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Melissa's Dance

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Over the past year and a half my husband and I have become good friends with a couple that moved to our neighborhood about two years ago. We've done the usual things that friends do. We've gone to the movies with them and to dinner. We've had small parties with them to watch sports events and other things. Marie and Don have an eighteen year old daughter Melissa who is a lovely young woman with a very winning personality. Last Saturday we were together with Marie and Don and just having a few beers and talking. We learned then that while Melissa was attending community college she was also an interpretive dancer part-time. I didn't want to show my ignorance so I didn't ask what an interpretive dancer does. Marie asked us if we would like to watch her dance sometime. We said 'of course.' They called their daughter on her cell and she offered to dance for us the next day which was Sunday. I asked my husband if he knew what interpretive dance was all about and he said he didn't have a clue.

The next afternoon we were invited over to Don and Marie's house to watch Melissa dance. About twelve other couples were also there to watch Melissa dance. We gathered in their family room and Melissa came in wearing a lovely and rather skimpy dance costume. She looked very sexy and I never really noticed until now what a great figure she has. The music reminded me of a combination of belly dance and stripper music. A very hard, driving beat. Melissa was quite light on her feet and also very athletic with various kicks and spins. I was enjoying her dancing. I found myself focusing more and more on her exquisite body. The rest of the audience seemed very attentive. Then, Melissa reached behind her back in one smooth move and off came her top.

I was now staring at two very large areolas and two big, thick nipples. I got a feeling that went right to my lower belly and between my legs. Never in my life was I aroused by a woman but I clearly was now. My husband's mouth was slightly open. I whispered to him to shut his mouth. As Melissa continued to dance she would periodically take hold of one or both tits and rub the nipple. At one point she lifted up her tit and touched her nipple with her tongue. I glanced at Don and Marie and they were calmly watching and smiling at their daughter.

Next Melissa undid the bottom of her costume and held it in front of her as she danced, almost like she was teasing us. After about a minute she tossed her costume onto a chair. She was now naked except for her sandals. Her pussy was nearly hairless with a thin, short strip of hair above her pussy. As she danced she would frequently touch her pussy and run a finger through her slit and then put her finger into her mouth. Extremely erotic to say the least.

I was now as aroused as one can be and I just knew I was wet big time. Melissa was now dancing directly in front of my husband with her pussy just a couple of inches from his face. Shortly afterwards her dance concluded. She grabbed the two parts to her costume and left to change. We continued to remain seated because as I looked over at my husband I saw that he was trying to hide an erection. I figured as we talked it would go down. Fortunately, it did.

Don and Marie asked us what we thought of Melissa's dancing. All I could say was that she was very light on her feet and that her routine was very erotic to say the least. Everyone said that they really enjoyed the performance. Marie just said that sometimes Melissa gets a little carried away, expecially when she performs for others.

Later in the afternoon my husband and I went back home. I went straight to the bathroom, stripped and proceeded to massage my little clit and to finger myself. In my minds eye I replayed Melissa's dance while I masturbated. I will probably use this as erotic motivation during several later masturbation sessions. I'm also trying to think of a way to get Melissa to dance for us again. I've got to see those enormous nipples again. I can imagine putting one into my mouth. I've got to stop now, I'm torturing myself.



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