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Meeting a New Friend (the Beginning)

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I hope this story is the first of what will become many.


He approached me the other night at a social function. He said he had seen me around several times, and had been waiting for the chance to introduce himself. (We're both so glad now he found the chance.)

It was instant chemistry. Even barely being able to hear him over the crowd, I was completely drawn to him; I ached to reach out and touch him. It wasn't but a few minutes before I had to leave, and I spent the drive home glowing with excitement.

That was three nights ago. Since then, I've masturbated to four VERY intense orgasms imagining he is the one bringing them on.

The first was nothing out of the ordinary-just a girl relieving some tension. I envisioned his lean body propped above me, rubbing my clit at just the right spot. In reality, I'm usually too shy to tell guys what I really like and want, but in my fantasies, I can be as forward with them as I need to be. Of course, in fantasies, it's about getting off; in reality it's more about sharing intimacy with someone, so as long as he's giving me attention and making me feel good, I really can't complain.

The second was more intense; we'd begun corresponding more, and I knew for sure he was interested in me, which made my fantasies that much more realistic. I imagined how many days it'd be before we'd be able to get our hands on one another. I had plenty of time during this session, so I prolonged my orgasm as long as I possibly could, pushing myself right to the brink and easing off at the last second. When I finally knew I wouldn't be able to hold off any longer, I involuntarily whispered his name just as my orgasm was coming on. I washed up a bit before I had to go out, but I wondered if there was any chance I'd see him before I'd had a chance to shower and he might smell traces of my earlier session and know I'd been thinking of him.

The third was the mind-blower.

I took it as slowly as I could. Being kind of worn out from the previous two, it took me a while before my rubbing really began to pay off.

I kept pausing to read more Solo Touch stories, focusing on the rare really graphic descriptions guys (usually husbands discussing their wives) give of pussies and the way they touch them. I can't remember exactly which story it was, but there's one story where the man describes every sensation as he pushes his fingers all over his wife's inner and outer labia, sticking his middle finger slightly inside her, circling her clit . . .

I also remembered a former lover who hadn't yet learned about the clit (and I can't have an orgasm without intense direct clitoral stimulation) and I was too shy to tell him, but he would finger me for an hour or more, and every second of it was the most intense. Always two fingers, and he always had me moaning and panting and grabbing his arms out of sheer desperation from the pleasure he was providing.

I was remembering him, remembering the time we were kissing deeply when I was on top of him, and how he suddenly grabbed me by the waist and sat me up, my legs wrapped around him, my face slightly above his, and his rock hard erection pressed directly against the entire length of my privates-balls right down near my bottom, and boner pressed tightly as could be all up the length of my lips, head right against my clit. He and I never had intercourse; that one experience was probably the closest we ever came. We sat there, kissing on and off, rocking against each other for a few minutes. That was incredibly erotic and arousing, and one of my favorite memories to date. If I conjure it up while I'm walking, I instantly feel weak in the knees. If it occurs to me while I'm in his presence, I can't look at him or I'm sure he'd notice how red in the face I am.

It was a combination of those and the scenarios I was dreaming up with my future lover. I pictured being able to be completely open with him; I imagined him as a very sweet and gentle lover. He could kiss me ferociously with an uncontrollable passion, but also delicately with the softest lips. As I switched techniques on my clit, sometimes rubbing circles around the whole thing with two fingers, then using just one to rub quickly back and forth across the left side, then the right side, then back to circles . . . I imagined the sexual freedom to explain to him the differences in these techniques, and to be able to instruct him on which one to use to make me feel the most fully satisfied. I imagined looking up into his soft brown eyes, which would see how desperately I needed him in that moment, my pleasure controlled by him; myself completely vulnerable to him.

After having approached very near orgasm two or three times, I told myself that no matter how intense it got, I had to continue for at least twenty more minutes. I got up and found my penis-sized toothbrush holder (which I did not buy with the intention of transporting a toothbrush) and thrusted it in and out of myself for a few minutes. What a glorious feeling, dreaming of the day I'll be full of him and so near explosion. I left that inside me while I returned to my throbbing clit. I edged as many times as I could, practicing insane self-control by not allowing myself to reach the point of no return.

I did not last the full twenty minutes. Just as 18 hit, I could not stop. I Could. Not. Stop. This was the first orgasm of my entire life that I felt throughout my whole body. This was probably the most intense and pleasureful orgasm of my 20 years. As it approached, I felt GOOD throughout my legs, feet, toes, stomach, arms, hands, face . . . I moaned his name three or four times right as my orgasm started.

I could not get out of bed for a good ten minutes after that. I was lying there on my back, panting and smiling, and imagining I had him hovering above me, holding me, smiling back, so proud of the amazing pleasure he had given me. So close to me.

The fourth was nothing notable either. I've been incessantly horny since I met him, so I masturbated quickly in the shower this morning. It was intense, as I used a vibrator and was relentless because I didn't have much time, but I didn't fantasize much. I am rather sore at this point from giving myself so much attention, but I can't stop! I am constantly aroused. It's so exciting. I want to tell him what he's doing to me, but I know I can't; it's too early in our relationship to be so forward with him.

We have had our first kiss now, by the time I'm writing this story, but I'm going to save that for the next one. I hope there will be MANY more in the near future.

Happy jacking and jilling, OF COURSE!

Thank you for reading, friends.



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