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Meeting Sue Again

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Hope this story isn't too long !


When I was about 12 years old my best friend at school was a boy called Andy who had a sister Sue who was a couple of years younger than us. Even at that early age Sue was very uninhibited about her body and had definite exhibitionist tendencies.

The first time I met her was when I had gone round to Andy's to work on a school project we were doing together. Andy had gone downstairs and Sue came in to say 'hello' followed by 'would you like me to strip for you'. I was practically speechless. At that time I was quite shy, and although it now seems silly, I found the thought of her getting undressed in front of me quite embarrassing.

Much to my discomfort however, Sue started to take her clothes off. Shoes, socks, cardigan and dress all came off leaving her in just a white vest and navy blue knickers. Rather than enjoy the show I was making all sorts of comments as to why she should stop. She lifted the vest but just as it was about to go over her head she decided to stop, let it fall back and then gathered up her clothes and left.

On another occasion Andy came in to say that Sue was in the bath and wanted to talk to me. Again the thought of seeing her naked embarrassed me so I didn't go.

Later that year Andy and his family moved to another part of the country and after writing to each other for a short while we lost touch. Many times over the next few years I regretted not seeing Sue nude, I knew she would have happily taken her knickers off and stripped fully if only I had not been so embarrassed by it.

About four years later a letter arrived from Andy saying his family was coming up to where I lived for a few days and would I like to meet up. I agreed, meeting again would be fun after all this time, and would let us see how much we'd changed since we were both 16 now. The following week I opened the door and was met by a much older looking Andy and a rather cute girl. It took me a few seconds to realise that the cute girl was in fact Sue.

She must have been about 14 now and had certainly changed from the last time I'd seen her. She still had a mass of dark curly hair and a cheeky smile, but she now had breasts pushing out the front of her top and curvy hips under the long floaty skirt she was wearing. We all said Hi and went up to my room and started catching up on what we'd been up to, it was great to see each other again.

Sue was sitting cross-legged on my bed, I kept giving her glances as I'd already realised I quite fancied her, but unfortunately nothing was on show, her skirt was well down over her knees. By this time in my life I was quite obsessed with girls but still hopelessly shy when it came to asking them out, and was therefore still totally inexperienced. My knowledge of female anatomy was entirely from magazines.

After an hour or so Andy said he had to go, he'd arranged to meet up with someone else, but Sue asked if she could stay a bit longer as she didn't want to go with him. I was more than pleased for her to stay, especially as it was just the two of us and I felt quite relaxed being with her.

We chatted a bit more then Sue said, 'do you remember the first time we met, I said I'd do a strip for you but I didn't finish it'. I told her I did and had often wished she'd taken the rest off. She giggled then said, 'haven't you seen a girl in the nude yet'. Blushing a bit I shook my head and told her I hadn't. Sue went quiet for a moment then said 'maybe I should do another strip for you now, yes, I think I will'. I just looked at her, but before I could say anything she had stood up and kicked off her shoes. Her hands then went to her waist and undid her skirt which she let drop to the floor revealing her shapely bare legs. Taking hold of her top she then lifted it over her head and dropped that on the floor too. She was now standing in front of me dressed only in a little white bra and knickers. I was too shocked to say anything, seeing a girl in underwear was already a dream come true for me.

'Okay now it's your turn, I'm not going to get naked on my own' she said. I realised she wanted me to strip too and all my old shyness and embarrassment came back and I found myself making all sorts of excuses not to do it. Sue wasn't going to go any further though unless I undressed, and I knew that unless I went along with her I'd spend the next few years regretting not seeing her naked.

Nervously and with a pounding heart I started to remove my clothes until I was down to just my underpants. Sue looked pleased saying, 'that's better, I'll go first then it's your turn'. Her hands reached behind her back to unclasp her bra, and then she took it off, releasing her breasts for me. Next she gabbed the waistband of her knickers and skimmed them down her thighs and legs and stepped out of them. She stood in front of me, arms outstretched and smiling, completely naked.

I just stared, speechless and motionless. Sue had a lovely body, slim but not too skinny. Her breasts were not that large, but firm and nicely rounded with prominent pink nipples. My eyes though were drawn to the top of her legs were she had a thick bush of curly black pubic hair which stood out clearly from her pale skin. She turned around and let me see her from the back, she had a very pert bottom with nicely rounded cheeks which she briefly wiggled at me as she bent forward.

Turning to face me again my trance was broken when she said 'Your turn, come on, I want to see your cock'. I was blushing madly, and my heart beating fast through nerves and excitement, as I slipped my thumbs into my underpants and slid them off. For the first time in my life I was standing naked in front of a naked girl. My cock was only semi hard, my anxiety still having an effect over my excitement at seeing Sue undressed.

Sue came over to me and said 'lets kiss'. She put her arms around me and pulled us together, her breasts were pressed into my chest and my cock was pushed up against her stomach. I put my arms around her and felt the warm soft skin of her back. We kissed, just on the lips, no tongues or open mouths. Sue's hands then dropped to my bottom and started to stroke my cheeks, and I did the same to her as we kissed for a second time.

As we finally parted my cock sprang up fully erect, the kissing and feeling of Sue's body had had their effect and I was now feeling incredibly horny for her. Nobody had ever seen me with an erection before but my nerves were rapidly disappearing and I wanted Sue to see me like that. Sue's hand reached out and gently took hold of my cock, she pulled the foreskin back exposing the purple head, which seemed to make me swell even more. 'That's better' she giggled 'You're about the same size as Andy when he's hard. Would you like me to wank you, I do it for Andy and he likes it. Let's get on the bed'.

Sue lay on her side on the bed and I got down beside her and turned onto my back, my cock sticking up like a flagpole. Sue started to run her fingers lightly up and down my shaft and round onto my balls. I'd been masturbating since I was about 12 but this was the first time I'd ever been touched by someone else and it felt so incredibly different. Her hand then closed around my cock and she started to move it up and down. As she increased the speed she also gripped me harder and I new I wouldn't last very long. Sue sensed that I was about to cum and really pulled down hard on my cock setting off the most intense experience I'd ever had. My buttocks clenched and rose off the bed as I shot a string of cum into the air which landed on my chest. Sue continued to pump me as I shot a further three or four strings which landed on my stomach and dribbled down Sue's hand.

As I lay getting my breath back Sue grinned at me 'Did you enjoy that, I like seeing a cock spurt out like that. Now you've got to do me'. I got a tissue and cleaned myself up and looked at Sue. She was now on her back propped up against a pillow, legs slightly apart, waiting for me to start on her. I had never really thought about girls masturbating and how they actually did it, and while I hesitated wondering were to start Sue said 'You've never done a girl before have you, it's okay I'll show you how, just do what I say. Start with my boobs, have a good feel and play with my nipples, I like that'. I reached out and took hold of her right breast and started to squeeze and stroke it, I then took her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and rubbed it, it was hard and sticking up erect. 'Lick it', said Sue, 'I like having it sucked'. I dropped my mouth down and ran my tongue over her nipple then took it between my lips and sucked on it, 'that's nice' murmured Sue. I then did the same to her left breast.

Sue seemed to be enjoying it, then she shifted position slightly and spread her legs, bringing her knees up and keeping her thighs well apart, 'play with my cunt now' she said. I ran my hand down her stomach and into her soft pubic bush, as my fingers explored I found her pussy lips, they were pouting open. I was surprised at how warm and wet she felt as I ran my finger along the lips parting them further as I did so. Sue's hand came down and took mine, 'I want you to rub me here' she said as she guided my fingers to what I now know was her clitoris. I started to rub the little bump and was aware that Sue was now breathing heavily and giving out little gasps. As I continued to rub her clit, Sue's left hand was playing with her breasts, and then she plunged her other hand down between her legs pushing two fingers right into her pussy. Her whole body tensed and she let out a low moan before she slumped back against the bed. Her pussy was gushing wetness onto both our hands.

She was flushed red in the face and for a moment I thought something had happened to her but then she smiled and told me she'd just had an amazing orgasm. We lay side by side on the bed, still naked, arms around one another, and talked. She told me that she and Andy often 'got naked together' and would play with one another. She liked being nude and showing herself off to him and she liked seeing his stiff cock and making it spurt. He never 'puts it in me' though she said as that would be wrong, but they would do anything else and liked to masturbate each other or together.

Sue's hand had now moved down and started to stroke my thigh, occasionally brushing against my still limp cock. My right hand started to stroke her breast as she continued to play with my cock and in no time at all I was hard and erect again much to Sue's delight.

'Do you want to do something I do with Andy' she said, 'It's nice but you musn't put your thing in me, okay'. I said fine. Sue got down on all fours with her legs and thighs well parted, her bottom was thrust up and out towards me. I felt my cock stiffen even further at the sight in front of me, as at the top of her thighs her pussy was clearly visible through her damp pubic hairs. The temptation to thrust my cock deep into her pussy was great but I knew I couldn't do it.

'Rub your cock against my bum, you can do it along the crack, just remember what I said'. I took hold of her hips and rested my cock on the smooth cheeks of her bottom, and then started to move backwards and forwards, humping against her. It felt good as I squeezed my cock against her bare skin. Sue was pushing back against me in time, her movements causing her breasts, which were hanging down beneath her, to swing delightfully. Her right hand was now between her legs rubbing away furiously as we both increased speed and thrusting. Finally I came, although not as heavily as last time, with most of my cum landing on her back and bottom cheeks. Seconds later Sue brought herself off for the second time before collapsing on the bed with me on top of her. It wasn't full sex but it was probably as near to it as we could get at the time.

Sue realised that she couldn't stay much longer so we went to the bathroom and cleaned up and I had a last look at her before she got dressed. As she left she gave me a final kiss and said that maybe she could have a threesome with me and Andy someday. She sent me letters for a while afterwards telling me what she and Andy had been up to, needless to say I would always masturbate as I read them thinking about her lovely naked body. We did meet up again but that's another story.



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