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Meds Vs. Wonderfully Warm Hands!

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just happened this morning!


Due to an accident last fall, I've had surgery and am now taking meds and am in therapy. I hate the meds because they seem to diminish my ability for an erection, especially Ibuprofin which is an anti-inflammatory OTC med. Consider what it means to be taking an anti-inflammatory med. For me it causes my love wand not to become inflated. 20 years ago, when I had turned my hip and took meds, it took a month to recover from the meds before erections again came easily. Now I'm 20 years older, in my senior years, taking meds, and can't even 'get it up' now without reading some Solo Touch stories. Contrast that sad comment to the following incident that just happened this morning:

Being in therapy, I was pleasantly surprised to see a young, slender, pretty, blonde female standing alongside my male therapist. He introduced her and we went to the rehab room. He started me out on one of the machines and left saying he'd be back. Meanwhile she was to be in charge of my rehab. Besides some small conversation while I worked on one of the machines, nothing special happened either at the machine or at the padded bench as I did my exercises.

Then marvelously all wonders broke loose when she took hold of my wrist and elbow to do some stretch exercises that the therapist had done earlier in my rehab. It did not take long for me to notice her wonderfully warm hands! Wow! What a delight compared to the way the male therapist had been manipulating my arm. In the past 20 years, I've been to about 30 different massage therapists and am always delighted by those who have warm hands, but this gal was different. Her hands were almost hot! I savored every second of the 20 minutes while she held my wrist and arm, especially when she traded hands for a different stretch. Then I knew I'd be in for more of a treat from her wonderfully warm hands! Her grip was so gentle, so tender, so-do I dare call it loving? Her warm hands were so delicate! So delightful! So delicious! So stunning! So fantastic! And so hot! What more can I say than that it was a sensual (making my senses take note) experience-and in my erotic way of thinking, it was a sexual experience. I told her that with her warm hands she would make an excellent massage therapist. She did not respond, so we both left it at that because I did not want to get in trouble for harassing her.

The saddest part was that having taken a narcotic med before therapy as the therapist ordered, I did not get an erection, even though I squeezed my PC muscles repeatedly, hoping that my love wand would become inflated and enlarged so she could notice with me lying flat on my back as she manouevered my arm. But sigh. No such response from my over-drugged love wand. Meds infiltrate the entire body, not just the affected area. I hate meds, but love warm touches, especially very warm touches! Maybe, just maybe, she will be present again at my next visit, although she ordinarily works with a different therapist who was ill today. Perchance she is present next time, I will violate the therapists orders and hope not to have to take meds for 24 hours in advance.

I'm hoping against hope that the other therapist will still be ill and that she will be working with my therapist so she can again hold my wrist and arm with her delightfully warm hands! I'd love to have her very warm hands caress my entire body softly and delightfully for an hour during a full-body massage!

Of the 30 or more massage therapists I've been to during the last 20 years, only a few have allowed me to lie there completely exposed. Several have allowed only a small towel or a light-weight sheet to cover my privates and I'm sure they noticed when my love wand turned into an inflated and rigid love wand. One commented that it happens frequently, so I knew she saw what was happening under the sheet. Only one has finished several massages with a 'happy ending'-and it didn't even take long! She would wear only a T-shirt and being bare-bottomed, I was allowed to caress her smooth butt cheeks while she played with my love wand. I asked her to remove her shirt, but she would not. One time, my volcano erupted and she showed me where my cum hit her T-shirt. She said that was why she kept it on. But then, being a small town, the town council ran her out of town. Sigh. I certainly hope I can find a massage therapist somewhere within easy driving distance whose hands will at least come close to being as warm as the rehab therapist's hands did this morning!

I'd appreciate feedback whether other males have experienced erection problems due to taking anti-inflammatory meds-or any meds that cause erection problems and what you do about it. My spouse is a nurse and denies the fact that anti-inflammatory meds also keep my love wand from inflating, but then, she's not a male. How could she know? She's just sticking up (no pun intended) for the entire pharmaceutical/medical industry that she works in and has been her lifelong vocation. Enough for now. Stay off meds and enjoy warm hands, erections, and orgasms whenever you can! Exciting thrills make all the hum-drum activities of life worth while! RC



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