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I am a straight male, but very curious. I had only one male to male experience and still masturbate remembering it!

Back when I was 18, I had a best friend that was 17. We basically hung out like all guys do. Well, Jose asked me one night to buy him a Hustler magazine-he was too young and got carded once and turned shy. Well, I went in the store and purchased a copy. We went back to his house and snuck the magazine past his parents to his room. We were flipping pages and commenting on the girls. I was getting horny and could tell by his voice and movements that he was feeling the same way. Jose mentioned that he had an 11' dick, I just laughed and made a comment that 'we all say that'. He looked at me and asked 'What, do you not believe me?' Of course I laughed again. Well, he pulled it out, much to my surprise-he is the shyest person I knew. It was a monster. We took out a ruler and measured it and it was just under 11'!! Not bad for a 17 year old.

I have never seen another dick up close. I also have never seen an uncircumsized one even in pics. I was more than curious and asked about the foreskin and how it works. He showed me how it pulls back and I was amazed. He mentioned that he has never seen a cut dick before and asked to see mine, only fair since he showed his. I was very shy, especially considering my 6' dick was no comparison to that monster of his. I did finally pull it out and of course he asked me personal questions about it. Then his mother called us to dinner and ended that night.

A few nights later, we were out and out of the blue, he asked if I wanted to have a beatoff contest to see who could cum fastest. Embarrased me alot, but I agreed. He drove to a public park that was the local lovers lane. I was so afraid that someone would see us, but, my hard dick took control. He pulled out, then I did. We laughed for a while then started to get busy. He mentioned that he has never had his dicked touched by anyone before and asked me if I would stroke him, he would do me. I reached over and did my best to wrap my hand around it. I stroked his dick the way I do mine-not knowing that it was uncomfortable on his uncut cock. He showed me the correct way to stroke him. Then he reached for mine and I had to show him how to stroke my cut dick. This went on for a few minutes then we proceded to take care of ourselves. He yelled out that he was going to come, so I had to watch. It was like a thick white river flowing down his dickhead and over his fist. We had nothing to clean up with, so he wiped his hand off on the carpet. Then he sat back to watch me finish, but I could not.

Well, Jose tried to start his car and found the battery died. We were terrified of what to do, how could we explain this to anyone to rescue us? He had a brother nearby, so he offered to walk to his house and borrow his car. So he walked off, leaving me alone. I pulled out my still hard dick and beat it hard, using his cum from the floor as a lubricant. I came hard and shot it high up, some landing on my clothing. When Jose got back, he saw the wet spot and smiled.

We got the car started and laughed our asses off while driving home. We both agreed to do it again, but things happened and we went seperate ways. I would love to see him again and maybe finish what we started!



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