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Memorable Wanks

Posted by: Age: 15 and 18 Posted on: 2 comments
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Three true short stories of my more memorable wanks.


Story 1: Long shot

I was probably around 15 at the time of my first story, I usually stayed up later then my parents (mainly for the purposes of wanking to late night soft core). I had been itching to wank but had been interrupted every time I tried, I don't even remember what the movie was called (didn't care either) but it had a guy getting a blowjob. Me being young and horny and not having seen much porn well it was all I could handle, I started to jerk. I knew part way through it felt different the orgasm built more slowly then it hit me like a ton of bricks I ached and I watched as the cum dribbled out then with a psst sound then next short flew over my head. after I calmed down and bathed in the afterglow I went to clean up I never could find that shot.

Story 2: Three in a row

I was probably about 17 or 18 by this time cause I had cable in my room. I was watching some late night TV (again) this time a little less soft. I started jerking and came fairly quick so I went and cleaned up (I now had a room in the basement with a half bath to myself more or less) I came back out and the tv was still and and what I seen had me instantly hard again so me being young and could not resist a boner I started again to jerk and cam again. I once again figured I was most definitely done I went and cleaned up, came back out and to my amazement I got hard yet again (oh to be young again), so this time it took quiet a while but I came again the orgasm built slowly then was jerkier and almost hurt (but it felt amazing) and I only dripped a couple of drops. After that I was not able to get it up for two days and my cock ached, never did it more then twice in a row again.

Story 3: Premature eruption

This actually happened to me a couple times the first time though was a surprise. I was probably 18 at the time as I was in front of the computer jerking and I didn't have private access to a computer with internet till then. I guess I should explain first that I am uncut and keep my pubes trimmed (both for look and cause I don't like it getting caught). I was online watching porn and had my cock out and was jerking it and was edging (something I had been practising for years even at this point) and was getting close but instead of letting go (mainly cause I was trying to fight the urge to finish) I held my foreskin back tight, well I was so close to the edge just holding it back like that was enough for me to feel an orgasm building. I tried not to cum but inevitability hit and without another stroke I grunted and groaned through inevitability and had a strong orgasm. I have since deliberately done this a couple times



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