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Med School Fun

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Antics in med school.


I suppose a lot of people don't know what goes on in med school. Four years of nothing but studying gets very boring and we may want to be doctors but we still get just as horny as the rest of you.

During one quarter all the students pair off and give each other a physical. Not in the sense of a medical examination but a practice exam for us to see many naked bodies and get acquainted with the opposite sex. Before the quarter was over every student had spent time with every single other student. I can't say for the girls but us guys kept male-male contact to the bare minimum. On the other hand when it was time to examine a female, I at least, was very thorough. I can also say that every female student was quite thorough with me. One in particular was a cute asian babe from Mynamar. She had the hottest accent and I for one couldn't wait until it was my turn to see her naked. Her body was kickin.

The first few classmates things were cursory. We did the exam then wrote a brief paper about what we saw. Any irregularities or just things that were unique to that individual we would point out and discuss in class. One of the guys had it written about him that his penis, when erect, was eight inches long. Now I knew my penis measured the same but no way had any of the gals yet seen me erect. We also didn't know that we should be checking for that either. The prof pointed out she wanted us all to see each other in sexual arousal.

As I said before when I examined a guy I from then on just asked and he would ask me. Some things I didn't need to see. Not that it sometimes didn't happen by chance.

After this episode in class it was my turn to examine the babe from Mynamar. Her name was Tway. I still get hard thinking about her. One would think that we would just give each other an exam on the same night but the prof had us each work one night and the next night write the paper on the previous night's exam. So first it was my turn to see her naked, it would be another week or so before she did me.

Tway told me that in order to see her in sexual arousal she'd have to be alone for a few minutes. This, I was not expecting. I figured prof just wanted the gals to see erections. (In talking with friends it wasn't difficult to do after the first few gals examined us.)

Tway called me in had me look at how her clitoris became engorged and then went in hiding as I called it. We talked later in class about this, and surmised that all the rest of the labia expanded at a different rate then the external part of the clitoris. This in turn just helped the illusion the clits got smaller when aroused.

Tway had me put a gloved hand into her and feel for the g spot too. This of course was after I used a speculum to examine her cervix. That, to me, is not the least bit arousing, but having a finger in her, even through latex, gave me a complete boner. I told her that I thought I should experience her having a climax. She agreed and told me what to do to get her off. The rest of the night's homework was difficult for me to get through. Seeing her back arch off the table did me in, I had to excuse myself to the bathroom and jerk off a load.

Later in class it came out that gals were not only checking out sizes of erections but also measuring semen volume after ejaculation.

The gals in this class were blowing my mind. Try as I might I couldn't find out which gal that was doing that. Turns out it was Tway. Thank God for this one gal growing up outside of the U.S. for a good part of her life. I later found out that all her papers had that data included when she did a guy. At the time I didn't know it. The prof only read certain ones before we got to see all of them.

When it was Tway's turn to do me while she was checking my prostate she commented that most of the guys would be erect by now if they weren't already. She also said she noticed that we shot bigger cum loads with the added prostate stimulation. Upon hearing this my dick was rock hard.

In all other situations with Tway we always wore gloves and remained clinical. We both knew by looking into each other's eyes this would not be the case tonight. I pulled her close and kissed her, the feeling was mutual. I planned on sex, she did not. She said the assignment wasn't done, and she needed to see me shoot. Turns out all the other guys jacked themselves off for her. She gave me a handjob. I had trouble cumming and asked her to show me her breasts, at that she pulled off all her clothes and started rubbing her clit.

She climbed on the table and held her pussy lips open, I knelt above her and shot a huge load onto her pussy and hands. It was fantastic, one of the best orgasms of my life. It felt like I was peeing out cum, there was that much.

After this night whenever we saw each other she would jack me off into a specimen jar to measure semen volume.

Later in class we all heard a paper that said four days between ejaculations along with prostate stimulation resulted in shooting cum the furthest, almost six feet in my case. All the guys were looking around trying to figure which one this paper was about. The prof I noticed had to stifle a smile while reading it aloud.

Turns out I was a bit special to Tway and she to me but as class went on we grew apart. What gets me is I never did get to put it in her. I later heard that she moved to Hawaii and wrote a jingle called Pu In Sai. That's what a letter to a friend said.

Tway, not her real name but if she reads this she'll know it's about her. My other class mates will know it was me in that paper. I may or may not have ever become a doctor but I could out shoot anyone. And that is what is important in life, not how many lives you save but how far you can shoot cum out of your dick.



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