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I want to write some of my earliest sexual memories down. Partly because I like what they did for me at the time, and partly because I have a problem that will make me forget them.


This was my first deliberate attempt to be naughty. I was 14 at the time and had gotten into a nice masturbatory routine at home, but I had felt for a while that I wanted to be sexy outside the safe confines of my bedroom or the bathroom.

So, I remember, it was a hot summer's day and I had been feeling more and more antsy and needing to do something daring. I decided that I would go out without panties, as I had been reading about girls doing this and it seemed pretty hot to a 14 year old virgin like me. I remember showering really well that morning and choosing a nice pale green t shirt, a short (as it turned out TOO short) denim skirt, white sox and trainers. I remember dressing slowly and savouring the moment when I would usually have reached for panties, but on this occasion, I didn't.

I stood there for a moment checking myself out and just the knowledge that I was naked under my skirt was enough to make my heart race and of course, I got very aroused.

Then mom called me to get in the car. That was my first problem, I knew I had to do that without flashing my own mom! I managed somehow and she dropped me off at the mall telling me to meet her in a certain place a couple hours later.

I wandered around feeling very grown up and I wondered how many other girls where there today with nothing on under their dresses or skirts. Then I took an escalator up to the first floor. It was glass sided and suddenly I knew anyone behind me got a great view! Instead of standing so that no one could see much, I stood with my feet apart and one foot up on the next step. I swear, I almost came there and then. I was delibarately flashing my pussy to anyone who cared to see. Of course, I did look around and a couple of guys snatched their gaze away from, well, my snatch, I guess. The remainder of the time I got bolder and bolder. I tried on clothes in stores, and finally, when I couldn't take it any more, I jilled off in a changing room. That was the first cum I ever had out of my own house and it was by far the biggest I ever had till then. It totally rocked my world and I remember feeling this squish as I came and for a moment I thought I had peed myself, but it didnt smell like pee. It was not quite clear, but, well, it wasn't piss.

I realised that this was a 'squirt'. I had heard about them, but I figured that most girls were peeing when they cummed. But now I know that this wasn't that. There was a stain on the carpet and on the clothes I was trying on. I dressed and slipped them back on the rail. Now someone trying those skirts on will have my pussy wetness on them.

So, pretty soon I had to meet up with mom, but I wanted to do one more thing. I wanted to deliberately and full-on flash a man. (NOT, you notice, a boy). I sat on one of the benches and just waited until a man looked in my direction, then I just spread my knees as wide as the skirt would allow me too as I got up. I waved as if I had just seen someone I knew and walked quickly away.

That was the first time I ever did anything daring, but it was a long way from being the last.

My next thing was to jill off in public, but maybe that's enough for now huh?



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