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Me, Travis, and the Bears

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I love this site so much. You girls are the kind I wish I could talk to at my school, but everyone is shy in real life.


I must have been about nine or ten years old, and Travis was a few years younger than me. I was a very curious kid, but I was also deathly afraid of going to hell.

Me and Travis were really good friends, and we liked to sword fight with sticks, but we frequently talked about girls and sex (neither of us having any idea what we were talking about).

On Christmas day, my grandmother gave me and my sister stuffed bears almost our size, and it didn't take my horny self long to cut a vagina into mine. At the time my dick must of been like five inches (I'm dead serious, all my life I always thought I had a small dick, and then I found out that some of these 18-year-old's have like five to six inches) Anyway, I could hump this thing easy without my dick hitting the floor (instead of going up like a real vagina) and I loved humping this thing while kissing the boobs of a naked barbie.

Well it didn't take me long either to tell Travis about my great new invention, and give him my sisters bear. So one day him and I went up into my room and laid them out. Travis was really nervous, and wouldn't get all the way naked like me. But he got really hard, his points up, but mine is normal. For his age, Travis has a monster dick, probably like six inches! It was bigger than mine and he was like three years younger. I'm not gay, but I was turned on by Travis. On purpose I put his bear in front of mine so I could see him hump. Travis slowly fell to his knees, and lowered himself into the bears soft inside. As I watched his throbbing penis insert into the make-shift vagina, I heard him exhale in pleasure. Immediately he began to hump it furiously, and I started too, but always looking at his tight ass and hard cock going in and out. Every time he hit the floor, he let out a breath. It was soo sexy. Then he really started going, his ass muscles tightened, his balls sucked in, the veins in his dick throbbed out, and he started panting and humping fast. I was loving this so much! Travis got up suddenly and took off the rest of his clothes, and went at it again. I saw sweat go down his curved back and run down his crack onto his balls. Then he started moaning. I told him my parents would hear, but he wouldn't listen, he only humped harder and moaned louder. I was so horny, I wanted to lick the sweat off his ass, and guzzle his balls in my mouth, but I didn't dare. Then to my confusion, he looked up with a beet red face, gasping through gritted teeth, his toes curled up at my face, sweat trickling down his legs, his ass hardened so much it turned white, and his dick's veins bulged. He was gasping for so long, until he let out a long moan, and just laid down panting.

I was SCARED. I had NO IDEA what happened, I crawled over to him, to see what had happened, he had tears in his eyes and sweat everywhere. He smelled bad. All he said was 'It's so good' After seeing he was okay, I took advantage and rubbed his ass, him still panting. I asked him if it felt good and he didn't answer, so I kept doing it, moving a finger up and down his crack, tickling him. Then I dared and put his balls in my palm, at this he turned over and stared at me, and I just went for his dick, but when I touched the head, he jumped. I asked what was wrong and he said it tickled so much. From then on, he called it he 'went until it tickled.'

I couldn't orgasm for another year, and this little eight-year-old had a bigger dick and could! I was really jealous. We humped the bears every other day, and he orgasmed half the time, but never as much as the first time NEVER. That's my first experience, but I have ones at the hospital, and in cars I will tell you about.



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