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Mega Orgasms That Keep Getting Better!

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Believe you me. If you try and you master this stuff this story here will be one of, if not THE most profound informational stories you ever read regarding physical experiences!


I personally have had many super orgasms. The kind where you don't ejaculate but feel an even more intense orgasm feeling that you normally get in your genitals / prostate area THROUGHOUT EVERY SQUARE INCH OF MY BODY! Even fingertips! It's the kind of orgasm that you have over and over again going all afternoon (without ejaculating, (my record is 22 super orgasms in one-day) I'm 33 and over the past 10 years a learning process began by chance.

Here's a summary of my story:

1) 10 years ago stumbled across a website and learned how a man can have a 'prostate orgasm', using an anal probe and that it's more intense than normal and you can keep having them over and over. I was sceptical but excited at the prospect that it might be true. Anyway I didn't buy one right away but found a usable house-hold item which sufficed. I followed the instructions and tried the contraction of my sphincter really super hard after you've massaged the prostate for a while and contracting around the toy of choice, relaxing then repeating. The feeling during the contractions while massaging the prostate and at the same time contracting starts to feel good, then better, then orgasmic and eventually super-orgasmic. They say it takes some people a long time time to learn this but for me; that day's orgasm achieved by their instruction, was up until then the most intense that I have ever had.

Two hours later I was still at it laying on a towel on the floor writhing in magnificent, delicious-feeling, full-body orgasm! It was akin to discovering orgasm for the first time all over again! I was amazed.

A few years later I have mastered prostate orgasms. That, I feel, should be your first step. I believe it is indeed as healthy as they say it is (if done safely)because it greatly expanded my sexual potential and got my sexual system in the best shape of it's life (important to the process)!

2) Next: I learned to master edging. Excited that there was also something profound to discover using the penis again as my primary pleasure trigger. It wasn't quite as profound but believe me, it was still MIND BLOWING. Learning to hold it in and edge on orgasm for long periods of time made non-ejaculatory orgasms that rip through your whole body, don't know how to describe the difference (from prostate orgasms)but there is one. Then later in a typical masturbation session (once or twice a week), I went back and forth combining the methods two methods. Combining them provided me countless amazing experiences and expanded the intensity of my orgasms even more.

Other benefits I found (by applying a little bit of discipline) was that the prostate massaging / drainage really served as a great tool to become more in control of your sexuality. Also, what's better than burning hundreds of calories by writhing blissfully in orgasm? Orgasm which only stops when you're either interrupted or limited by your time available and/or by how in-shape you are is by far the most enjoyable physical training / exercising I have ever done! You can continue having orgasms until your body is literally too tired to go on and you're forced to rest...

Third: And even more profound than both combined! I discovered sexual energy. I thought tantra was a bunch of hibi-jibi spiritual weirdness but I am now a full believer on Tantra's physiological effects on your nervous system and how you can learn to move this sexual energy up your spine through different areas (that they call 'chakras') on up to right above the front of your head. The feeling this causes is utterly, extremely out of this world amazing! I honestly cannot fathom how it's possible for the human body to feel THAT good. I AM NOT EXAGGERATING. I love life no matter what happens! By-in-large the reason for that is due to those discoveries. My girlfriend reminds me often that I'm the best lover she ever had!

I now combine principles of all three skill-sets to experience what I consider as a 'super-duper'-orgasm.

I now have a favourite type of orgasm: 'breath-orgasms'! They are ridiculously fantastic! I can now have orgasms without touching or manually stimulating any of my sexual organs whatsoever (no lie)! The feeling is so pleasurable, it is very difficult to wrap your head around how the human body is capable of experiencing that much pleasure.

I hope this inspires you. I feel since every man is capable of this stuff and so few know, it feels like an obligation to share how I do it / I believe it would be completely selfish to keep this info to myself and every man should experience this.



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