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Memories of a Day in August

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Memories of a day in August
Please allow me to share with readers of this website my memories of a beautiful experience which I enjoyed some years ago. I am married and have a fine wife, several children, and now a number of grandchildren. Masturbation continues to remain a wonderful part of my life. My wife accepts and encourages it, and I am often the recipient of her tender ministrations as well.
Some years ago, I had the pleasure of visiting a number of beautiful private naturist facilities in various parts of the country and had the opportunity to become acquainted with many wonderful people, and to become aware of the extremely accepting, tolerant and open attitudes exhibited by the many people who practice nudism.
As long as one behaves in a responsible manner, and does not engage in any overt sexual or erotic behavior, there are no problems, and, as a matter of fact, there is no reason to become aroused in the company of other nude people. The human body is not, in itself, evil, dirty or obscene, and these people respect and accept this with great joy and tranquility. As long as no one else is offended, what one does in private is of no consequence.
The following is the story of a wondrous, delightful and thoroughly satisfying experience which I had at a lovely facility in the mountains of California one glorious August day some eleven years ago. I had made reservations and checked in to this fine resort, where I enjoyed the company of many friendly people of all ages and occupations. The food in the restaurant was excellent, the pool was refreshing, the tennis and volleyball games energetic, there were many miles of hiking paths throughout the grounds, and the weather was sunny and warm with temperatures in the low 80s.
One afternoon after lunch, with only a few people at the facility, since it was a weekday, I decided to explore the grounds by taking a long walk among the hills, woods and streams. The path I had chosen was well marked, though my brochure had cautioned that it was almost 16 miles long! Bear in mind that, as I began my hike with nothing on but a pair sandals, I had absolutely no erotic thoughts; I was just happy and at peace in this beautiful, tranquil place, so far from the frantic pace of my professional life back in the Midwest.
After more than 30 minutes of walking, drinking in the wonders of nature, I began to experience the stirrings of sexual awareness--my penis began to swell, though I had not stimulated or touched myself in any way, nor had any sexual thought. It began to dawn on me then that here, in the stillness of the forest, totally alone, and completely at one with nature, I would "celebrate myself", in the words of Walt Whitman.
The beautiful weather, the feel of the breeze, the warm sun on my nude body and the realization that I was completely without inhibitions and totally without shame, soon combined to produce a magnificent erection. Marvelling at the miracle of my sexual arousal, at its naturalness and beauty, I continued walking for perhaps another quarter of an hour.
Presently, I noticed ahead of me a large tree trunk which had apparently fallen over during a recent storm, laying at the side of the path, stripped of bark. Having walked for almost an hour, I welcomed the opportunity to rest for a few minutes, and the tree trunk looked very inviting.
I kicked off my sandals and climbed up on the trunk to rest, my penis continuing to stand out proudly in front of my body, even though I had not, until now, touched myself in any manner. I spread my legs and wrapped them loosely around the smooth trunk. Leaning back into a little crook formed by a large branch still attached to the tree trunk. I reflected on the beauty of the place, of how utterly glorious it was to be here! I looked up into the trees and marvelled at the utter peace and tranquility I had discovered.
Gazing now at my lean, deeply tanned body, I brought my left hand down to my penis and began to slowly stimulate only the head and glans with a circular motion (somewhat as if one were unscrewing the lid of a small jar.) The effect was electric, and after enjoying this indescribable sensation for several minutes, I began to lightly and slowly stroke the entire 6-1/2 inches of the turgid organ as I continued to contemplate the scenery around me. Bending my right knee, I reached underneath my leg and lightly fondled and caressed my smooth balls and perineum. I groaned and trembled with rapture at the exquisite sensations and my erection seemed to swell even further.
Some time past and I began to sense the need for some lubrication. Since it was obvious that nothing was available in the way of lotion or Vaseline out there, I turned to the most natural thing I could produce. Spitting into my right hand, I carefully switched hands, covering the thick shaft with the slippery fluid without missing a stroke. I continued to masturbate slowly and leisurely, looking down in awe at the beautiful sight in front of me. What utter peace and joy I was experiencing! I was thankful and grateful to have the opportunity of partaking in such beauty and total bliss! The sun shone through the trees onto my nude body and I began to sweat as I continued to pleasure myself.
Another twenty minutes passed as I alternated between my right and left hands, often bringing myself close to that supreme moment of release, and then, just as I was about to lose all control, stopping completely, remaining totally still, and contemplating once more the glorious sights and sounds of the forest spread out before my eyes. Slowly, deliberately, I continued to stroke, and the delicious sensations became ever more intense as I gradually began the inevitable climb to the very brink--to the point of no return. Did I dare hope that, in this isolated place, with no other human being within miles, I might allow myself the luxury of unrestrained vocal expression as I climaxed?
Supplying my left hand now with another handful of saliva, I slipped it over the head of my glistening cock, which had by now taken on a deep red color because of the total engorgement of its length with blood, caused by the intense tactile sensations I was providing. I continued to stroke the rock-hard organ at a leisurely pace, slowing at the end of each upstroke and lingering for an instant at the very tip before dropping my fist again over the entire shaft. It had been almost an hour since I had begun to pleasure myself, and I could sense that the final ascent to utopia and ecstasy was imminent.
And then it was happening! I was about to enter those final seconds of rational thought, before I would lose all control of myself! Sensations in my body became almost unbearable and slowly, almost instinctively, my hips lifted themselves off the tree trunk, and I was supported entirely with my feet and shoulders as I let myself be totally and completely flooded with the utter joy and inexpressible ecstasy of this greatest of all sensual experiences. My raging penis had become the center of my universe, taking complete charge of me, the spastic contractions of my trembling body carrying me ever onward and upward until I exploded in an intense, crashing orgasm!
"AH-H-H-H-R-R-R-R-GG!!!, U-U-U-U-U-U-U!!! AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH-AH!!! WAAH!-WAAH!-WAAH!!!!, OW-OW-OW-OW-OW-OW!!!, OH-OH-OH-YES-YES-YES-!!!", I cried out mindlessly as, suddenly, a luminous, curving arc of liquid gold spurted from my penis and was caught, sparkling, in the sun's rays before spattering on the tree trunk a foot in front of me. In complete abandon and total delirium, my voice rang out loudly in the stillness and beauty of the woods, a primal cry of unalloyed joy and bliss, echoing and re-echoing through the trees and hills.
Two more delicious eruptions of the warm, viscous fluid landed on my face and chest. Sputtering and sobbing incoherently, I slowly continued stroking the almost unbearably sensitive shaft as the final spasm of my ejaculation boiled up and out of the bloated penis head and dripped onto my aching balls.
Slowly I lowered my hips to the tree trunk, my entire body quivering in total release and drenched with the priceless fruits of my orgasm. I lay quietly, looking at my body as it glistened in the sun, covered with semen, completely spent and fulfilled. Totally satiated, I marvelled at the sight and fell asleep, my legs spread eagled across the trunk, my arms crossed over my stomach, my entire being in a state of stupor and complete abandon, as a gentle breeze played across my supine body.
In a short while I awoke, refreshed, and looked up at the tall trees, the glorious foliage and the softly undulating hills, as in a dream. I climbed down from the fallen tree trunk which had become my place of celebration, slipped on my sandals once again, and began walking back to the lodge, my face, chest, hands, penis and balls still glowing with the sticky residue of my glorious climax.
I had noticed a small stream under a bridge I walked over about a half mile back, and reaching it again, I slipped out of my sandals and knelt in the cool, pure, refreshing mountain water as I rinsed the remains of my ejaculation from my body. It was now late afternoon. Cleansed and rejuvenated, I allowed the cool air to dry my body off as I made my way slowly up the path to my room at the lodge, happy and grateful to have had the glorious privilege of enjoying my body so fully and perfectly. --Anonymous



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