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Me, Nikki, and Massage

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Massage can be a very healthy expression for anyones erotic desires.


I have enjoyed massage for many years. I own my own marketing business and the stresses of the everyday issues to deal with can be intense. I also am an avid cyclist and ride 100 miles a week and I have found massage to be a perfect way to relax and recover from a long ride. Road bikes are famous for very hard, narrow seats and a set of skillful hands on my buttocks, perineum, and inner thighs serve to relieve the soreness of some very sensitive parts of my anatomy. In addition to that, massage can be sensual and fun and get anyones body prepared for a very exciting sexual experience.

Some years ago I took several courses in massage at a nearby school. I ended up with over 400 hours and knowledgeable in anatomy and the basic strokes of massage. I have personally studied several massage techniques and schedule a massage at least every week. Whenever I tell a massage therapist I am an experienced if not amateur massage therapist, I include an offer to trade massages next time I come in. You may be surprised first, how many therapists seldom get a good massage themselves, and second, how many are happy to let me practice my skills on them on my next visit.

More than one therapist have told me in so many words how most therapists love a good, deep massage but also like it when they can have a soothing, sensual touch pair of hands glide over their feminine curves. This is certainly true of Nikki, one of my therapists who is from Thailand.

Nikki is petite, about 5 foot 4 inches, gorgeous eyes, a great smile, nice firm breasts with eternally erect nipples, and the cutest, round bottom you have ever seen. When we meet, I have the pleasure of massaging her first for about an hour and then she does me. I am already nude as I hold up the towel to cover her and she takes off her clothes, always leaving just her panties in place. I give her a deep massage on her shoulders and back and lower back, as all massage pros get very sore in these areas. I slide the towel slowly off her perfect butt and then slip her panties down to the middle of her thighs. I begin to slowly massage her buttocks, spreading them apart to spread the warm oil into the crack of her ass and drip extra oil onto her little rosebud. I grip her cheeks frimly as I massage her bottom deeply, running my fingers between her buttcheeks often and teasing her anus with my fingertips every so often. I can see the side of her face as she smiles and then sighs a bit whenever my touch includes the most intimate part of her butt. I spread oil into her inner thighs and then move my fingers over her vulva, making her instantly wet and causing Nikki to squirm a bit and raise her ass towards me. She spreads her thighs a little so my fingers can find her sex as my massage becomes very erotic. Masturbating her outer pussy lips brings us both pleasure as my touch is exciting her more and more. My fingers dip into her soaking pussy and finds her erect clit, stimulating it just as she likes it. I will run a finger up between her cheeks again and again and finger her anus, pushing past the slight resistance to enter her bottom and simulate a cock slowly but sensually fucking her in that oh so perfect ass.

She is quietly moaning approval when I climb on top of her buttcheeks, placing my erect cock onto her bottom and rubbing back and forth as I return to massaging her shoulders and back. My hard penis wedges inself between her cheeks, my balls pressed against her wet pussy lips and my cock massages her oiled anus, my penis head appearing and disappearing between the round glistening cheeks of her ass. As I masturbate my sex against her, my cock is granite hard and serving as a sexual stimulate to her vulva and anus. I rub back and forth on top of her until I am close to coming when I dismount, spread her legs wide apart, and masturbate her clit while teasing her anus. She moans a bit louder, careful not to let others next door know what is happening, and then cums all over my fingers and hands, her anus pulsating around my index finger inside her.

She gets up, catches her breath, then tells me its my turn.

She does an excellent job on my back, legs and buttocks, teasing my anus too and massaging my shaved balls. I love it when she spreads my buttcheeks apart and runs an oily finger around my anus and down between my thighs to a soft touch of my balls and moving up onto my bottom to repeat the process. Gentleman, it is a fabulous torture.

She orders me to turn over then begins with my feet, up my legs and thighs and onto my lower tummy and around my erection. She stares at my penis and smiles at me and always compiments my body and how sexy she finds my hard cock. At this point I am ready to cum and I always respectfully ask her if it is OK if I masturbate for her. She giggles and says, 'Yes, of course.'

She pours additional oil onto my penis as I touch my cock for the first time, slowly and evenly lubricating it as it stretches itself to the limit, its large mushroom head expanding as I get more and more excited. Nikki takes her fingernails and tenderly teases my inner thighs, moving slowly over my large balls adding to my sexual high as I masturbate my cock slightly faster. When I can't take it any longer, my breathing getting increasingly faster and more shallow, I again add to our play by asking her if I may cum soon. 'Please do...' she says with a little laugh and a big smile, and with that, I erupt in an explosive orgasm that sends semen all over my chest, and stomach.

Nikki carefully and meticulously wipes my nude body down with hot towels, always giving my now quiet member a little squeeze afterwards.

As I leave, I thank her, and schedule an appointment for next week, give her a big hug while caressing the curves of her tush, and tell her to keep smiling.

She gives me that big grin and says, 'that's easier to do, now...'



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