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Meatless Saturdays

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Surprised by Solo Touch publishing 'Lemonade', the strange event from a summer in L.A., we think the rest of the story should follow.


We, Delores (girl next door) and I, developed together, through show-me-yours, puberty, periods, wet dreams and you-do-it-too?, then mutual masturbation, but no intercourse till marriage at age 22. Neither Delores or I have had sexual experience except with each other, where it is pretty extensive. So, we are at ease with one another, but know little about what other people want and do. Solo Touch shows us we're about average, except maybe being together longer. Thank You.

The last little story 'Lemonade' ended with Delores sipping on her end of my lemon. That seemed like a bum deal for her. It sent us down a fetish road seeking the best veggie for Delores.

Next weekend we excitedly grocery shopped together. In the fresh produce section we whispered, giggled, felt up the carrots, cukes and zucchini. Acting like children out of control we probably embarrassed ourselves. Despite a few pursed-lipped scolding stares from prissy old maids we were not asked to shop elsewhere. That day Delores limited herself to carrots and bok choy. Being basically unruly, at check-out I teased her about her optimism in that latter choice, and reminded her every child with a big plateful is told, 'your eyes are bigger than your--'.

The choices that week were unremarkable. Carrots when microwaved to an exciting temperature got mushy. Bok choy was far too large for comfort.

The search continued.

One Sunday Delores walked around with a smooth cucumber tucked up, held in with snug panties. Later she said the fun was gone in a few minutes, said she kept it in as a matter of pride and to not waste good food. Is that typical feminine thinking?

The big over ripe, sun heated Meyer lemon crop was gone by late summer. Then we both searched, with hopes fading, for market satisfaction. Without relating disgusting experiments I'll tell you there is no fruit or vegetable suited for men. That includes tapioca pudding! Fun and excitement waned.

In late summer squash came to market. Crook neck squash excited Delores greatly. The market had them in a wide choice of sizes, neck length and curve. Her hands might have shaken as she felt size and shape to decide her purchase. Once home she immediately trimmed the stem and scoured the whole thing. Imagining what was coming I got excited and hard.

That first afternoon was not so great, Delores was uncomfortable. Seeing the crook neck disappearing into her beautiful bush I came too quickly. The following Saturday was again dedicated to veggie shopping. Delores made a better guided choice then.

That afternoon was an Indian summer, warm, near sultry, not much smog. We settled into recliners under the umbrella on our deck over the garage. Totally hidden. Wearing a sun dress Delores brought out a fresh trimmed and scrubbed Mr. Squash, sat in the chaise lounge opposite, and began to talk dirty.

Lacking Miss. Meyer I looked on with my fly still zipped as Delores slowly stroked lube onto the squash. Then a wonderful scenario began. Holding Mr. Squash with two hands under the big bulbous end she dropped her feet off the chaise, spread her legs, looked in my eyes as if to say 'here I go'. Both sides of her mouth curved up into an impish smile I had never before seen. Her eyes narrowed and sparkled as they held mine. Her pussy showed that she was really excited. Her orange pubic hair was pushed aside by swollen lips. Ever so slowly she stroked the squash neck up and down between her pussy lips. Her smile became even more devilish and erotic.

After teasing herself for minutes Delores, with both hands behind Mr. Squash, suddenly pulled it into herself. Her eyes snapped big open, mouth opened to gasp 'OH' Words can not express that eroticism, nor can they say how much more I loved her from that moment. My dick was straining mightily against confinement in my shorts. Drops of pre-cum ran cool down one leg.

I watched as her face went from astonishment to serenity, to brow frowned concentration, to uncontrollable blissful agony. It was magnificent. Delores began moaning 'more, oh more, I can't stop' as she pressed the squash hard into her crotch. Inspired I retrieved a really powerful plug-in massager with a big flat rubber head. I also got my shorts off.

Held against the base of the squash the entire vegetable hummed its vibrator impulses into Delores. She wreathed in sexual pleasure with a series of orgasms until flopping back, exhausted. Her red hair, wet from perspiration, trailed across her face in amber tendrils. Her orange pubic hair dark, wet from her emissions and mine, plastered into her crotch. Delores was totally beautiful. I will never forget that beauty,

That episode was surely one of the most meaningful for us both. Her orgasms then were totally her own and no way connected to what I did. That day, and later too, my ejaculations could come without touching Mr. Dick. Remembering our history, seeing my playmate neighbor, high school sweetheart, masturbation buddy, and life partner in savage throes of orgasms would, without any touch, cause my pulsating dick to drip strings of clear pre-cum everywhere then in sync with her orgasms, with uncontrolled leaps and surges, spray semen all over the place till it was empty.

As a footnote we must add that after squash season ended around Halloween Delores tried a dried gourd of similar dimensions. The sound from the vibrator through the hollow gourd did not pulsate as well into her vagina as it did from the solid vegetable. Rather it might make you want to bossa nova.

Oh yes, we titled this 'meatless' cause Delores would not shop for sausages. Said that was just downright nasty while green groceries are organic. Go figure.



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