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Memorable Ones

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Like most males my age, I've blown many thousands of loads by now. The vast majority are really not memorable-I know as a kid I decorated the inside of the toilet, or the shower floor, countless times. Tons of medium or small loads of semen were deposited in or on tissues.

And yet out of these thousands of orgasms I do vividly remember a few.. 20 or so. A little about me: I am not a squirter, at all. Since I was a kid I always waited for the day when I would stop dribbling and start really shooting loads everywhere, but it never came. So for me one thing that makes an orgasm memorable is if I actually shoot. It has happened only four times and I wish I could make it repeat at will, but I don't know how.

The first time I shot I was 17 and was lying on the floor nude in the bathroom at my grandparents' house, with my penis pointing straight up, enjoying a rub before my shower. When I came I felt my balls tighten and the first shot actually flew up in the air about four inches and landed in my pubes (the rest just rolled down on my hand). I was amazed and just sat there reliving the moment mentally and celebrating that I had finally started to shoot my loads. But I was unable to repeat this and I never saw this happen again.

Years later at age 21. I was sitting in my chair watching a movie and jerking off at just the right pace with the right grip to stay aroused and enjoy the sensation but not taking myself near the edge. I had a paper towel strategically placed under me to catch the cum-I have to say this is the advantage of being a dribbler, it's very convenient. But even though I didn't even feel close to orgasm, something very arousing happened in the film and suddenly without warning a single very long, thick rope of semen leaped out and stretched itself over the desk and some even went behind it. The actual orgasm followed a couple of seconds later. The cleanup was really difficult as it got in my keyboard, printer, and so forth.

My crowning achievement, however, came when I was 24 or so. I had not ejaculated in nearly a month and when I finally had a chance to masturbate, I did so sitting in front of my PC with a towel on my lap. I thought I might dribble a pretty huge load and decided (I guess I was pretty horny) to use my camera to tape the event. After masturbating for nearly an hour my orgasm came suddenly, without the normal feeling of inevitability. For the first time in my life, I came like a porn star, 7 or 8 huge ropes of cum lashing out a foot or more, shooting further each time. I watched the whole thing as it happened on my screen, as if it was someone else. I wish I knew what it looked like from above, and not just from the side. But I did manage to save the video at least-but have since lost the file and have no idea where it could be. A shame.

Anyway, I'm about to go bust another load out. Let's hope it's a memorable one.



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