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Me With My Sis

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This is a true story!!!


I was in my living room, watching TV, as a really sexy show came on. I was home alone so I pulled down my pants and started rubbing my stiff hard cock. My parents were at an overseas job for the next two months, and my 23-year-old brother was checking up on us every other day. Today wasn't his day.

My 12-year-old sister Chloe, wasn't coming home from school for 30 min, so I figured I had time. I got really into it, and my cock was rock hard. Then I heard the front steps creak. It was too late now. My pants were all the way across the room, and there was nothing to cover up with.

Chloe opened the door. 'Oh!' Her face was really red, and she looked as if she were going to cry. She dropped her messenger bag and gym bag and stared at me with big eyes and a wide opened mouth. 'I..I..I'm

sorrrrry...I..I didn't kn-know.' I looked at her silently. She bent over to pick up her messenger bag, giving me a full view of her cute

developing tits. 'It's okay, sis.' 'No, it's not.' She bent over again to pick up her gym bag. I grunted, seeing her tits like that.

'Come here.' I said, stroking my cock. 'I , I have...homework that needs to be...started.' 'Yeah right.' Before she could leave, I stand up and I start to play with her tits. She quietly and softly moans. 'Mmmmmmmmm.' She closes her eyes with pleasure, then looks into mine. 'Why don't you masturbate with me sis?' She looks at the floor. 'I...I don't know how to.'

'I can teach you. Do you want to?' 'Yes.'

I bring her to her room and lay her down on the bed. I pull off her shirt and squeeze and suck her tiny tits. I pull down her pants and panties and her pussy is wet and hairless. 'You shave?' ' No.'

'Wow.' I put my finger on her clit and rub it while my other hand strokes her tits. 'Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It feels SO good.' She moans louder and louder. Her hands go up to my hand and she makes me rub her tits harder. I was kneeling beside her beautiful body on her right side so I was close enough to kiss her. She continues rubbing, with her eyes closed.

I rub her clit faster and harder until she screams. She instantly jerks up and looks at me. 'What just, just happened?' She looks down at herself. I had come all over her chest and she came on my hand. I wiped her chest off with a towel and smiled. 'What happend???' she demanded an answer. 'Your first orgasm.' I licked the hand I rubbed her with and she stares at me with disbelief. 'Your pussy tastes sweet.'

She smiles and looks at her chest. She takes some sticky cum off of her and it gets on her hand. 'What is this?' she looks at it, puzzled.

'Taste it.' She does and makes a disgusted face. 'It's my love to you, babe.' She sucks her hand and gets all the cum off. I kiss her on the lips and go downstairs.

Every night I see the towel I wiped her off with in my room on my bed, it is my silent clue that means she wants to masturbate with me. We have done it six times already, in one week.

We look forward to it everyday.

Love you babe!



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