with a massive orgasm. For the first time, someone else had made me cum.

Each and every night, he did the same thing. Oh, you have NO idea how much I wanted him to fuck me, but he made no attempt to.

Later that week, I invited him to my room. In there, it was again a massive snogging session, but again for the first time, I was lying on a bed, stark naked with a naked man. And, for the first time, (I realised, until that afternoon, I had not done a single thing for him!!) I made him cum. He showed me how to wrap my fingers around his cock. (I could not imagine how anything that hard would go in me without hurting) He showed me how to move my hand, slowly at first then faster. At one point he said 'Carole, I am going to cum in a minute. Is that ok?' I didn't really know what would happen or what that meant for a man, but I nodded and then saw him pump his sperm out all over my hand. I have never felt more powerful than in that moment.

We carried on like that for the rest of the week.

The final year, we spent many evenings making out in his car. I really liked that, in fact, I asked him if we could use his car more than my room. Anyway, that year my room was RIGHT next to my parents!. So, one glorious night, I was in a long evening dress and we were snogging, he was feeling my breasts and then he had his hand up my dress and had pulled my knickers to one side and was fingering me. (He had taken two years to do that, and I was ok with something inside me by then.) Then, he moved my seat right back, put the back down and lay on top of me. We dry humped and I let my legs open around him. I had his cock in my hand, of course, and I felt the end pressing hard against my knickers. He did NOT enter me. (Not then, anyway) but I know he wanted to. Instead, and I have never met a man who could do this since, he rubbed my clit through the thin material of my knickers, with the end of his cock, until I felt something totally new building. If I thought I had known what an orgasm was before, this was like nothing else on earth. Both our movements were more frantic, and he had lifted my dress up so high it was above my waist. I had an image of how sexy I looked. My thighs white in the moonlight, spread either side of a man. I was tugging his shirt up at the back and scratching him. I also found myself talking dirty for the first time ever. I was urging him to fuck me, but as I said, he didn't. Then the orgasm hit. I swear, I blacked out. I knew I had wet myself too. I was mortally embarrassed until I looked at him. He had tears in his eyes and said 'Carole. That is the biggest compliment any woman has ever paid me. Thank you.'

We later learned that, actually, peeing can have its place during sex.

So three years, during which this lovely man initiated me into sex. It was beautiful, I felt totally safe with him. You have NO idea how much I wanted to feel him inside me, but up to that point, he didn't even try. How many men would have THAT kind of restraint? I have been described as 'attractive...sexy...pretty' and for a man to have an attractive 17 year old begging them, in the most base terms to 'fuck me. Put your cock in me....spunk in me' and to resist that... well, that is something isn't it?

Ok, to the final chapter. My last holiday with him there proceeded along similar lines, but now we were exploring more ummm advanced stuff. I had found that I actually like wetting my knickers and he loved that. We would go for walks into the surrounding countryside and I would wet myself, either while he watched, or while he touched me. I would jack him off in a variety of ways, and make him cum on me in various places.

It was the conclusion of, well, not a love affair, but the most significant chapter of my girl-hood to woman-hood journey. I could not have wished for a kinder, more patient tutor.

I am 38 now. And I have realised something. You see, looking back, I realise that I loved him then, and I still do. Oh, I am married now with children of my own. But, ah... but. If, one day, I were to see him, meet him by chance somewhere, I would not only fall willingly into his arms again, but also willingly into his bed. He was the one true love of my life and I didn't know it until I wrote this.



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