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Meeting Venn

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My parents were not well off & we never had vacation except for this one time when my aunt invited my mother & I to stay with her for a month one summer when I had just turned 19. I was pretty inexperienced for my age & still a virgin except for the endless jerking off I did.

She lived in a small town on the coast close to the beaches. I would visit the beach each day looking for girls which never noticed me plus I was so stupidly shy around girls.

At the end of the first week I met Venn, the son of my aunt's friend. He was the same age as me & we got along right away. I soon learned all Venn thought about was sex. He talked about tits all the time & one day asked me if I wanked much. Not knowing what wanking was I said yes & I suppose I was not lying at all. He said good & asked if I wanted to wank with him. I said sure not knowing what I had just agreed to. With a huge smile Venn grabbed my arm & told me to follow him. We walked & ran to the end of the road, through a field to a clearing behind some trees. He told me this is where he went to wank all the time & began taking his clothes off asking me what I was waiting for. I soon realized what I had agreed to & before I knew it there stood Venn with his cock stiff as a tree limb sticking straight out at me. Venn straddled a big barkless log & told me to take off my clothes & do the same. I stood wondering what to do while at the same time Venn took his cock in hand & started running it up & down. Instantly I was excited & horny & I wanted to do it to but I was too afraid. I told Venn I couldn't because my mom may find out. He assured me nobody would ever know & that I was missing out on a real good time. I still said no so he told me it was OK but to sit down & he would do it by himself.

I sat down in front of him facing his naked body & watched him "wank" for me. It was a very exciting thing to experience being so sheltered back then. He jerked for a while then leaned back & shot some long strings of cum off to one side of the log on the ground. I remember watching his hand move on his cock thinking how much I wanted to do it. Then I remember watching each string of cum hit the hard ground where no grass covered it. Venn's cum was quiet except for his deep breathing & he blew out with each new string of cum. His entire body jerked each time too. When there was no more cum he shortened his strokes & closed his eyes & with his mouth wide open he let out long whispers of ahhhhh, ahhhhh, ahhhhh then he was done.

Venn stood up & squeezed his long cock & small drips of cum dropped of the tip. He gave it a shake then walked around in circles telling me how good he felt. His long hard cock was now slowly drooping down then he dressed & we walked home. On the way home he asked if I would join him the next day. I said no again then he asked if we made a game & there was only a chance I had to do it would I agree to play the game. I wanted to so bad so I blurted out a hard "yes" then that was it.

The next day we walked to the same spot. On the way Venn explained that he had a deck of cards & the cards would dictate who wanked. We got there & we sat on the log facing each other. Venn shuffled the cards then told me we would draw cards & the first to draw a joker had to wank. He said after the joker was drawn we'd keep drawing until the second joker came up. If the same guy got both only he wanked & if the other guy got it the second guy wanked after the first guy was done.

My heart was pounding so hard I could hear it. There was a very good chance I was going to be jerking off in front of somebody for the first time in my life & it was tremendously exciting.

I drew first then we kept drawing & Venn drew a joker. "Let's keep going" he said. We drew & he drew another joker. I was relieved & let down too. Venn stood & stripped then sat down in front of me with his huge long cock ready to wank. He got so close his knees were touching mine then he took his cock in hand & did what he had to. I watched like the day before & he took his time before he finally came. His body jerked & he blew hard & again, long strings of cum flew while I just watched with a hard cock under my shorts.

Venn stood up & walked around naked again & told me I was unlucky today. Then he asked if I wanted to try the cards just one more time. I asked why & he said "to get the joker dummy" then he picked up the deck. He sat down again & held out the cards. I looked at his naked body & how his cock was softening form all the good fun he just had then I reached out to take a card. I drew & he drew, eventually we knew I had to get a joker. He drew it again then he told me he'd think off something he'd have to do as punishment tomorrow for drawing just after he'd already wanked off. We drew & then I did it. I got the joker.

My heart was pounding twice as hard & so was my cock. I stood up & when my shorts came down my cock almost made noise it popped up so hard. I stripped right down just like Venn then sat down ready to put on my show. With a shaking hand I took my cock & began moving the tight foreskin back & forth. Venn had a big smile & asked me if it felt good. With a big "yes" I kept a good stroke on my hard cock. Venn commented on how I was cut like him & that made me feel good. Somebody was looking at my cock & talking about it. I kept telling myself in my mind that I was being watched while I jerked off. It was so intense that my orgasm was not long in coming. I told Venn I had to cum & he said "let it fly". I leaned back & stoked hard. My own strings of cum were spraying all over me. It felt so good cumming while being watched! One of the best cums ever! I'm not one of those guys who can keep it together when I cum like Venn did. I do a lot more than a few jerks. My body jumps & snaps & my eyes almost role back in my head. When I'm cumming I tighten every muscle in my body to make the orgasm better & it goes right through me. I almost fell off the log & when I was done Venn clapped like I was on stage.

I was cum covered & no longer horny & all of a sudden a feeling of complete happiness came over me like never before. I scooped off my cum & let it drip on the ground where Venn had cum before. Then we walked home again. On the way back Venn asked if we could do it again the next day & this time I said "sure".

The next day Venn brought his cards again. Once we were there I stripped naked right away. I was horny & wanted to jerk off with him. Venn told me we needed to draw cards again. I asked why & said I was ready to do it now. He said we had to up the dare & asked if I was up for it. I said sure & he asked me if I was OK to do whatever the cards said. I said sure & he asked if I had ever had my cock sucked. Fear swept through me & I said no. He asked if I had ever sucked a cock & I said "no way" not me.

Then he asked me if I was willing to let the cards decide if one of us had to do it or not & told me he was ready to take whatever the cards said. I told him no & he said OK & we should go back. I asked why & he said he said he did not want to wank any more. There I was naked & ready to wank but I was too afraid to do anything more. Then Venn asked what I was afraid of & I told him of getting caught. He took his clothes off & assured me nobody could ever find out. Then he asked if I ever wondered what it felt like to get my cock sucked. I answered yes & he held out the cards. He said whoever draws a king sucks & if I drew first he'd do it first as long as I promised to do it after. For some reason I said OK. "YES" yelled Venn the he held out the deck again.

With shaking hands I drew a card. Then we took turns then I drew a king. My heart almost come out my throat. I looked at Venn & he said "I promised & so di you so lets get at it". He told me to sit sideways on the log & open my legs. I was shaking so hard that my cock was only half hard. Venn knelt down & even though I knew it was coming it was a surprise. He opened his mouth & took my cock inside. He held my cock at the base & slid his lips up & down my cock. It felt fantastic! It was like the softest hand ever was stroking my cock. He stopped & told me to hold it tight at the bottom & not to let go. I held my now perfectly hard cock & he took it inside his mouth again. He slid up & down for about a minute then stopped & told me to tell him if I felt like cumming. Soon I could feel I was at the start of cumming & I told him he should stop. He stopped & stood up asking how it felt. I told him it was good & he said "OK now it's your turn" & sat down beside me on the log. I was shaking just as hard. I got on the ground & sat back on my knees facing Venn. His cock was stiff & hard as it could be pointing straight out & to the sky. "Go ahead" he said. "it your turn to do it now" then he reminded me I promised.

Venn's legs were open so I moved forward & thought about nothing. I opened my mouth & felt his big cock slide into my mouth. It felt huge! Bigger than it looked. It took up my entire mouth. I never moved my head for a few seconds then Venn lifted his butt up & began pumping my mouth. Now all I could think was I was feeling a cock in my mouth & it was feeling pretty nice. I thought if I was going to do it I was going to do it as best as I could. I took his cock out & told him to do the same as I did & hold it tight. When his cock slid back into my mouth it felt even more hard & the skin was so tight it was like it was gone. I moved up & down as fast & hard as my body would move. I was getting right into this cock sucking thing. Why not I told myself. It's fun & nobody will ever know but us. As I as thinking Venn pulled me off his cock. He told me he was going to cum if I didn't stop. That was the end of my cock sucking experience. We both sat facing each other & jerked off cumming both at the same time. It was so much fun!

We got together jerking off at least 8 more times all the time I was there. The day before I was going home Venn asked if we could suck cocks again but I said no. That day we jerked 4 different times knowing it would be the last time.

I've never done anything like that with a guy since & I know I never will. I once jerked off to some porn with a guy I knew while away on business but that was it. He was a bit younger than me.

I think it was just the right time & person with Venn. Sometimes I think back to his cock in my mouth & I like the memory. I also like the visual I still have of his lips moving on my cock plus the look of his hard cock just before it slid in my mouth. In some ways I wish we had have gone as far as cumming in each others mouth. I thought about it then but I know I would have never done it. Now it would be a great memory.



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