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Megs & the Butterfly

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2nd story about a friend of mine.


Megan almost ran into her apartment building in anticipation. A week before, she had come across a strap-on vibrator online, & somehow persuaded herself to order one. It should have been here earlier, but hadn't shown up yet. She was hoping hard that it would be here today, even though she had to go to the library to study later, & probably wouldn't be able to use it.

'Use it,' she thought & smiled to herself thinking of all the fantasies & ideas she had ready for this thing. She turned the key to the mailbox, & was shocked when a brown box fell out onto her. It was here! She didn't even bother with the rest of her mail, but ran upstairs. In her room, she quickly stripped down & pulled the box open. Her pussy began to throb as she lifted the purple plastic unit out. It had black straps which attached around her waist & legs, in order to hold itself in place. The vibrator itself was shaped like a butterfly, with the straps attaching at the wings. The body itself, Megan could easily see, was contoured to fit into her slit, providing maximum stimulation to her now engorged clit, while the wings would 'flutter' across her lips. She was about to begin sliding the straps up her legs when she saw her clock & realized if she wanted to get her reading done at all tonight, she had to get to the library now.

That's when a naughty idea entered her mind. The whole contraption was remote controlled, & she could easily wear it to the library, keep the remote in her pocket, & control it as she studied! She awkwardly pulled the straps up her legs until the top one was around her hips. She pulled the leg straps up until they reached where her legs met her ass, the straps disappearing between her legs. The butterfly was pulled tight against her mound, & she carefully shifted it into place on her lips, which parted to allow the protruding body to make contact with her clit. She slid the batteries into the remote & slid the power switch on. The butterfly buzzed to life, & Megan's whole pussy felt like a bowl of jelly. The vibrations were strong, but not as strong as the vibrator she had tried when she was younger. It wasn't as intense on her tender bud, & she felt waves of pleasure begin emanating from her pussy. She smiled to herself, thinking about how great this would be at the library, having orgasm after orgasm in front of all those unsuspecting people. With that, she turned the remote off, got dressed, gathered her things, & headed out.

She got to the library & found an empty table in the corner of one of the reading rooms. Here, she would be inconspicuous, but still in full sight of everyone. She set down her things & headed off to find her books. As she returned, she slipped her hand into her pocket & turned the remote on. The Butterfly buzzed to life, & Megan's legs instantly gave out on her, causing her to fall & drop her books. She tried to pull herself up quickly, but already three people had walked up to help her. She made eye contact with one, a skinny blonde girl with glasses, & that put her over the edge. Her orgasm hit suddenly, & she tried as hard as she could to pass the spasms & gasps off as her catching her breath. The blonde girl & a couple of her freshman friends helped her up & picked up her books for her. As Megan sat back down, she reached into her pocket to turn the Butterfly off, only to realize that the remote was not in her pocket. The realization that she had no control over this buzzing contraption hit her hard, & that caused her second orgasm to hit a second later, just as hard.

By this point, Megan's pussy was practically dripping, which of course caused her to soak through her panties. A wet spot appeared on her jeans, & the second orgasm caused it to quickly spread. As she came down, she realized that a quick trip to the bathroom would allow her to simply remove the vibrator & allow her to finish studying. But as she stood up, she realized the wet spot on her pants was completely visible, & the bathroom was on the other side of the building, meaning she would have to walk past way too many people. She slunk down in the chair, resigned to her fate.

But who had it? Megan looked first to the group of freshman who helped her up, & sure enough, the blonde girl & a boy were giggling & whispering to each other, stealing glances at her. Just then, the buzzing slowed to a murmur, & Megan sighed with relief. 'The batteries must be dying' she thought to herself. The motor purred gently, but then roared to life. That was what led Megan to realize the other buttons & dials on the remote adjusted the speed & intensity of the vibrations. The unit buzzed with a ferocity she had never experienced, & her third orgasm in less than 30 minutes hit when she realized the device was buzzing loud enough for others to hear. The skinny blonde was grinning feverishly, her power over another girl's body complete. For the next hour, Megan sat alone, trying to look lost in her books, as this girl tortured her poor pussy with orgasm after orgasm.

Her jeans were soaked, as was the chair beneath her. She had lost count of her orgasms at six, & had quite a few after that. Her pussy was sore & swollen. It had betrayed her, taking over her will & making her a slave to pleasure. Helplessness washed over her, when finally she felt the unit stop. The girl was coming towards her, holding the remote up in front of her. 'Hope you had as much fun as I did,' she said as she dropped it on the table in front of Megan. She leaned in until Megan could smell her perfume & she was inches from Megan's face. 'We should do this again sometime.' She said as Megan stared blankly ahead. 'Otherwise, I think I might have to start telling people about your study methods.' With that the girl leaned in & softly kissed Megan's lips, the delicateness so unlike any guy Megan had kissed before. 'Thursday, Seven o'clock, here. See you then, sweetheart.'



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