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Me Too Jayne!

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OMG OMG OMG OMG! YES! Me too. School drive me nuts-I was always wired and especially after games or PE. I didn't really know it at the time, but the scent of other girls around me, both pussy and sweaty really turned me on!


And, like you, I had a friend called Karen. She was cock-mad and had lost her cherry by the time she was 13! By 15, there was nothing she hadn't done with a boy, including some pretty kinky stuff. She used to tell me, and it made me feel antsy and all, but never to the point of wanting to try it with a boy myself.

But, we did talk about jilling off a lot. How, where, what we thought about and stuff. Of course, I took a long LONG time to tell her that what I thought about was other girls sitting on my face! When I did though (I kinda blurted it out) Karen just smiled and said 'No big.' Then she asked me if I had ever done it, you know, had another girl sit on my face. I said no and she said 'So how do you know you would like it?' I said I didn't. So, there and then, sitting on my bed, she slipped her panties off and said 'Here. See if you like the smell of a girl who is already horny, sorry, they are a bit sweaty too.' (As if that mattered to me!) I took them and breathed her in and the strangest thing happened. I felt a sudden rush of wetness between my legs. Not the usual vague dampness, but a reall gush and I thought I had peed my panties! I opened my legs and there was the biggest wet patch on me. Karen grinned from ear to ear and said 'So? Go for it. Rub one out while I watch.'

And there for the first time, I slipped my panties off in front of another girl, spread my legs and jilled off, smelling and even licking Karen's panties as I did so. Karen, meantime was jilling, she would jill anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

After my orgasm, which actually made me pass out for a few seconds, Karen took my fingers and pushed them up her pussy while she orgasmed on them. Then she smiled and said 'Suck them.' They tasted musky and also salty too. She said 'Now you know what sperm tastes like.'

The rest of that afternoon, we jilled each other and in the end I got my wish, Karen sitting on my face while she jilled me.

I love jilling, and I don't give a damn where. If I want to rub one out, I have become real clever. I can do it sitting on a bench in a mall just by squeezing my thighs together. Or if I feel real brave, I will even reach up my own skirt and do it while people watch. It's amazing how people catch sight and then look away, it's like a built in, automatic privacy machine!

I love getting wet though, I totally love that damp, ucky feeling because I know it's coming from my cunt! (See, I like being vulgar too, pooey to those prudes on here who think a girl should never BE vulgar!) I like the way it stains my panties, or, if I am not wearing any, how the tops of my thighs take on my scent.

I particularly like wafting my skirt around men AND women and noticing if they react to my pussy scent.

And yes, sometimes, I even pee myself purely for the badness of it. Girls, if you haven't tried panty wetting yet, give it a go, once you get over the social conditioning bit, it feels REALLY horny!

Well, gotta go, you can guess what I have to do.



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