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Megan walked into her apartment & set her things down. It had been a long day, & she was glad to be home. She stretched out on the bed & closed her eyes. All day long, this is what she had been waiting for. When she pulled herself out of bed in the morning, she vowed she would get back into it ASAP, & here she was. She kicked off her shoes, & pulled off her t-shirt, feeling the cool air from the AC caress her skin. As her nipples hardened, she realized this would be the perfect opportunity to satisfy herself, & would also allow her to unwind enough to fall asleep. The corners of her lips curled into a mischevious grin as she undid her bra & slid it off. She was nude from the waist up.

Her pussy started to throb slightly, & she felt the first indications of wetness between her lips as she undid her jeans & kicked them off, leaving only her blue cotton panties & socks on her body. She gently tickled her nipple with her fingertips, & let her other hand trail down her belly. She felt so exposed, like her body was on display. Shivers ran up and down her spine at the thought of people watching her right now, watching her hand creep down her stomach towards her panties, as if she was putting on a show. She stroked her lips through the fabric, feeling the cotton moisten. Her mind drifted to that familiar pleasure zone, & her lips parted to allow her finger inside, getting the panties even wetter. The woven cotton tickled her throbbing clit, enticing it out of its hiding place.

Finally she slid her hand inside, running her fingertips through her hair & down in between her lips. She stiffened her finger & began circling her clit, slowly inching closer & closer to her clit itself. The tension was building inside her, her legs shifting aimlessly under the sheets as her orgasm approached. Just as she reached the brink, her phone rang. Muttering angrily to herself, she withdrew her hand & picked up the phone. After she finished her conversation, she laid back down & began massaging her aching clit again. Again she got to the edge of an orgasm, when a book fell off her desk, startling her & causing her to stop her exploration again.

The need for release was overwhelming, & as she picked her book up, she inadvertantly began grinding her lips against her chair. Holding it in place, she straddled the arm & pushed her clit hard against the rough fabric. As she felt her third attempt getting close, she began thinking of what an amazing sight she must make, naked except for socks, humping a piece of furniture with all her might. Her third attempt was almost fulfilled when the chair rolled, almost causing her to fall. She regained her composure & laid back in bed.

Her pussy felt wetter than it ever had before, & she felt an amazing urge to pee, but knew she had to cum before anything else. Her lips ached & throbbed, begging for her fingertips. She spread her legs wide, & gently began tickling her sore clit. It felt firmer & bigger than ever before, & she could actually grip it between her fingertips, stroking it like a tiny cock. That new action finally did the trick, as she finally began to cum. It felt like her pussy was exploding, & she could feel fluids shooting out of her in time with the contraction of her muscles, like peeing but much better. The orgasm dragged on forever, & tiny moans & squeaks slipped out of her mouth as she gently rubbed herself off for what felt like hours. The sheets under her butt were soaking wet, as wer her fingers & inner thighs, but she didn't realize she had squirted all over the lower half of her bed. Finally, the intensity began to slowly die down, & the massive thunderbolts of pleasure subsided into a gentle throb. When finally she opened her eyes again, the light blinded her, & she realized that for all intents & purposes, it felt like she had peed her bed.

She was planning on getting up to change her sheets, but ended up dozing off in them. When she woke, it was dark & the sheets were literally stuck to her naked body. The room reeked of her sex, & as she pulled her wrinkled fingers out of her pussy, she realized she had been continuously masturbating throughout her sleep, having orgasm after orgasm. From that day on, when she had time, she would practice the technique of getting to the brink, then stopping, on & on, until finally she would explode into orgasms so strong she felt as if they would stop her heart.



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