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Me, My Girlfriend & Friends

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Me my girl friend and my 2 female friends
Hello people,mine is matt and in 17 yeah 17 a senior in highschool and this happened to me like yesterday and im still stoaked about it.
Well me my gf and my 2female friends(brianna,christy,and heather my gf)where at school during 3rd period and we decided to go to my house cause noe one was there so we hoped in my car and drove to my house.We all piled in to my den where i had a big screen and surround sound and i told them i had the matrix and we should watch it cause i didnt want to go back to school.We all sat down and starting watching.I always joked around and whisped naugty things to brianna and christy and told them stuff like "hey me and u should go in the back and fuck"and"hey u horny i am lets go masturbate"and my girl friend didnt mind cause she knew i was joking around but for some reason the girls always gave me a weird look like thats nasty and i dont do that but i knew somehting was up.
Me i masturbate all the time and i get lots of sex and i mean lots but i always masturbated.I always tried to get my gf but she wouldnt cause she liked my dick but she was good at heart and really really kinky.hehe.Anyways i always had a little crush on brianna and christy.Brianna 5'7 105 really nice ass and 36 c and christy 57 110 b cup but the best ass ever.Those where the 2 female friends and my gf 5'7 103 36 cthey where all juniors.I loved heather alot but i always wanted her to masturbate with me.After we watched the matrix i said lets watch something else and i went up and came back.I had a porno secretly and told them it was half baked.i went in there sat next to brianna and heather and hit play on the porn.I had left it at the part when the was a bunch of peeps masturbating and when i hit play all the girls faces got bigger and let out a sigh or something.I said "so come on people tell me the truth do u really masturbate".
Christy and Brianna looked at each other in a weird way and looked at my gf(heather).Heather said"not me i like dick".Christy and Brianna said "shut up,yeah right everybody does it".I was soo happy and horny and said"sweetie let brianna and christy teach u how to masturbate".heather said"no thanks"so i gave her the puppy dog look and finally said "yes".I then asked the girls if i could join them and they said "yes on the condition that i masturbate first "me i was happy i said "yes"and unbuckeled my pants.Then i slowly took out my boxers and wiped out my dick .It was erect but not fully and i said "heres my dick"and boy did brianna and christy eyes get big.they asked if i could touch it and i said yeah and heather joined in.They all said that it was the biggest cock they had ever seen and i blushed and said thanks.Heather said "he likes it when u give him head"ands started sucking my cock and got it rock hard.And then she stoped.Chisty said"now masturbate for us and when u cum ,cum all over all of us".I nodded and started with all of the girls naked bye now and looking at me i was sooo turned on.I stroked it for a while and stood up and came all over them.Christy and brianna licked it all up and heather wiped into her and used like lotion.Christy and Brianna both stood up and said"we have a confession"christy steped forward and said"me and brianna are bi and we love to masturbate together and we want u and heather to masturbate and then have sex with us"i looked at heather and we aways talked about doing it so heather said"alright but only if i get matts cum from now on.
So christy and brianna faced each other and masurbated fiercly and heather imitated what they where doing.I had just cummed so i watched and started to lick on christys clit and she came to gasim.Then christy started eating out heather and had her masturbating up a storm.i then started to eat out brianna as also sucking on her nipples and then licking down her stomach and then her lips of her pussy .She then started to finger herself and she grabed my dick and started sucking on.Meanwhile heather cums and shortyl after brianna does.Now im rock hard and heather crawled over and said "fuck me matt"so i did.and then brianna came over and shoverd her pussy into heathers and said "please lick my pussy"and heather smiled and started to lick.Christy in the corner was now masturbating with a pillow i had on my couch.she started to hump it and got it all wet and then came over to me and said "fuck me next".Then heather moaned and cummed all over me.Brianna was almost there so i pulled out of heather and let her go at brianna well i started now to hump christy shorty soon again brianna and christy where both moanin nsync together and came so i pulled out and brianna and christy started sucking my dick again and heather was rubbing my chest and licking it.I soon came and heather licked all the cum up and all lied there naked on each other.well we all plained to do it again friday at christy house so i love masturbating!!!
keep on masturbating and admit it we all do it and dont feel bad i dont. --matt



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